tie rod replace in 3 minutes,Nissan murano 2001/12

Hey how you doing guys 2007 nissan murano if you’re gonna learn how to replace your tire rods that’s very simple guys very simple take us like five minutes don’t pay nobody to do this okay so all you gotta do here is remove this with any kind of pliers okay so let me just remove them all right there’s one we’re gonna use a let’s see 27 something like that

But before you lose this one 27 where is 27 millimeters so that’s not a 27 but before you remove this you’re gonna you’re gonna you’re gonna if you have something like this this is what i normally use right go like this and you’re gonna lose this just a little bit okay let’s see just a little bit all right so just a little bit okay no no no not too much

Or you got all you got to do is a little bit because otherwise you have to take your car to your car to the alignment okay and this way you’re gonna have to worry about alignment so maybe if you want to take it that’s fine if not that’s fine too all right so now we’re gonna remove this big knife all right it’s already removed so now we’re gonna hit it with

The hummer over here i got this little guy so let’s see if i can we’re gonna hit it on the knuckle or you’re gonna replace it anyways you can eat it over here on the bottom of the bottle but if you’re doing something like shocks or breaks or wheel bearing whatever just hit it over here let’s see it’s already loose all right it’s already loose now all we got

To do is turn it but don’t ever move this one okay all right so now let’s let’s see that this is the new one uh for example so you gotta go all the way in it’s a little greasy over here i don’t wanna so we’re gonna go all the way in to like touch the knot all right so it touched the knot okay it touched so it was like this right if this thing the new one

Doesn’t match with the with the hole like this like example it’s like that twist it from here try to i’m using one hand but just twist that whole thing okay not this try not to not to move the knot anymore okay just twist the whole thing and that’s gonna i’m just gonna just gonna uh that’s the way it’s gonna be okay so otherwise your alignment is gonna be bad

And then like if you see this thing is loose so just go and tidy a little bit okay remember you didn’t you didn’t lose it a lot so just a little okay so it’s that easy guys it’s super super super easy all right with this with this vibe wrench so anyways so just like that very simple guys all right i hope you liked this video um i got lots of more videos about

This car i got the front shocks the front shocks the front brakes rear brakes and i got the starter i got the alternator and i got a lot of videos about this this this truck okay so make sure you like subscribe and subscribe my friend i see you in the next video

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tie rod replace in 3 minutes,Nissan murano 2001/12 By Abraham auto fix