Audi took the wraps of the q4 e-tron concept at the 2019 geneva motor show as a preview of the production version that will hit showrooms in 2021 and now the q4 gets a sibling a cooler twin of sorts this is the q4 spot back e-tron concept a coupe version of the regular q4 e-tron that at first glance looks quite spectacular the q4 sportback etron is a handsome

Looking suv and at 4.6 meters in length is similar in terms of size the likes of the bmw x4 and the mercedes glc coupe the first thing that really strikes you in terms of design are those muscular wheel arches that accentuate the beautiful swooping roof line in fact come to think of it the very reminiscent of the way the arches on the original audi quattro

Of the 1980s were upfront as expected from an audi concept car the grill is massive and well contoured with detailed horizontal slats and sits almost upright the headlamps are slim just like on the normal q4 and feature led technology that swooping roof line which of course is the signature of the sport back fuses into the integrated spoiler that runs across

The rear windscreen and while it might have a slight effect on visibility it does look rather cool as a design element and of course no concept is complete without a massive set of wheels these being a set of 22s move inside on the q4 sportback it’s a flat floor with all the batteries packed underneath this means a lot of leg space for passengers due to the

Lack of a transmission tunnel audi has used an array of sustainable materials like microfiber floss and even some of the metal pieces in the interior have been replaced by plexiglass that have been painted with a high quality multi-layer frosted paint to add to the depth effect the q4 sportback e-tron also gets an almost squared of steering wheel with touch

Pads to control the 12.3 inch touchscreen infotainment system along with an all digital instrument cluster lack of traditional gear shift on the central console has also freed up a fair bit of storage space just like the standard q4a tron the sportback is also based on the all-electric med platform and gets a dual motor setup one for the front and one for the

Rear the motor at the rear the one that does the actual drive work most of the time makes 204 horsepower and 310 newton meters of torque while the motor up front makes 102 horsepower and 150 newton meters of stock giving it a total output of 306 horsepower powered by 82 kilowatt hour battery pack the wltp rated range on the q4 sportback each one concept is

450 kilometers and the battery can be quick charge to 80 in just 30 minutes with the 510 kg battery pack mounted in the floor audi claims to have kept the center of gravity low about the same as a similar size sedan the q4 sportback also has 50 50 weight distribution for better handling while both the standard q4 e-tron and the q4 spot-back e-tron will hit

Markets next year there is no real word on when these two electrified audis will make it to india but with the likes of the mercedes eqc coming to our shows very soon audi should definitely consider these electric suvs for the indian market too you

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