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TINY BUT MIGHTY VAN TOUR- Selling my Ford Transit Connect XLT conversion van

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3:20- Van Tour Starts

Hi everybody my name is arielle and welcome back to my channel today’s video is all about selling my old van if you guys missed it i did a tour of my new van i’ll put a little thing here on the screen but today’s video is all about selling my old van and giving you a tour of that one since so many of you said that you would like to see it so it’s a much smaller

Vehicle it is really awesome it’s been great to us it was a great like starter van for us obviously we’re stoked to upgrade but i’m really stoked to also yeah to pass this van along to new owners because it’s been so awesome to us now with that being said even though it is freaking awesome obviously i’ll show you guys here in a little bit selling this van oh it

Has been like quite the ordeal there’s been so much like drama so much like yay and then like oh you know what i mean i don’t know if any of you guys have ever sold a vehicle before or sold anything like kind of you know more expensive item but man can it be so frustrating and it’s like you get your hopes up and you’re so excited and you’re so excited for like

The person who’s gonna buy it especially when like for me like this van has so many memories i totally designed it it was like custom custom built to my liking and so like the idea of seeing it go on to someone awesome who i know is gonna give it a good life has been a big part for me and selling it and so multiple times i found someone who was ready to buy it

Some even put down a deposit and then just life happens and i was like i like was so excited for the van to be passed on and like knew that it would get a good life but it is what it is and i said you know in my last video of my tour that somebody had bought the van but that fell through so today i am driving up to where the van lives i we don’t have parking

For at our house anymore because we have the new van there so i’ve been keeping it up at my mom’s house and i have someone coming to look at it so i figured that would be the perfect time to give you guys the tour and yeah fingers crossed that they are excited and ready to take home all right so let’s get to know you guys i’m bobby larew i’m kim fuller we live

Over in vail and we own a magazine company so we own two publications that we print and then we have online so we’re really moving around a lot and we’ve been in the market for a van that can also be a daily driver for us yeah and at first came on it’s something with shower and all that you just analyzed not a daily driver and also cost-prohibitive so when we’re

Looking for a van we’re looking for something that we can park in our parking lot pull it the most parking garages but also again if we had to drive it to denver and back it’s not gonna cost us a million dollars in gas and we could bring it anywhere first i want to give you all a van tour while i give them a van tour so we’re just gonna all do this together and

Then we’ll have a little sit-down shot after and i’ll tell you a little bit about their story this is my favorite part of the entire van i lived in vienna in australia for about six months and we had this like contraption built in the back which had all of our kitchen things in it and every time we wanted to cook food we had to literally build our kitchen so

We had to take out the table we had to take out like the stove and all of the things and build it cook and then tetris it all back in and so one of the biggest things i had as like a must when i built this or when i designed this van for some amazing builders who will give you their info later was that the kids like cooking had to be easy and so here we go the

Best part of the entire band butcher block that all the way out and i actually have a coleman that fits right here but you guys can have i brought it in the van because this is custom cut for for that one so i figured it might as well leave it with you and the cool thing is if you come around it’s got a ton of storage in here too so we kept all of our pots and

Pans and stuff down here and then we had a little like cutlery dish that we split under here and so basically we kept all of the things that always live in the van here so under here we have our water jug which will give with the van because this is the crate that we kept all of our food supplies in and this underneath here is the space obviously where your feet

Would go if you built the table but i was telling these guys before we started filming i built the tables but it’s nice to have you know especially if you’re gonna be working out of the van it was really nice to know that we had it but yeah so most of this was we use this extra space for our food storage and it was super super convenient in that way so all i

Did was lift the cushion and move the tabletop footer and then it’s got these so you twist it one way and then the base twist the other one cool so they’re really solid you could actually drive with these and i would probably take this off like this if you’re gonna leave it set up while you’re driving just i meant literally yeah so my vision at the time when i

Designed it was that you could keep all your yeah in here and could have your computer and everything and you can always put custom stuff too like once you know what you want to store in there and we put actually little i loved these poles that he put but they were so loud so we just put a little a little softener so you don’t have any but yeah you guys should

Hop in before test it out no the yeah and so the reason this side was top storage instead of the other side that has the drawer was so that you could access it with if you’re in the band without open the door yeah i we didn’t end up really needing that as much as we thought but it is nice to have so there’s a lot of storage in these and i’ll show you this is in

And i’ll show you how i would do it if i were you this is battery it charges from the car running oh wow yes so every time you start the car you run this battery charge this battery and so if you’re moving the car even just a little bit every day you shouldn’t end up running out of power and what i would recommend taking this and actually screwing it here drill

A hole through this feed the wires through yeah and these go on to those guys okay and what’s cool is that would give you a permanent plug fixtures so we didn’t do that because we wanted to give whoever whoever took it next the option to do something different other upgrade i would do and i actually think we have the hinges so so they just like they’re attached

They don’t pull out yeah i actually have the hardware in there for it and if you really wanted to fancy it up you could put gas struts so that when you lift it they stay you know and you can do the same thing okay so those are two things that would probably be less than fifty dollars total actually we have most of the hardware already or some of it we didn’t buy

The struts but that would make the convenience factor and then you have the fan above your head which is really helpful yes so you just turn it the right way you can decide if air goes in there yeah so yeah and i’m telling you it is so helpful like oneness sound like if you’re ever camped anywhere that’s noisy oh my gosh the white noise is laureus and then too

It just allows you to make that van cooler or warmer depending on what you need a six foot and he can lay all the way straight nice not something that we have the luxury of in our new van yeah the memory foam cushions there is one basically one inch of softer foam in there and one inch of harder foam so you can flip them over based on if you want the harder or

The softer foam really yeah this bad way yep yeah and i have little dividers in there to make it but i literally could fit clothes shoes under like yeah all of my stuff how we did organization was this was my personal clothing and stuff okay sam’s got those too and then we split our toiletries into the cabinet’s or any like stuff that we need laptops you know

Things that we use regularly and then food was all stored in the back besides the cooler and then gear was all right on top right all right guys so what do you think in we’re gonna buy the bed in here and not have to pack the car every time we go somewhere have my shoes trail runners and our biking gear already well you guys look right at home in your new van

What’s the first adventure gonna be it’s a holiday weekend congrats you guys enjoy oh man i’m gonna keep my sunglasses on cuz i definitely was crying a bit watching the van drive away like happy tears but also just it’s a new era man i had so many adventures in that van i loved it so much it was so good to me and sam and we i don’t know i put so much time and

Energy into designing in i remember like doing all the research and picking out the van and you know all the things so it’s kind of crazy to watch it drive away like oh but at the same time i’ve known in bobby and kim for a couple years now i met them through the yoga community and we both taught at a festival here in aspen and so there’s just such great people

There up to such amazing things i’ll put some of their contact info down in the description box if you want to follow along i talked to them that van was named oh fee lea and they said they’re gonna keep the name but they’re gonna add in some of their own like adventure flavor to the name so she’s gonna have like multiple names which is it’s awesome i would be

Fine if they changed it but it’s still cool to know that a philia will live on and she’ll have so many amazing adventures and yeah i think that’s it for me with this video if you like this video as always make sure you subscribe to my channel we’ll be taking lots of adventures this summer in our new van climbing mountain biking all the things and yeah hit that

Like button and i will see you all next week

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TINY BUT MIGHTY VAN TOUR- Selling my Ford Transit Connect XLT conversion van By Arielle Shipe