First big tow rig upgrade we installed a 50 gallon Titan Fuel tank!

Hey guys welcome back to the channel uh we’re coming back to you guys today with a tow truck upgrade we are going to be installing one of the titan 50 gallon tanks in this 2021 ram 3500 high output this truck is a mega cab came with a 32 gallon tank and quite frankly it sucks so what we did we got ourselves one of these 50 gallon titans i’ve had this for a while

I just haven’t gotten around to it meyer already got started while i was editing a video but what do you think what’s it like meyer working on a brand new vehicle it’s not crusty i’ll tell you that that’s interesting it’s like it’s weird working on something that you don’t know what size everything is it’s like yeah we’re messed with like something newer than i

Guess a 15 or something so we’re disconnecting the fuel neck filler necks right now yeah and then kind of give you guys i don’t think we’ve ever had this on the lift before no so here’s the air suspension some freaking beefy breaks goodness gracious those things are thick that’s a really thick rotor man and look at this driveshaft check out this gooseneck this

Is this is factory drive shaft i mean this thing is just got a rubber ice layer on this side too it’s like it’s like i don’t know if it’s a i know it’s not isolator it’s just like a toner type not too much it’s like a vibration look at how big the axle is the webbing yeah the gooseneck too holy hannah there’s your pesky water and fuel filter right there factory

Exhaust like i said guys i haven’t done much this other than tune it and she is heavy this lift is probably pissed you know what let’s check it’s a common so maybe we have an oil leak but there is that famous uh oil catcher slash noise damper on the transmission there and then if you guys look here look at how thick they made this cross member i mean this is

This is impressive that’s a beef that’s what’s for dinner and look at that they even put an oil filter drain hey meyer check this out look at this oil drain so the filter doesn’t make a mess everywhere they put a little catch can right here with a drain what they’ve been missing for close to three decades look at that big harmonic balancer that is crazy just

A lot of technology in this thing to see what they decided yeah well anyway guys we’ll go ahead it’s pretty simple disconnect the fuel sending unit disconnect the filler neck up here and get rid of the two fuel straps and let’s get this old one out we have the fuel tank fully disconnected we’re going to go ahead and lower this puppy down meyer’s been about what

10 minutes maybe actually i think we’re going to just raise the truck up is what we decided but go ahead murphy go ahead hopefully we don’t die yeah it’s a little more controlled ready yep you’ll probably have to study the tank a little bit slow and steady wins the race um there’s a vent tube on the back here um that there’s it goes all the way up to the top

I did it correctly disconnected from the top so check that right here so it doesn’t go to the tank but you have to unclip it oh that’s for the diesel exhaust fluid yeah so unclip that yeah so it’s actually really simple uninstall really yeah and then we got that tube free going down and i got about 40 miles till e i’m curious how much fuel is actually in here

And then we did bring the jugs to fill it up a little bit hose clamps yeah so yeah a lot easier with two people kind of hard filming and trying to help murder steady the tank i want something in the back okay so now that the tank is out you guys can see here this clip that held the diesel exhaust fluid yeah so it’s just a little yup a little off and then this

Guy here these are pretty tight on there so i ended up going off the top and just putting the zip ties it pulled right off the top i didn’t want to break it up here because you can’t really see you’re doing these guys two hose clamps right here you can get on the outside the frame pretty easy um and then this guy just has a little blue clip pop that out on the

Back of it is a little push button pull that off this guy the connector standard there’s no red clip or anything so you’ll just push down the tab pull it out and then this guy is you know standard just pinch those yeah this is super easy this will be your supply that’s your return and now let’s go ahead and get it changed over thoroughly inspected the tank for

Dubress meyer got the factory snap ring or retaining ring knocked off just a hammer and a chisel again i don’t know how relevant this is going to be for you guys if you’re doing this on a older truck but this thing has come apart stupid easy so now it’s actually really refreshing yeah so now you take this ring off and they said pay really close attention to

This tab here because this tab is what sets it um the location then we grab our titan o-ring right here we’re going to lube it up they said with a little bit of fuel and drop the sending unit in and they said to be careful of the level arm which is down at the bottom here okay let me help brother out like so and then we’re gonna go ahead guide this lever arm

In spin it and as you guys can see here it’s still got a little bit of pressure which is what they said it would have and that little bit of pressure is what allows you to keep your factory fuel sending unit and not have to worry about quarter tank problems so we’ll get this lined up here put this we got it in the notches now that we think are supposed to be

There i’ll be honest the instructions are kind of lackluster in this department but oh well we will go ahead and get this fuel tank uh finished being prepped this line here uh we gotta like cut or pull off and slip on there and then she’s ready to go back in the truck oh look at that just pulls right off so yeah i could have just descended from that side yeah so

Now we’ll go ahead and get the bracket on for the front support of the tank which is only done on mega cabs and short beds on this support bracket the instructions kind of suck no if you read them they’re not but so here’s your def tank here’s a hole that’s blocked here this is the hole back here and what happens is the bracket uses these two hex cutouts right

Here just act as dowels like dowels through the frame so you just kind of put the nut bolts in and then just kind of get started and then just kind of rotate them until they go in so put one there you gotta go down a little bit oh there’s two sets of holes okay let’s see what it is okay so we’ll get this bracket in show you guys what it looks like all right

Here’s the finished product this is the front support again you use the one bolt then it triangules down here and then you have those dowels that hold the shape there we got our two straps in everything’s transferred over time to throw this puppy in i don’t even think we need a jack honestly we shouldn’t need to because there’s a fixed support up front the last

Thing we gotta do before we toss it in though we got to put these uh chafing straps on here this is to protect the tank from the straps cutting into it these just slip on and then the pressure of the strap against the tank holds it in place so you’re gonna get this tank in this has to be loose and you basically have to jam it and then we slip this rubber in we

Covered it in dawn dish soap and just did this number and pushed it down at the same time so here we have a mar in the wall how’s that whole thing working out for you there dude dude it’s working so good you have no idea oh man i’m not gonna lie this is one of those that i feel like you need to install with a friend because this has been absolutely miserable

For who you’re me dude oh holy cow i’ve been having to wait dude it’s rough i don’t i know i’m i’m running bro so meyer is zip tying up that line that he said wouldn’t disconnect which actually we figured out disconnected but none of us have ever worked on a 2021 before so you know better safe than sorry we got the supply filler neck and the vent hooked back

Up we got the straps tightened and it is definitely a lot larger like wow really big really really huge and you guys could see one of the cool things i noticed while we had this in the air is look at all the webbing on these aams now i mean this is just beef that they’ve added and you guys can see a little tight on the fuel tank but still has clearance all

In all looks pretty good got the def line rerouted and everything looks good again here’s another angle tight but it’ll fit we just got to throw the drive shaft in and start filling it all right guys i know we’ve been nerding out but check this out i’m not sure what year this started but they put a cv joint instead of a double carton which pretty freaking

Sweet if you ask me and then they went with a traditional u-joint on the front portion there but that is quite cool and for those of you guys that aren’t familiar i think 13 and up they went back to this cad design this was really popular with second gens and then it sucked and then ram did a solid drive or solid axle shaft here which was much better and

Then they’re like i know how to make it even better let’s go back to the same tragic setup we had only let’s make it electronic so just solid job by ram and they made the axle now two-piece the tube itself um so just more places for that to break really really nice job there okay lastly let’s go ahead and add this about four gallons of diesel and hopefully make

It to the gas station down the street here and by the way these new trucks kind of suck with the little cap there and for everybody asking or that i feel my ask these are dirt bike jugs white’s gas greens diesel works out great and again doesn’t spill it’s got a nice flexible filler neck works great on race trucks works great on regular trucks it’s green so it

Kind of keeps some of the sun out very easy to hold with the two handles and the breather makes life awesome see what it has to say for fuel mileage here or range rather yikes start it got enough fuel let’s get this thing oh my god let’s get this thing over to the fuel station before we run out completely it says we got 22 miles to e i would estimate that’s

Probably pretty accurate given how much we just put in so without further ado let’s go fill this up because we’ve barely made it i’m not sure if it was the azin or if it was the trans or sorry not the trans but like it was bucking i’m almost wondering if we’re out of fuel but we made it let me get this thing filled up and show you guys the damage now for any

Of you guys that know the struggle of the new trucks with the really small filler necks what i’ve found is i take this ddp nozzle or bottle that i use for my race truck i put the dose of hot shots required in the tank in here and then i stick this down the hatch so just a little tip for you guys especially with the newer trucks so far tank hasn’t fallen out i

Don’t see any leaks so we are good to go it clicked off at 150 and i will show you guys the receipts so we can add it up we have 40.99 we’ll call that 41 plus 4.6 so that’s 45 plus the three gallons that we put in there so that puts us at like 48 and a half so this truly is a 50 gallon tank now i haven’t reached out to calibrated yet but i am curious if we

Can reset the um miles to e for a 50 gallon tank i assume since it’s a factory option it should be available to um the calibration side i hope you enjoyed this video again this wasn’t necessarily a how-to just the upgrade that we are doing to the tow rig um this is a titan xl 50-gallon tank um a little bit of a pain in the butt to install i really don’t think

It’s their fault i just think it’s tight and they try to use every inch of space so the whole thought was this 32 gallon tank we averaged about 10 miles per gallon we were filling up every like 200 miles i don’t like to run past a quarter now we should be able to go 400 miles without a problem stretch it even maybe to like 450 um so this would be nice for road

Tripping especially when we go to indiana ohio stuff like that hopefully you guys like this video drop a comment down below subscribe if you’re not already and i will catch you on the next one

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TITAN 50 GALLON FUEL TANK IN THE 2021 RAM 3500 By Horsetorques Diesel