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What’s going on guys it’s brandon with peak performance engineering and today i wanted to show you guys a new tonneau cover that i just got for my 2021 ram 1500 bighorn quad cab with a smaller cap so it’s got a longer six foot four bed and i had a company who actually had reached out to me who had saw the channel called the yida and yida or yidda motor and these

Guys actually have an amazon store and they sell a bunch of different products they actually have some products for jeeps that we may test out later but they reached out and they wanted to actually have me test this tonneau cover on my new ram and so i agreed so they ended up shipping me out a tonneau cover so i’m gonna go ahead and show you guys today i’m going

To unbox this thing and we’re going to try to put it onto my ram see how it fits all that good stuff so you know this is not a sponsored video this is going to be my actual you know testimonial so we’ll see how i like it and let you guys know i did get a little bit of opening action on the end but nothing came out so no harm no foul on that and let’s see if we

Can slide this bad boy out it’s probably easier if you got two people to help you nothing else in the box all right so looks nicely packaged right it’s in a plastic bag what you would expect so far so good all right what do we have so looks like here we’ve got some assembly instructions that’s always really good so tri-fold soft tonneau cover and again this

Is for the larger six foot four bed with the quad cab now if you do have a crew cab where you have a shorter five foot seven bed they do also make a tonneau cover for that as well so be sure to check that out so down in the description below i’ll put the the link to amazon where you guys can pick these up and let’s see oh okay so i think uh this might be look

At that even give you a little uh little lamp there to stick on the bottom of the tonneau so you got some light into your bed rear latch hooks and some more of the sticky stuff so i think this is just going to be kind of a weather stripping i’m guessing it’s going to go on either the bed rails or the bottom of this thing but we’re gonna have to actually read the

Instructions to find out apologies you guys can hear those crows in the background they’re ready for halloween huh let me grab you guys get your peepers on this so we can see these instructions together aha okay so it looks like this tape double-sided tape stuff they give us it is going to go on the top of the bed rail there and i think this is just some protection

Type stuff so yeah this looks like it should be pretty simple i’ve had a bed liner like this in the past usually there’s just some clamps here and then it’ll just kind of fold out like they show us yep okay yeah so should be pretty simple yep just basically clamp this side fold it down you clamp these easy on off looks like quick clamps pretty standard stuff so

All right i’m pretty pumped so yeah i’m going to go ahead next step we’re going to go get the truck and we’ll get this thing started to get put on all right so we just got back i just gave the ram a quick wash it was a little bit dirty um yeah it kind of gets this is all in some new asphalt millings but this kind of gets it’s been real rainy the last week so our

Truck ended up getting a little bit dirty so we got her cleaned up now so we have to climb back here and it looks like all we really need to do to prep this thing is just put that sticky piece that they have which is going to kind of be a seal across the top of here so i’ll go ahead and wipe this thing off just make sure it’s nice and dry we’ll stick that on and

Then we’re going to be able to actually take the cover and just place it in place there’ll be some clamps to clamp it on either side here and then it just simply rolls over and then we’ll be able to clamp it here and here and that should be about it so let’s go ahead and uh get to it so one cool thing that i like so far with this kit is uh you know they give you

A number here for some online support that you can call so you give you an 800 number an email so that’s kind of cool but also as i was looking through the instructions i mean let’s face it there’s not much to putting on a tonneau bed cover so it’s not that difficult but the instructions are actually in pretty good shape or pretty good uh pretty good shape they’re

Pretty easy to read pretty easy to follow um you know sometimes you get some of those instructions that aren’t really translated very well and kind of hard to follow but yeah this one’s got great visuals good picture so i really like that and i appreciate that about the kit and then i’m still not sure how this is gonna work out but it’s pretty neat that they gave

You a little light so uh that’s pretty awesome now this truck do i have lights back here you know what i don’t think i do so usually in the past a lot of my rams would have actually the bed lights but it looks like this one doesn’t so i probably will actually need this so it’s kind of cool if they included it i do got to look through the instructions also to find

Out where these suckers go so maybe let’s check that out real quick ah so these are gonna be your little connectors for the bottom let’s get this garbage out of the way so i think i’m gonna go ahead and actually attempt to put this thing on the bed by myself here because it shouldn’t be too hard it’s not very heavy but uh do make sure that you go ahead and remove

The cardboard uh you know get this kind of prepped and ready before you put it on the truck and basically what we’re gonna do is this will be the very back um you know facing the back window of the truck and then basically once it’s laid down like this then you’re just gonna simply undo these and then this whole thing will fold out we can discard this paper but

We will need to actually take those clamps that are on this underside and be able to poke them into the bed rail and kind of clamp them so obviously it’s easier if you do it right now when you can see them so i’m also looking at these it looks like there is some adjustment you can do to this kind of collar piece let me see if i can hold the camera while i show you

So with this you can move it in or out to kind of make sure it fits your bed rail so it looks like on both sides it’s already in the middle position but you can move it if you need to so let’s try to put it in this way and then see if we need to move it or adjust it at all so basically all you’re doing is you’re going to get it kind of just lined up to the back

Of the truck it’s even from left to right and that’s it and clamp it down not much to it guys there we go all right so i wanted to get you guys in here a little bit closer so yeah basically all i’m doing is i’m just saying okay this is all lined up because you could move it in or this way but uh the middle position is perfect which is where they already had it

Adjusted for me so that’s great and now it’s just simply a matter of tightening it up so that we get this to go underneath this lip here and that’s all that’s going to hold this thing in place well this plus the other side plus two more on the front so four total clamps but it’s really really really simple not much to it and we’ll do the same for this side now

Before we go any farther and kind of really you know wrench on these things and tighten them down let’s go ahead and unpop it and roll the cover out let’s just make sure everything lines up well because we may have to actually adjust these in or out if it’s not going back straight so let’s go ahead and get this out clip clip looking beautiful get that garbage

Out the way yeah see this is just a little adjustment so this is all looking pretty good down the side yeah and see this side needs to come over a little bit more so i think it’s tight so i may actually so this one i do have moved how do i have this one i think i have this one on the inner part so i may need to actually move this one to the inner part too just

So i can be able to move the whole cover over and that way it’ll really fit perfectly in the middle so let’s try that all right so let’s go ahead and roll it out again uh it’s kind of got it i think centered better than it was before and first back where it needs to be and same as we did before let’s go ahead and get the cardboard off so that’s not giving us any

Trouble let me go clamp it down here okay it looks pretty good i think look good this way watch out for the uh i think that’s gonna be probably money right there oh the last part of this bed cover tonneau cover install that we got to go over is going to be this little light so they didn’t tell you where to put it but i think what i’m gonna do is maybe try to

Stick it right here to this last to this bar last bar that way when uh i’m underneath the truck i’ll have some access um to turn it on and then additionally when it’s folded over one more time it’ll be protected from flying off on the expressway so yeah let’s give it a shot here okay oh we need to get some batteries for it interesting all right well tell you

What stick it on for now it does look like a perfectly cut piece let’s say this is probably about the middle right there pop around there i’m gonna call this one a wrap all right so now we’ve gotta actually go back and uh tighten up the left and right sides and then we’ll come back and basically for this all we’ll do i’ll go ahead and show you right now i don’t

Know how well we can see okay let’s get this in here all right so for these clamps i was able to get middle and middle on both of those and yeah these are really really easy to use so this is pretty standard stuff they literally just kind of clamp like that this one can probably just get tightened a little more all you do is you spin it up and tighten so it’s that

Easy it’s that quick and that’s what’s holding it on there and then boom you’ve got your tonneau cover so again guys pretty easy right just four clamps and that’s it you put that little piece up here and all that does just give you a little extra seal underneath here and it’s uh easy peasy and then when you’re done and you’re ready to rock you just you know stow

It back up and then you put your little clamps on here and that holds it in place so you could uh drive around you know and only be about this big and you have all the extra parts of the bed open and then if you want to remove it entirely just unspin those no problem so on my um one of my previous rams probably my 17 ram i had this similar you know exact same kind

Of bed cover you know and it’s simple it works great they’re pretty inexpensive i want to say this bed cover on amazon is around 200 bucks maybe a little bit more 215 so i think it’s a great option you know i’ve had buddies who have like the nice uh hard covers or like some real high-end stuff like 800 bucks for a bed cover but i just don’t see it i mean these ones

Work great and it’s going to last a long time my dad still got one on his truck that you know he’s had for 10 plus years i think and it’s it still works i mean it’s getting kind of ratty and tatty but it still looks great on his truck so i think these guys uta motor i think this is the way to go again these guys are on amazon this fits the new body style ramp so i

Think this is 19 and up and then this specific one of course is for the quad cab but they do also make the uh shorter bed longer cab option for the crew cab which is much more common than this um so either one so i would say check it out guys seems really good we’ll have to uh maybe do an update video in a little while you know get some miles on it um but yeah

So far so good looks like uh good quality nice aluminum parts and all that good stuff so i think it’s gonna last uh for quite a while so that’s gonna be it for this one guys i hope this video helps you guys out if you’re in the market looking for a tonneau cover for your 19 and newer ram 1500 or any other truck check out uta motor on amazon and click that like

And subscribe button and hang out for some more videos see you later guys

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