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Top 10 All New Electric Cars in 2022

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Top 10 all Electric Cars 2022. Best electric cars 2022.

Riven r1s is the 7-seat electric crossover built on the same platform as another reverend model the art one t electric pickup riven r1s is targeting tesla model x which is the only other three row all-electric suv currently available externally the electronic crossover is a fairly large car with high ground clearance the exterior design may seem rough to some

But this is the essence of the crossover’s character which should seem brutal the power drive of the electric crossover is represented by four electric motors which provide riviere r1s with acceleration dynamics to 100 kilometers per hour in 3 seconds the maximum cruising range of the crow server is 660 kilometers inside the crow server is notable because of the

Fact that it is a seven seater moreover the rare rows of seeds can be folded or retracted completely turning the r1s into to a full-fledged truck the base rivier r1s starts at seventy thousand dollars koreans unlike the chinese do not lure former designers of famous auto brands to create clones but really make unique images the new kia ev6 was no exception the

Interior of the kia ev6 is as original as its exterior the virtual instrument panel is replaced by the same 12-inch display as the screen of the multimedia complex the crossover is offered in five trim levels start a version of standard range in this case you get an electric car with a motor on the rear axle giving out 170 horsepowers which can travel on a single

58 kilowatt per hour battery charge for 400 kilometers among the interesting features of the car remote self barking launched from a smartphone meridian sound system with 14 speakers the ability to recharge the battery of a dead brother from a full electric car in stock the kia ev6 is estimated at 40 000 eur audi has unveiled the q4 e-tron electric car its

First model on the volkswagen meb platform this is a premium analog of skoda eniac i5 and volkswagen id4 released last year the powertrain of the audi q4 e-tron features two electric motors one each on the front and rear axles which form the innovative quattro electric all-wheel drive working in tandem both electric motors provide the audi e-tron with a power of

225 kilowatts accelerating the electric car to 100 kilometers per hour in 6.3 seconds and developing a top speed of 180 kilometers per hour the electric vehicle has a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 82 kilowatt per hour its body occupies almost all the space between the axles of the electric car which provides it with excellence directional stability and

Sharpness of control the battery provides the audi q4 e-tron with 450 kilometers of range at the base price of 45 000 the car is actually cheaper than the q5 petrol suv the volkswagen id4 is the first crossover and the brand’s electric lineup the exterior of the new id4 did not come as a surprise as expected the exterior of the crossover is styled based on the

Young model id3 moreover the version for europe and the usa is almost identical to the design of the id4 cross model intended for the chinese market for the sake of minimalism the exterior was almost completely deprived of the analog keys there are responsible only for the windows and the alarm all other buttons are touch sensitive including those on and around the

Steering wheel in addition the new electric crossover volkswagen id4 has got the contour adaptive backlight id light which can flexibly change the color of individual elements 30 options to choose from the standard version with an electric motor located on the rear axle of 204 horsepowers gets to 100 and can accelerate there in 8 seconds and and its maximum speed

Reaches 160 kilometers per hour also there is a battery with a capacity of 82 kilowatt per hour that should be enough for a route of 520 kilometers in germany the volkswagen rd4 in the initial version of the pro will cost 43 000 euro last winter volvo julie owned pole star unveiled the futuristic pole star precept concept which was supposed to show what the future

Production models of the brand will look like however this sample was so warmly received by experts and the public that the company decided to make it a production model pillstar hasn’t provided any timing details but we expect it to come out as 2023 model the creators will place special emphasis on the environmental friendliness of the model in addition to being

An emission-free electric vehicle pull-star precepts interior is crafted using renewable and recycled materials including natural linen as well as bottles fishing nets and other plastic waste the technical specifications of the polestar precept are unknown but they will certainly be better than the current pulstar 2. a pair of 300 kilowatt electric motors and a

78 kilowatt per hour battery that provides a range of 500 kilometers this stylish four-door sedan will be assembled at the company’s new factory in china which they want to make carbon neutral and one of the most high-tech in the world second generation nissan leaf front-wheel drive five-door hatchback and the most popular car of its kind in the world nissan leaf

Looks attractive expressive dynamic and aggressive and is design fully corresponds to the current design styling of the japanese brand the interiors decorated without zest although it is not devoid of interesting design solutions stylish instrument cluster embossed multi-steering wheel and an unusual transmission selector nissan leaf is powered by an ac electric

Motor that generates a maximum of 150 horsepowers and the power supply of the power plant is carried out by traction batteries with capacity of 40 kilowatt per hour the maximum leaf is capable is 144 kilometers per hour and it reaches the first hundred in 7.9 seconds the passport range of the car on one charge depends on the cycle of movement in the japanese it’s

400 kilometers in the european it’s 370 28 kilometers at home the electric car is estimated at twenty nine thousand dollars electric crossover nissan aria with leaf electric hatchback nissan hid the bullseye almost half a million cars were sold worldwide in less than 10 years now it’s time to replicate and build on the success in an even more promising and marginal

Battery-powered crossover segment the aria itself thanks to its coupe-like silhouette looks compact but in length and width it is comparable to the current nissan x-trail crossover the nissan aria is the first model on a new electric platform from the renowned nissan mitsubishi lines which is designed for a whole range of electric vehicles the main innovation

Compared to the same leaf is the rare independent suspension and the ability to install an electric motor on the rear axle there are five modifications to choose from the base nissan aria has a traction battery with a capacity of 63 kilowatt hour and it has the smallest passport mileage in the family just 340 kilometers on a single charge the electric motor of such

A crossover produces 218 horsepowers and the maximum speed of a single engine versions is limited to 160 kilometers per hour nissan aria price tag starts from forty thousand dollars with chevrolet bolt hatchback general motors set out to disrupt the market of affordable electric vehicles but progress has been modest since 2017 a little more than 100 000 of these

Machines have been sold around the world under various brands for example tesla model 3 sedan only in 2020 and in the u.s market alone sold more than 167 000 items but gm hasn’t yet abandoned boat on the contrary restyling was carried out and a potentially more demanded crossover version called bold euv was built they are designed for a young audience so the design

Is appropriate futuristic and the sizes are modest just right for people who did not have time to get a big family an electric motor is installed on the front axle with a return of 204 horsepowers the traction battery with a capacity of 65 kilowatts per hour appeared back in 2020 equivalent into the passport the cross version of bold can travel 402 kilometers on

A single charge the charger supports connection to both 120 and 240 volt terminals in 30 minutes of connection to the network the traction battery is charged by about 40 percent or 150 kilometers of run bold euv is priced at forty four thousand dollars opel marker e 2021 is a new electric crossover from opel it received a completely new look in accordance with a

New opel visor concept on the one hand it is quite futuristic but on the other the car doesn’t look strange and nothing in it gives out an electric heart the interior designers built around two displays a concept the company calls the opel pure panel apparently both will see in the most of the next opel new products the car is equipped with 136 horsepower electric

Motor the maximum speed is limited at around 150 kilometers per hour but the manufacturer says nothing about acceleration to 100 kilometers per hour the battery capacity of 50 kilowatt per hour which should be enough for 322 kilometers of road according to the measurements on the wltp cycle opel has announced european prices for the mocha crossover the ice version

Starts at 20 000 euro the electric work version starts at 33 000 euro released in 2012 renault zoe hatchback is one of the most popular electric vehicles in europe 38 000 cars were sold the last year but for all seven years of the conveyor life the model has hardly undergone any changes so this modernization is the most ambitious for zoe external changes are not

Fundamental new bumpers are similar to the previous ones but all the lighting equipment is now diode already in the basic configuration and the rare turn signals are made in the form of a ticker the zoe’s interior is completely new with synthetic upholstery made of recycled materials and full lad back lighting the driver now has a 10 inch display with beautiful

Instrument graphics and a navigation map the main thing is that the capacity of the lithium-ion traction battery has been increased from 41 to 52 kilowatt per hour so the mileage on a single charge has grown from 317 to 390 km in addition there is a motor of 135 horsepowers with it renault zoe can accelerate to 100 kilometers per hour in less than 10 seconds when

The maximum speed is 140 kilometers per hour prices in france now start at 23 000 euro including subsidies

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