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Top 10 Hidden Features of the New F150

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There are so many features on the new F150s that most people may not even know about! Here are the top Ford Features that we see questioned the most on new Ford vehicles. What are some of the other features that should’ve made the list?

What’s up guys meant to watch tana country tv today i am looking at this 2019 ford f-150 and i’m here with the top 10 things you need to know i guess you could call it hidden features about your new f-150 now make sure to stay all the way through because we might also have a $25 amazon gift card in this video so if you want to win that gift card it’s real simple

Find that code pop it in to your amazon account the first person to do that gets them as on gift card now i tell you that’s to tell you this make sure you’re subscribed to the channel with notification bells so that way you can win the next amazon gift card we give away in the very next video so without further ado let’s go ahead and jump right into the video the

Very first thing i want to showcase on this video is going to be a secret compartment for your f-150 keys now i want to point out to you that this this is the this is the spare set of keys i’m gonna put this way outside out here on the floor and hope nobody runs over it but i’m laying that out there to prove a point to you because i’ve got the other set of keys

For the truck right here completely disassembled so you can see that i’ve got the key fob itself the battery is completely removed out of the key fob and so i’m doing this to show and prove a point to you so let’s do this let’s go ahead and hop inside of the vehicle and i’m gonna go ahead and try and start the vehicle just like normal and as you can tell because

Once again there’s no key in it it says no key detected and that’s because there’s no battery in here there is a secret compartment on the f-150 and every vehicle has got it it just depends on where it’s located on this particular f150 if i can’t i probably should have this done ahead of time this is the spot for that exact same key fob so now if you drop the key

In there and crank it up now the truck will crank even though the battery is completely dead or even completely removed out of the key fob and the reason for that is because it’s actually sending the signal through the key instead of using the battery for the signal if that makes any sense if your f-150 is an xlt or above you have the keyless entry code where you

Type in a five digit number and it unlocks the truck what happens if you lose that code i’m fixing to show you how you can do that it’s very simple you have to have both sets of your keys as i do here now if you happen to have a key with actual you stick it in there you want to want to turn it forward but since this is a lariat you need to make sure that you drop

The key into this little holder down here that we just got through showing you so it’s real simple drop the first key in there turn the accessory on but don’t crank it cut it off take that key out put the other key in do the exact same thing cut it off now crank it and you should have your forward passcode show up right on the screen the next feature i want to talk

About is inside the navigation system sometimes the prompt volume is way too loud and sometimes you need to turn it up and down one quarter mile make a u-turn as you can probably hear that’s very very loud and i want to turn it down but some people just turn it and it just adjusts the volume of the radio but if you want to adjust the prompt volume for the navigation

System wait until she says something then adjust the volume it’s very simple way to adjust the volume of actually how loud so as you can see i just turned it down for that way i don’t get blared out every single time she tries to tell me to turn here turn there it’s a great way to fine-tune the audio for your liking now that you know how to get the factory code for

Your f150 let me show you how you can change it and personalize the code to match you now keep in mind that if you change it or update the passcode it will always revert back to that factory code if you ever lose power to the truck for whatever reason so keep that code for ever and ever just in case but it’s real simple you type in the factory code then you tap

One you notice how the door cycled then you can type in any code that you want wait another second they’ll cycle again and now that custom code is automatically in the truck it’s very very cool as a bonus feature on this now if you want to unlock the one door you just type in your passcode it unlocks this one if you want to unlock all of them you press the rest of

Them and now it unlocks the passenger doors and the tailgate as well it’s kind of a safety feature because they don’t want to just unlock everything right off the get-go there is one more way you can change that door code and that’s actually in the infotainment system inside the sync 3 simply come into settings come over to the vehicle and type on the door keypad

Code type in the factory code hit enter now i can add another code to the vehicle itself and there we go i’ve added a new door code this system is probably a little more easy to use than it is with the door but now you know how to use it both ways for my next trick i’m gonna take both of these keys i’m gonna throw them out the door just to prove a point no keys

In the truck let’s say you’re tailgating you want access to the radio but you don’t have the keys with you or you don’t want it running for whatever reason it’s very simple come into the truck hit the power button on the volume and you’ve got full access to your audio system bluetooth streaming radio you name it it’s all right here without any keys a very nice

Feature that most people don’t know about in the previous gen f150 the jack was actually located right in this area now since they did the refresh in 2015 a lot of people we’ve had a lot of customers call back mad as a hornet you sold me a try without a jack that’s actually not the case it’s just very well hidden located just behind the passenger rear seat if you

Pull that little lever boom there is access to the jack and also the fuel filler nozzles so that way if you ever get stranded in need to put some gas out of a gas can boom you’ve got that taken care of now keep in mind you don’t need that for every time you fill up the the nozzle the easy fuel cap less fuel filler system is designed for actual nozzles at the pump

So that’s only needed when you actually run out of gas but it’s very important to know where the jack is on your new f-150 next up let’s talk about memory seating so if you’ve got an f-150 with memory seating which is primarily like lariats and above you have the ability to save the actual seat location but you have even more than that you can actually program it

To the key itself and so for instance i’ve got it set up to where if i unlock this remote it’s going to adjust all of the seats just by hitting the unlock button as you can see it automatically start moving around the seat back the steering wheel if it’s equipped with it even the mirrors themselves everything readjust based on which key hit the unlock button and

So once it gets everything set back into motion just like it wants to if i come in and i set it up with this other button watch what’s gonna happen i hit unlock and everything goes back to that other memory position seating and so it’s a really really nice way if you’ve got a vertically challenged spouse and you’re not everybody can be happy all they have to do

Is hit the unlock button and then that way by the time you get into the truck everything is exactly the way it needs to be now let me show you how you do that to set this feature up it’s real simple you get your key that you plan on driving with every single day and what you need to do is set the chair exactly like you want set the mirrors exactly like you want

And if it’s a available or option on your f150 also set everything including the steering wheel where you like it once you’ve got a setup where you like it click and hold the one button which by the way these are the memory seating click and hold that you’ll hear a first tone then you’ll hear a second tone then hit the lock button now if this key is coded for this

Seating position then you get your vertically challenged spouse and get them in the vehicle set everything like they like it move the seat all around and then do the same thing but with the other key come in and hit and hold the memory seat number two for two tones then hit that lock button and everything is set up exactly the way both of you guys like it it’s that

Simple the next feature i want to talk about is not feature on every f150 but primarily lariats and above and that are these little holes up here a lot of people don’t realize those holes are actual motion sensors that can detect if someone reaches their hand inside of an open window or inside of your sunroof to try and steal your cell phone or whatever the case

Is and speaking of cell phone i’m going to put mine right there just for for example purposes but it’s real simple when you come into your vehicle and you cut the truck off right here in the instrument cluster when you turn it off you’ll see there’s two options all sensors or perimeter sensing if you select perimeter sensing that is when you have your kid in the

Car or you have your dogs in the car and it’s not too hot outside for them you got to make sure you take care of those guys but if you the kids and the dog but make sure that you turn perimeter sensing on if something is going to be moving on the inside of the vehicle if you select all sensors that will arm those motion sensors at the top so that way if anybody

Sticks their hand inside of the vehicle guess what the alarm is going off now that we’ve got the truck armed itself i’m going to set the key down here so that way no issues happen to come up but anytime that if i want to walk back up in here and grab my cellphone or grab something out of the vehicle itself without ever trying to unlock the door you can see that

The alarm will automatically go off even if you’re nowhere near the vehicle i never attempted to open the truck itself and that is a beautiful feature on the new f-150 all of the new f-150s have a brand new feature called active grille shutters and the way it works is like this it’s kind of like window blinds in your house but motorized and what it does is they

Open and close to restrict air flow to get the the truck up to operating temperature faster but it also can help increase the aerodynamics of the vehicle itself it’s real simple we can actually remote started and you can see exactly how it works and there they go you can see them slowly starting to close so that way the truck has the ability to get the thing up

To operating temperature by closing off those vents and then opening them back up it’s kind of doing a self check or an update a safety check before you get started the next trick that i have for you is pretty cool if you ever lost your vehicle in a parking lot can’t find it you need to try and hit the alarm button to find out where the truck is just to realize

That the key fob is not reaching far enough i’m going to show you how you can get a couple of extra feet out of the range of your key fob as you can see the f-150 is a phenomenal range as it is stock that is it at the very end of that row so a long long ways off and as you can see i can hit the panic button and nothing happens but if i stick it underneath my chin

It will automatically start cranking because it gives it just a little extra range based out of the chin now i don’t know why that is i’m not a scientist i’m just from alabama i just be the car dealership so long then i realized a long time ago you can get it to reach just a little bit further that way and there you have that as our top 10 hidden features on the

New 2019 ford f-150 if you like more videos like this make sure to smash that thumbs up button and let us know down in the comments as well and good luck to you guys on winning the amazon giftcard congratulations to the winner there but make sure you’re subscribed with the notification belt on so that way you have a chance at winning an amazon gift card here in

The very near future thank you so much for watching this video and have a great day

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