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Top 5 Fuel Efficient Plug-in Hybrid Cars for 2022

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In this episode top 5 cars with the best miles per gallon equivalent.

Consumers often look to save at the pump   with that in mind we’ve compiled the list of some  of the most fuel-efficient plug-in hybrid vehicles   these cars are at the top when we look at their  miles per gallon equivalent or mpge which is a   measure of the average distance traveled per unit  of energy consumed miles per

Gallon equivalent is   used by the united states environmental protection  agency or epa to compare energy consumption   of alternative fuel vehicles plug-in electric  vehicles and other advanced technology vehicles   internal combustion vehicles rated in miles   per us gallon let’s have a look at the top five  the

Toyota rav4 prime the rav4 prime does  not simply mirror the prius’s powertrain   gasoline engine with two electric motor generators   and an 18.1 kilowatt per hour battery pack total  system output is astonishing 302 horsepower making   it the fastest suv from toyota lineup and the  second fastest among all toyota models it

Sprints   in 5.6 seconds from zero to 60 miles per hour the  rav4 prime comes standard with all-wheel drive   where the rear axis is powered by electric motor  only gas engine produces up to 177 horsepower   and 165 pounds feet of torque the electric motor  in the front produces 179 horsepower and 199 pound   feet

Of torque and the electric motor in the rear  generates another 53 horsepower and 89 pound-feet   all-electric range of any plug-in hybrid totaling   of 600 miles it is rated at 94 miles per   gallon equivalent with the real world combined  the ford escape plug-in hybrid the ford escape  became the first hybrid suv back in

2004   and while the escape dropped the gas electric  power train with its third generation model   the current 4th gen escape offers two kinds of  hybrids ford’s escape plug-in hybrid compact   engine and electrified with a 4.4 kilowatt per   per hours is usable both motors generate 221   horsepower with the gas

Engine contributing its  165 horsepower to the electric motor’s output   the escape plug-in hybrid is front-wheel drive  only with an estimated all-electric range of 37   miles one of the highest all-electric ranges on  the list and a total estimated range of 520 miles   initial charge is depleted the escape is  only rated at

40 miles per gallon combined   which is reasonable the escape plug-in hybrid   strikes an even balance between sharp handling  and a comfortable ride the escape plug-in hybrid   system’s multiple drive modes provide a lot of  flexibility in addition to the default mode which   uses gas or electric power as the system sees 

Fit there’s one to keep battery juice for later   another that allows the engine to add charge to  the battery and a pure ev mode the ladder doesn’t   floored although a message in the cluster display   will invite the driver to enable the gas engine  kia niro plug-in hybrid the nero plug-in  ionic plug-in hybrid it also pairs a

1.6 liter  four-cylinder engine with an electric motor and   pack total range is estimated at 560 miles   hybrid at 105 miles per gallon equivalent  and to 46 miles per gallon in hybrid mode   engine and an electric motor team with a six-speed   dual-clutch automatic transmission that combined  with an electric motor

Generates 139 horsepower   it sprints in 8.6 seconds from zero to 60 miles  per hour the available multi-purpose steering   used for changing gears or cycling between   four levels of regenerative braking depending on  the selected drive mode the nero isn’t as fun to   drive as some of its competitors but for buyers 

Seeking an suv with impressive fuel efficiency   and an efficient hybrid powertrain which is not  particularly electrifying from behind the wheel   hyundai ioniq plug-in hybrid coming in second  in this episode is the plug-in hybrid version   the same system output as the ionic hybrid   but with a larger rechargeable 8.9

Kilowatt hour  battery pack the epa estimates the ionic plug-in   hybrid has 29 miles of all-electric range and  620 miles of total range with ratings of 119   miles per gallon it has a combination of a 1.6   liter four-cylinder engine electric motor and  six-speed dual clutch automatic transmission   it has steering

Wheel paddles that you can use  to modulate the level of regenerative braking   allowing drivers to approximate the one pedal  driving style that tesla has popularized among ev   isn’t going to take anyone’s breath away   but it’s adequate for everyday commute achieving  0 to 60 miles per hour in around 9 seconds the  

Chassis copes with most situations in a proper  manner without really providing any inspiration   to take a corner a little quicker or accelerate  through the curve of a freeway on-ramp but that’s   interior made of sustainable materials and   the toyota prius prime when it  first joined the prius family   the plug-in

Hybrid version of the prius uses a  larger rechargeable 8.8 kilowatt hour battery pack   the prius prime has a 1.84 cylinder engine that  works with an electric motor a battery pack and a   the total system output is 121 horsepower   the epa rates the prius prime at 133 combined  miles per gallon equivalent for electric  

Hybrid mode once the battery charge is depleted   and it has a total estimated range of 640 miles   the dashboard layout is unconventional with the  stubby electronic shifter sticking straight out   gauge cluster placed between the driver   although it is a winner in terms of miles per  gallon equivalent impressive gas

Mileage and lots   of standard features aren’t enough to outweigh  the toyota prius prime’s poor acceleration   it ranks near the back of the hybrid car class   please subscribe and hit the bell button  for more informative videos stay tuned

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Top 5 Fuel Efficient Plug-in Hybrid Cars for 2022 By Car Safety \u0026 Technology