Top 5 Tesla Model S Features

Some fun with a Tesla Model S P85+ and all its glorious tech!

Hey what is up guys mkbhd here and what better way to break out of the box than with a car video can’t really think of a better way uh so i’m obviously not a car reviewer i’ve never even really shown that i’m interested in cars any more than the super sweet ones that anyone likes anyway but i do appreciate a good car and when tesla offered me the opportunity to

Check out the tesla model s for the day i couldn’t really say no to that so without any further ado it’s my first car video these are the top five tech features in the tesla model s so spoiler i’ve never actually owned a car i’ve always lived close enough to the school i go to my whole life that i’ve never actually needed to own a car but even through all that

This car and all the tech inside keeps catching my eye and of course it’s a car that’s been in the news a lot sure but i don’t think there’s any doubt that this is one of the most modern cars of this generation so of course there’s a lot of tech inside to talk about so number five is the sound system and that’s actually the one thing i couldn’t get on camera

To demo for you guys while i was messing with the car but uh to make a long story short it sounds fantastic now this is a really quiet car obviously there’s no engine noise and it’s a really really tightly isolated cabin the acoustics are actually fantastic and with the tech package that i’ll talk about later in this video and the fantastic speakers it sounds

Great to sit in the driver’s seat position the audio exactly where it should be and just listen to your music on top of that it hooks up your phone actually via bluetooth there was no auxiliary jack no three and a half millimeter headphone deck to just plug in a pair of like and maybe an ipod or something like that so i guess that was the biggest con maybe of

The whole car but the fact that it has a pretty sweet sound system hooks up via bluetooth uh it’s pretty great so that brings description number four and that is the design of this car now i happen to think it’s actually a really good looking car but it has a point it’s actually very pretty in that way for a reason so this model s is a striking car obviously it

Resembles a lot of other bodies out there some jaguar some aston martin some maserati even there’s a little bit of each of those in the design of this car but in case you didn’t already know it’s all electric and a big part of getting the best range out of the batteries is efficiency and with its shape the model s has a ridiculously low drag coefficient of 0.24

Which is actually the lowest of any car which means it’s going to cut through the air with the least amount of wind resistance basically it’s technically a hatchback but it still has that aggressive profile and low center of gravity because all the batteries are on the floor of the car and it has a completely flat bottom so there’s no transmission or anything

Sticking out the bottom and interrupting airflow the design all is here with a purpose to keep the car cutting through the air also this is the highest end 85 kilowatt hour performance plus model so with this you can grab a tech package and get a carbon fiber spoiler on the back that even further improves airflow and even besides airflow this car is really well

Designed inside and out and that’s another thing we’ll get to in a second this also isn’t the first iteration of the model s it’s gotten a few hardware tweaks since it first came out and one of those little hardware tweaks was folding mirrors and that’s actually pretty big cars so you’ll kind of need those in new york and like a cherry on top for the design when

You unlock the car the mirrors and door handles unfold which brings us right to number three the key this is the key for unlocking the tesla model s it’s a mini model s it actually has some hot spots uh on the key to let you unlock doors uh lock the doors or even completely open the hatchback to give you access to the trunk it has rfid tags inside so when you

Get up to the handles you get close enough to the car they’ll automatically deploy the handles for you so really out of all the car keys i’ve seen even from supercars i’ve seen this one i mean it’s it’s a mini version of the car it’s really cool uh it’s the closest thing to a smartphone gimmick about this car that i can think of it’s something that you can demo

To someone live and they’ll instantly remember it so i guess what i’m trying to say here is show me a cooler key of a car and i’ll be impressed i was really happy about the way the key looks on the model s anyway number two uh which is arguably straight strictly car tech but i would call the tech of the car anyway it’s the electric motor that powers the entire

Model s this thing is a beast so when i visited tesla to check this car out they had the frame of a model s on display in there showing the tray where the thousands of batteries sit and the suspension and the wheels and the electric motor right there that little guy that is what powers this car and makes it absolutely fly so like i said i got to mess with the

Highest end 85 kilowatt hour performance plus model and i got to drive it and well it’s pretty awesome so it sports a 0 to 60 time of 4.2 seconds so that’s gonna give you a pretty idea of how lightning quick it is off the line and it’s an electric car so it has all of the torque available immediately as soon as you touch the gas pedal not the gas pedal though

The go pedal it’s a very different feeling versus the normal lag you have between stomping on the gas pedal of a gas car and actually accelerating so that instant torque makes this car so much fun to drive so the 0 to 40 time is obviously really impressive and it puts you in the backyard seat when you’re flying but the thing is so is the 40 to 60 time and that

Also allows you to put you in the back your seat and while i didn’t have the roads in new york to test this 60 to 80 mile an hour time but i’m sure that too would have been awesome best way to describe the instant torque is it feels like a roller coaster launch when the tires stick this car is really something else now there are also some other benefits of being

Electric for one there is almost nothing under the hood to maintain in this car you pop the front trunk of course using your fancy key and you will see well that’s exactly what it is a front trunk all you have to maintain is just windshield wiper fluid that’s it so you have a pretty sizable front trunk they call a frunk and that’s i guess what the people of

Tesla call it you know the electric motor in the back is also so small that you really have tons and tons of space in the back again it’s a hatchback style but it’s a big sedan and this car has significantly more space than any other car its size i mean if you put the seats down you can fit probably like eight golf bags in the back of this car it’s just massive

So the batteries are also on the floor so you have headroom for days a big open space where the transmission and gearbox would normally be i mean there are so many spaces opened up by not having a gas engine and a gas tank and all the maintenance that comes with that stuff oh and the cherry on top of all that driving this car it is completely silent that’s right

So that brings us to the number one best part of the tech inside this car and i think it’s pretty obvious at this point the number one is the center console it is a 17 inch touchscreen in the center of the the console of the car that replaces all the buttons and dials and knobs that you’d find in basically any other car it’s the number one head turner it’s the

Number one thing people talk about when i was at ces and people were looking inside the car that’s the number one thing that they talked about the center console on the model s is really impressive it’s big enough and high enough resolution to control literally everything about the car and it’s running a custom built os from tesla that can get free over-the-air

Updates over the 3g connection included in the car that actually adds functionality every time they update the car so the latest one was memory seats they just added it with an update so yeah this is an internet connected car basically with a giant 17-inch 1080p tablet in the center not the highest pixel density but still packing way more pixels than probably

Any other car i’m sure so in terms of functionality you have your energy tracking for the battery usage the media playback controls for your phone audio or radio and you have google maps navigation which i’d say is probably the most trustworthy at any time and you can swap these in any configuration top to bottom or even make one of them full screen whenever

You want and last but not least you have a full html web browser so there’s no flash so it won’t play youtube video or stream audio from any website but you can totally have your passenger look up the score of a game on the center console if his phone is dead or something he can always access the internet there so yeah then in the bar at the bottom you have the

Stuff that doesn’t ever move so it kind of becomes muscle memory it’s always there that stuff replaces the typical knobs for your audio volume and climate control temperature so you can also control more physical parts of the car through the touch screen like the sunroof which literally just lets you drag an image of the car the sunroof to whatever percentage you

Want just to open it with dragging the touchscreen it’s crazy convenient and pretty quick too and you also have a rear-facing wide-angle backup camera on the car it turns on automatically when you’re in reverse or you can turn it on yourself whenever you want and it’s decent quality it’s actually pretty good i might start doing some reviews with it or maybe not

So yeah this thing is fully featured basically the number one question people have when they see this huge screen in the car is is it distracting while you’re driving uh and i would say not really it was on auto brightness and i got used to it pretty quickly i was the only one i was driving for maybe an hour or two and i got used to it and if you’re driving at

Night it switches into night mode and inverts a lot of the colors but if you really need to punch in directions while you’re driving using google maps you still have your passenger do it since nothing gets disabled while you’re driving so all the functionality is always available so yeah you won’t find anything like this in any other car right now it’s the number

One tech in the tesla model s for sure it’s just one of those things like front-facing speakers on a phone where it feels like the future and i kind of wish everyone else would adopt it so there you go guys just a fun little video on the tesla model s i figured i’d share the experience with you guys and i also have more stuff coming up with tesla and hopefully

Other car stuff too along with the other stuff i’m breaking out of so again stay tuned here if you want to see more stuff like that and let me know what you guys think of the model s i mean obviously it’s an electric car so there’s gonna be the people who just don’t like electric cars the range anxiety bothers people for me personally the biggest con of the car

I think is a lack of an audio jack but again it’s a highly acclaimed car with the all the awards it’s won and the the motor trend car the year and the highest ratings on safety tests all that kind of stuff is doing really well so either way thanks for watching that’s been it i hope to talk to you guys in the next one see you then peace you

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Top 5 Tesla Model S Features! By Marques Brownlee