TOP 5 Things to know about your new Ford Electric Vehicle – EV

So you just bought/ are thinking about buying a Ford EV, what do I need to know? These top 5 things right here!

Got sam dorsey pretty robust app lots of features go to your my ford pass app and we’re able to switch from normal mode to eco mode download the fordpass app and get your new ford ev registered onto the app with us today we’ve got sam dorsey which was our salesman for our ford e-transit here at gary crosley ford in kansas city missouri he is going to kind of walk

Us through how to get the ford pass app on the phone and how to get your vehicle onto the fordpass app all right well the first thing you’re going to want to do is download the fordpass app out of the google play store if you’re android user the app store for an iphone user it’s going to say empty garage all you’re going to do is press this little plus sign right

Here you can hit the little camera icon right there it’s going to bring up this screen here and what i like to do is just scan the barcode on the window sticker here looks just like that searching for vehicle vehicle found you can give it a nickname right here you hit get started there we go i also wanted to point out if you don’t have access to your window sticker

For whatever reason you can also scan the barcode right here on the door jamb mitch do you want to hop in real quick and we will uh actually activate the vehicle so this is what the app looks like when you’re ready to activate the vehicle so you’ll see a little picture of your truck there or e-transit maki whatever it happens to be that you’re activating all you

Do is hit activate vehicle here it takes about 30 seconds or so we’ll get a pop-up here on the main screen there it is and you’re going to hit yes right there and it’s going to say congratulations your forecast connect has been activated okay there we go except for the prompt so if you swipe down on an iphone and it refreshes the app there we go we are activated

Here’s the main functionality of the app and that’s going to allow us to unlock the vehicle remote start the vehicle lock the vehicle right there you can also sound the horn and lights you will get ford pass reward points that can be used for maintenance when you activate the app on a gas board it’s gonna be 42 000 points on a diesel ford it will be 75 000 points

On a ford ev 22 000 ford pass points along with 250 kilowatt hours of charging time to be used at an electrify america station you can find dealerships if you need to find a dealership here you can look at your points right here you can schedule servicing here look at your maintenance schedule look at vehicle health reports for your vehicle here set your start times

So your car is preconditioned except the max limits for the charging on the on the evs right here on the app pretty robust app lots of features lots of things you can do with your new car get access to the 250 kilowatt hours of fast charging you’re going to go to forward slash connected services then you will go to your myfordpass app on your phone on the

Very bottom of the app you’re going to click on vehicle you’re going to hit the drop down menu for charging and then you’re going to click on the blue oval network this shows that we still have 250 kilowatt hours of our charging balance remaining you can view chargers and we’ll see where all of the neighboring chargers are and we can even click it on a map feature

And it’ll show us where all those chargers are there are some public access chargers that are absolutely free you can also select it by charge speed you can click on ford network so you can do ultra fast chargers you can do regular chargers you can do fast chargers dc fast charger that is over 100 kilowatts is going to be the fastest way it’ll actually charge the

Van from 20 to 80 in 30 minutes the advantages of the different drive modes and l mode and we’re able to switch from normal mode to eco mode it’s going to lower the output capabilities of the vehicle’s heating and cooling systems it’s also going to cut down on the vehicle’s overall power output if you’re driving the lightning you’re going to have some different

Modes available here the eco mode is going to give you the most efficient driving possible but it’s going to compromise a little bit of power and a little bit of convenience or comfort from the heating and cooling in order to do that l stands for low range mode you’re going to find that on your shifter dial on the transit where there’s a button you can push it’s

Making the ev operate as if you’ve put a standard vehicle in low range mode it’s going to give you a little bit more power off the line it’s also going to bring on your regenerative braking the moment you let off the gas pedal or the accelerator pedal the moment you let off the pedal the vehicle is automatically going to start slowing down pretty aggressively with

Regenerative braking it’s even going to bring on the brake lights because it is slowing down so aggressively it is not a true one pedal drive mode the combination that you will use those in will have a dramatic effect on how efficient your ev runs down the road if you want the most efficient driving you can you’re going to use eco mode and then when you’re in town

A heavy start and stop part of town you’ll be able to use l mode if you’re going to be out on more open roadways or out on the highway you’re actually going to find it more efficient to turn l mode off and just be able to coast that comes with eco mode you can actually second-handedly activate the regenerative braking simply by tapping the brakes that greatly

Increases your efficiency you can just tap the brakes and then let back off of them the regenerative braking will take over and slow you down if you want a little bit more regenerative braking you tap the brakes twice and the regenerative braking will just carry you all the way down to darn near a stop a combination of both of those features is going to give you

The most efficient driving you can handle

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TOP 5 Things to know about your new Ford Electric Vehicle – EV By Smedley Plumbing