Top Gear – Audi A8 Fuel Economy Challenge from London to Edinburgh and back to London with one tank

Classic episode from Top Gear.

It’s 7 00 am and this is a good time to start partly because the roads are quiet and partly because this is a good time for filling up with fuel you see in a morning when it’s cold and it is very cold this morning fuel is more dense than it is on a hot afternoon so you’re getting a little bit more for your money one thing though don’t whatever you do forget to

Take any unnecessary weight out of the boot right i’ve got 19.8 gallons in the tank and a journey of 800 miles ahead of me that means averaging 40.4 miles to the gallon a tall order in a car as powerful as this even audi say that what i’m attempting to do is impossible they say this car will only do 37 miles to the gallon and that i won’t make it back there

Are one or two things i can do to help though you have to make sure the car cuts as smooth a hole as possible in the air driving with the window down for instance increases fuel consumption by 5 and to make matters worse you can’t use the air conditioning either because that does even more damage in a honda civic for instance if you get 36 miles to the gallon

Normally you turn the air con on that drops to 30 miles to the gallon you lose 6 mpg in fact you shouldn’t use any electrical gadgets unless it’s absolutely necessary the heated rear window is a complete no-no and heated seats forget it happily the radio uses such a small amount of power that it can use that but surveys have shown that fast aggressive music

Causes drivers to grow lead feet so crash metal doesn’t just hurt your ears it damages your wallet as well on this journey then it’ll be radio 2 all the way so was that a hit again in the 90s in 95 97 or 99.97 there’s one interesting thing i’ve noticed that when i started i had the cruise control on and i was averaging according to the trip computer about 32

33 miles to the gallon since i’ve taken the cruise control off and i’m using my own foot i’ve got it up to an average of 40 miles to the gallon which is nearly good enough it’s amazing how much thinking and concentrating you have to do to drive economically you’ve got to think is that guy going to pull out i’ve got to match my speed to him lifting off you must

Never ever break ever ever touch the brakes ever if people concentrated this hard to drive fast no one would ever crash ever ah this is the north east where there are many hills and hills are a big problem for the economy-minded motorist trick is to build up speed before you get to an incline and then try not to accelerate when you’re on it so thrash metal

For going down a hill and then the carpenters for going up the other side reach the crest and off and though still only down 39 miles to the gallon what more do you want from me six hours on the road i think i do want a wii but i can’t stop because that would mean starting the engine again and starting an engine uses a load of fuel so new york taxi driver trick

You’re not allowed to watch now if i’d come to edinburgh in a petrol powered audi a8 i’d need to find a filling station but thanks to the diesel engine in this one i don’t the thing is though it might not need a drink but i do so i think i’ll find somewhere to stay and we’ll pick this up again in the morning

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Top Gear – Audi A8 Fuel Economy Challenge from London to Edinburgh and back to London with one tank By Rear Wheel Driven