Top Three 3 Pros & Cons Toyota Hybrid Sienna 4 Nomad Van Life #vanlife 2021

Hello it’s been a while since my last video we are here in the u.p of michigan right on the shores of frozen lake superior today about 30 more days i’ll be full time in this vehicle here so i thought i’d give you my top three pros and cons of a sienna hybrid for living in all right number one pro is the 24 7 climate control which you see is in full effect here

68 degrees so obviously i use the climate control all the time i slept here last night when it was pretty cold and uh was you know really nice it was warm 68 degrees so that is you know obviously doable with other hybrids and uh the sienna just allows that in a larger format and that is definitely a pro for me all right one of the cons of living out of this

Vehicle is you cannot stand up so i have a platform that i built and there’s 40 some inches 42 45 i can’t remember from this platform that i built out of plywood to the ceiling so i can sit up which is great and uh but i cannot stand up there’s just no way but you know it’s a minivan there are compromises here number two pro is the gas mileage and reliability

Of the toyota sienna so you know 36 miles per gallon is hard to argue with um that’s really good now i assume i’ll probably get less once my rooftop box is on there it’ll probably drop it to 35 or 34. um but still you know with gas prices being what they are or what they’re gonna be unfortunately um you can’t really uh beat that for a vehicle of this size number

Two con is no bathroom or shower obviously there is just no way so compared to you know a high high top van high roof fan um or a built out class b i mean there’s no comparison really um i have to use bathrooms at you know wherever i can get them and showering is gonna be pretty much at the health club anytime fitness so that’s the compromise you make you know

You’re living out of this more than you’re living in it number three for a pro is the easy drivability and parking so you can fit in obviously any parking spot um i got rid of my rear cargo tray for just that reason for easier parking so i can fit in small spaces back up using the backup camera etc and you know the easy driving it’s got the lane assist obviously

It’s got cruise control but it’s adaptive cruise control so really cruising down the highway with this is a very pleasant experience and with the rooftop box i’ll have to watch my height but you know other than that it’s really easy driving and good reliability cruises down the freeway just awesome number three con is you can’t take too much stuff so right now

I just have kind of a jumbled mess back here my bike is not with me at this point and i’m trying to figure out what can come how much to take and where should i put it um so right now cluttered situation um and i’m just not a fan of too much clutter and right now it’s not great so you really need to be organized when you’re dealing with this type of space um

You just don’t have the luxury of having too much stuff with you okay one bonus pro we can throw in is that it’s a pretty stealthy vehicle you know i’ll have the rooftop box on but it’ll look like somebody traveling and not necessarily living out of it i don’t know i’ve got the tinted windows and such but uh you know it’s not obvious that someone could be living

Out of here so you do have some stealth factor and a bonus con that i could think of is you know it’s pretty expensive this vehicle was 42k and for that money you could get you know a basic high roof fan of course you wouldn’t be getting the gas mileage and you would have to build it out etc but you know it’s not cheap and not everybody can afford that the only

Reason i was able to pull this off was from selling a house um so you know but i think you get what you pay for pretty much at least i have so far um it remains to be seen so like i said at the beginning i’ll be full time in this in about 30 more days and i can give you any other updates so let me know if you have any other pros and cons you’ve thought of or

Any ideas for future videos take care bye bye

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