Topstar Transporter Luxury 20 seat EVM Classic Mercedes Sprinter (2017) reviewed by Paul Aldridge

We are so honoured to have Mr Paul Aldridge from ABC (Australasian Bus & Coach) to do a full review on our Luxurious 20 seater EVM Classic Touring Mercedes Benz Sprinter 516 (2017). This Sprinter is one of a kind in Melbourne with a distinctive exclusive exterior look and luxury feeling throughout.

Hi i’m paul aldridge and welcome to australasia xin bus and coach tv today i’m here in albert park driving a luxury limousine this is a mercedes-benz sprinter top star tours have purchased this for their luxury tours all in all it’s just a really luxury coach and if you you’re jumping off a plane and getting onto this you’d be really happy what i really love

About what they’ve done here they’ve gone for an option or very fridge/freezer combination it’s very easy to use it just pulls out on a track lifts up you’ve got a freezer compartment that’s small on that side then you’ve got a deep section where you can have your nice cold drink my drink out in the moment myself actually but that’s really good easy locks back

Up that’s got an inverter in place behind which will charge the fridge and not draw from the battery power itself it has 240 volt power down there to charge up some batteries there’s a couple of power points but what’s really nice is each seat on the on the aisle has its own armrest you can just pull that arm rest up you know you’ve got somewhere nice to rest

Your arm and you’ve got this soft soft felt on the side of the window that’s really good everyone’s got a really good view through here everybody’s got seatbelts obviously the style rail seats so really the fabric on here is really nice i can see it be very strong but this is a luxury bus this is luxury these guys have a car catering for a market that’s luxury

And i think they’ve hit a home run love these little pockets up here you can imagine it’s only day tours as this is enough to put your shopping up here maybe a small light bags handbags that sort of thing well done well thought out and the head room the head room is really good head room is really good i’m 6 foot 4 and you know i can stand up in this section

I’m just touching the roof but the air conditioning units domed here it’s you know you’re not gonna bump your head and hurt your head which was really well thought out but what i really love they’ve added a karaoke machine nobody would want to hear me sing but i think this is a great thing the people on the tools really think this is fun and enjoyable and what

A great thing to have it drives like all sprinter vans it’s just car like steering the brakes all dependable and trustworthy you could just you know you know what to expect when you put your foot down on the brake so it’s just predictable it doesn’t squat or dip or dive but evm have done an outstanding job on this top staff to also have especially ordered this

It’s unique its custom so i’ve spent a little bit of time in here now driving the avm and look the steering as all sprinters are they’re very predictable they’re just really lovely they’re very car like to drive and you know look it’s got a little bit more weight with that with the double-glazed glass and stuff but you actually don’t feel as though that it’s got

Any extra weight it breaks really nice and smooth it doesn’t dip and the hard braking it’s just a really pleasant drive it really is i found i found little to no problems with this particular bus today but the door that’s been put on the door there’s a slight little wind noise coming through the door through the rubber but uh the guys haven’t had this bus

For very long it’s underdone three thousand k’s but i’m sure that little niggle could be just a little adjustment in the door and that would be something to be easy fixed but all in all it’s faultless i just really can’t fault it a bit so it’s expensive glass the tinting in here is amazing they don’t even need curtains in here if the tinting is really dark tint

There’s not a lot of sun you still got the light coming in the passengers can see outside but it’s just beautiful okay so we spent the best part of the afternoon and driving this beautiful sprinter van just look at the paintwork that mercedes have done to this particular van it just oozes luxury you know look at all the chrome work it’s fantastic i love the way

It looks just come around the side here and just look up the side here it’s flawless chromed restrooms you know that the that haven’t put a foot wrong here with the design of it it just it actually for their corporate clients or their tours they’ve just done an outstanding job this has a 2 point 1 liter turbo diesel in it with a 7-speed transmission and it just

Drives for flawlessly i can’t fault it one bit very hard to fault the bus at all so if you want to find out more go and grab a copy of abc mack

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Topstar Transporter Luxury 20 seat EVM Classic Mercedes Sprinter (2017) reviewed by Paul Aldridge By Topstar Transporter