TOW CAR Jaguar XF Sportbrake 2.2d

This is our tow car that we use to tow our swift Conqueror 570 touring caravan.

Welcome to paul and bianca’s adventures today i will be reviewing our tow car it’s jaguar sportbrake xf premium luxury 2.2 diesel 197 brake horsepower version it’s a 2014 model we tow a swift conqueror 570 single axle caravan and recently have been asked a few questions once we’ve been away in the caravan about doto car there’s not much fun the internet or on

Youtube regardless sportbrake has a talker apart from one review from practical caravan which reviews a brand new table range three litre model of the three litre s there’s not many jag was bought bricks as tow cars not that i’ve seen anyway so i thought i’d show you around ours and the performance that we get our caravan is a swift conquer as i said the mt plm is

Sixteen hundred and fifty kilograms and our car has a toe limit of 1880 kilograms which is around about an 87 percent match under the performance when towing on motorways i said the crews controlled to 60 and sit back and relax as the ride is smooth and comfortable due to the 8-speed automatic gearbox i will add some hills use the paddles to change gear if the car

Sounds like it needs to change up or to change down it has a sport mode which i’ve not used when towing so i cannot say if this would increase or decrease the miles per gallon or make a difference when towing the mpg went owen will return between 27 to 30 miles per gallon on a recent trip from cornwall the car returned 30 miles per gallon it was about a foreigner

Half hour drive and during that time i had the air conditioning on so i guess 30 miles per gallon is pretty good unless you say different why it’s not a shorter trip or be roads and locally i get around them anything between 25 and 30 driving solo i don’t tend to travel that far away it’s mostly short trips so i get probably between 45 and 55 on a roundabout 15

Mile trip so it’s pretty good the comfort factor in this car is quite high the heated leather seats which are electronically adjustable with a memory on the driver side that’s the comfort value the steering wheel is electronically adjustable that the reach and tilt all set and that moves with the memory control as well then it controls on the steering wheel all

The audio controls of bluetooth phone cruise control that’s on the steering wheel yes that’s all closed by including the sound system the sound system is by meridian sound is amazing it’s got deep basses and amazing the radio has da p but this isn’t the best when there’s no signal the the out of range it just cuts out that so it’s practically useless so or i tend

To do ice who connect my iphone via the bluetooth and play music from my apple music playlists this car has sat-nav the touchscreen is easy to use button in all the addresses etc easy quick responsive but i don’t use this when i’m towing it’s only use it as a guide i’ve been sent on some dead-end roads what i’ve been falling the sat-nav in cornwall fortunately i

Wasn’t towing the caravan so it wasn’t so much of a drama i tend to use it just as a guide and then switch to directions provided or from prior research the commands they’re very precise and clear though there’s plenty of storage space it inside the driver’s cabin with drink holders and his center consoles door pockets on the glovebox aesthetically the car looks

Great from all angles which tended windows in the rear the wood effect in the chrome give it that extra bling look how long with the leather seats and the wood that is long a dashboard as well i think that that makes it stand out the rising gear selector is another feature that amused me shall we say just like the air vents the way they open and close the aircon

Is perfect he went tow and the mpg isn’t affected that much if at all if i’m using the aircon it’s quite powerful really cold very wet it’ll be cold and really warm when he wanted to be warm under the boot the boot compartment is huge we have had a large suitcase in the boot along a snowboard case obviously that’s not same when we fold down the backseat it still

Leaves enough room for a rear passenger sat behind me and i’m 6 4 2 so there’s plenty of space behind me plenty of headroom and you leg room the ride of the car is smooth when the corner is no movement in the seats this cars air suspension and even when told is very little polar pushing from the car don’t say you don’t know it’s there and some rose there will be

Natural dips which will transmit from the caravan to the car pad to toe and when solo there’s a huge difference to the power i can certainly feel the weight of the caravan but the talk and power allows me to move off naturally the car and caravan stops really good even though the caravan is a heavy weight behind so yes i do know it is there so i bought this car

Before we decided on buying a caravan in hindsight maybe i would have if we’d realized that i was gonna buy a caravan then maybe this wouldn’t have been the obvious choice of car i probably would have gone for a four-wheel drive or something that has four-wheel drive capabilities over be an suv or an estate car which is four-wheel drive the other downside about

This car doesn’t have a reversing camera but it’s got the sensors anyway but for now i am extremely happy with what we’ve got the car looks the part a light get is comfortable to drive so yeah if you got any comments let me know below if you’ve got one or if you’re looking to get one comment if you like it dislike it share the video subscribe and thank you for

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TOW CAR Jaguar XF Sportbrake 2.2d By Paul and Bianca Adventures