Towing a Beautiful Aston Martin DBS Superleggera

John Lai tows a beautiful Aston Martin DBS from a customer’s house. The owner had driven the car over a nail, so the car had a flat tire. He requested to have it towed to the dealership to get the tire fixed.

Today we’re going to customers house to towar 2020 also martin dbs it’s for the uh going back to the direction for the service are you able to back it in or you want the carburetor to the street let me just pull over i just want to take a look at it i think it’s probably a nail but these are run flats anyways right oh okay there’s one flat tires and uh you get

Uh okay so i just want to take a good look at the car very nice car though brand new last week oh oh yeah yeah due to of the guava it’s easier to be on the street because of of that i don’t want to make any scratches because it’s all fiberglass i just want looking for a better spot so i don’t want to this here my card i don’t know i’d need a little bit longer

Because i i show you because i need to put a white trap back too okay i just want to kind of do it on this side if i’m not blocking the other side yeah if i’m not blocking one about so they can’t get around though so that way it’s easier so where are you gonna put your truck it’s like white where the uh bmw x3 x2 it is up there because that has a wannabe so they

Can go either way right coming out of the yeah that’s my concern oh no no i just kind of go like little bit further out so i’m not that yeah i can show it off try to do it quick the reason i leave the the longer because i have to put the one yeah for the car because um the keywords on this car is turtle that’s why i put the uh the key with you or leave it inside

I’ll leave the keys with me so leave for me so i don’t yeah it doesn’t locked up all right yep that’s all good thank you just give me one second while i lift it up so you can take some pictures it doesn’t matter i can put it up sure yep i get that sometimes we deal with a small little problem like this but here i go okay we’ve been done this so many times that

Was a full tire that might be a little bit yeah like when we throw in a car like this we’re gonna check see all those rims right there so we make sure it’s all strapped so it’s not scratching even though it’s a strap but just make sure that’s the thing but still this is your baby one’s on my deck it’s my baby i take it all right i still taking good care of it

Oh yeah see we put like a eight-point strap so it’s not gonna go anywhere and we make sure there’s like nothing touching their bodies and stuff like that professionals take your pictures all right all right thank you we use the toy because it’s the low clearance if you look at all those cars like awesome modern porsche ferrari lamborghinis there’s no current

So they give extra appearance on the uh where you’re pulling up to be aware now the awesome mark is on the deck and i’ll make sure we have enough currents from the front and the back so now we’re going to the destinations as the customer’s request

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Towing a Beautiful Aston Martin DBS Superleggera By Abrams Towing