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Towing with my Ford Lightning EV Pickup was a TOTAL DISASTER

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That’s almost 90 miles of range in 30 miles are you serious that’s nuts what a joke welcome to hoopie’s garage the dumbest automotive channel in all of youtube and this is my new 2023 ford f-150 lightning electric pickup truck and it is towing my new 1930 ford model a pickup truck that i bought for my show car issues on motor trend now i towed with the model a

Today uh quite a distance and it was a complete and total disaster from beginning to end starting with having to film this video out of order because it was raining so hard so i already know what’s happened but fast hoovie is in for a huge surprise when it comes to towing with this electric ford lightning so let’s start with the specs this is the standard range

Battery lariat so it’s the luxury model but the smaller battery which means a max range of 230 miles a max tow capacity of 7 700 pounds if you got the big range battery your tow capacity goes up to 10 000 pounds which is very very impressive but you have to deal with the range now my plan was to make two trips up today to see the car wizard down and back down and

Back it’s about 32 miles each way so that’s about 64 times 2 128 miles round trip i had this thing charged to just over 200 miles when i started my day so ample margin for error when it comes to range and towing and also considering the fact that the trailer was going up empty two times the trailer is aluminum it’s only 1400 pounds and then it was coming back with

Two vehicles the model a being one of them the other one was going to be a much bigger challenge testing the max of its tow capacity but it wasn’t even worth trying so let’s go back to our younger but equally handsome but blissfully ignorant hoovey as he set off on his journey well we’re not off to the best start because i’ve already lost three miles of range just

Loading up the trailer and pulling out of my neighborhood which i mean maybe a quarter of a mile hopefully that’s not how it is for the rest of this trip but this trailer like i said it’s aluminum less than 1500 pounds this truck shouldn’t even feel it i mean the acceleration is ridiculous and that’s the only time i’m going to do that because i want to save the

Range but also if i strap something down and floor it like that it will most definitely fly off the torque is just unreal but we’re going to conserve it because yeah now it’s 195 and we haven’t got a mile yet well i am not very optimistic here because we have already used 20 miles of range to go 10 miles not even halfway to the car wizards with an empty very light

Aluminum trailer and the range is dropping that quickly i gotta do two trips not just one two trips but i will say this is a very very comfortable nice riding truck and not having any engine noise anything at all to where you can almost hear the normal environment around you a little bit of tire noise and wind noise but otherwise just completely silent of course

The sound of rain too which may be hurting things some but i don’t think this truck is going to get anywhere close to getting the job done today i mean look at the mileage or at 167 it it’s dropping like a stone with an empty trailer well i made it to wizards with 132 miles remaining so we are going almost double the range with an empty trailer but now we’re going

To load it up so let’s go inside check on the car wizard and see what my payload is going to be some cool stuff actually wizard i am ev towing ev towing the lightning pickup truck is towing back the two fords over there how’s it doing so far oh it’s not good it’s used over 70 miles to go here which is about 35. so it’s used twice the power with an empty trailer

With an empty truck aluminum trailer aluminum i shouldn’t even feel it was like 1400 pounds that’s the weird thing about the evs i think what with towing is you lose so much range more than a gas or diesel right well now it’s really going to feel it because of what we’re loading it up so let’s go take a look my goodness pickup trucks have grown haven’t they yeah

I think that that one could fit in the bed of that one uh probably so these are both car issues cars the first one a 1934 model a which i bought from urination bob it is a very very nice example uh yes we did do some things that i’m not going to reveal these aren’t all that heavy it’s only like 22 2300 pounds there’s not much to do them no obviously not just a

Little bit of wood a little bit of iron very small little thing basically with the trailer in this it would be like towing say a medium-sized boat or something like that so really some real world testing the raptor on the other hand well that bad boys every bit of 6 000 pounds it’s a 2012 ford raptor what’s crazy about this one two hundred and eighteen thousand

Miles and it’s seen some stuff let me tell you i don’t want to give away too much obviously since these are both car issues cars and you just wait and see what we do with them what happens to them but uh yeah this one definitely a hoopty similar to the border patrol raptor and uh can you you’re interrupting me did you want to point something out no just wanted

Everybody to hear oh okay but yeah this is going to be the real test unfortunately even though it does have a little bit of weight savings on this one um i still think we are in for quite a challenge yeah right yeah this is all i think that this is not going to fit i think it’s going to hang over the tires maybe even slip off these things are like seven feet wide

Well is it my trailer seven feet wide i think they’re probably six feet wide i guess we can measure you got a measuring tape yeah all right put it at the outside of the tire oh we’re on the hips yeah put on the outside of the tire it is like seven feet one or two inches that’s a wide boy that’s definitely wide well let me go measure the trailer is there seven

Feet one inches wrapped her own pit the trailer is just under seven feet in width just under seven feet so this test is going absolutely terrible the raptor won’t load i could have put a different car in there but i wanted to do fords but i guess the model a will be a pretty good test given how it’s already doing with an empty trailer range wise so i’ll load it

Up and i guess send somebody for the raptor it sounds good get out of your hair thanks wizard yep well what a difference or deers makes in ford pickup trucks uh not just in size but in technology so we do have a key but it is a push button start we advance the timing here here’s your hand throttle and your foot throttle see how it controls both there three speed

Manual so cool not much of a range on this one either top speed about 50 miles an hour too so anyway let’s see how the lightning handles this foreign aside i have never experienced towing like this before it is so effortless now with well 3 700 pounds or so i can’t even feel it when i put the pedal down with the instant torque this is fantastic for towing in that

Sense people say all the time in a truck setup to tow that doesn’t feel like a trailer is even back there but in this sense it really truly doesn’t i’m impressed but it barely squatted down as well so fantastic tow vehicle range wise uh we’ve gone about a mile and it’s down four almost halfway into the journey and i am going the absolute speed limit the entire

Time i started with 133 i think we’re down to 82 to go 17 miles no math whiz but that’s more than double right more than double what a turd all right pulling into my neighborhood and we got the driving range low warning 50 miles remaining kidding me that’s almost 90 miles of range in 30 miles what a joke so yeah that was abysmally bad and if the future is electric

There has to be some kind of solution for this i have no idea why evie’s toe so bad and my guess would be it doesn’t have a normal transmission where there’s gears and a car’s in a lower rev range but still pulling that’s why the gas mileage isn’t so dramatically different two or three times different versus an ev or it’s just a drive motor working harder and harder

And harder and when you’re towing something with bad aerodynamics it makes such a huge difference that would be my guess the solution i have no idea but if a truck towing 3 500 pounds can’t even go 100 miles in this case with a light load maybe 70 80 miles max that is ridiculously stupid this truck can’t do normal truck things you would be stopping every hour to

Recharge which would take about 45 minutes a pop and that is absolutely not practical so the f-150 lightning is more like a truck that most people use their trucks for just to get around a to b not really using it to do truck things they just want something big and comfortable and it does great at that but as far as doing truck things well so far just with towing

Not good but before we end this video i wanted to give you a little preview to the third season of car issues which we are filming right now this is actually the last full film day of car issues and we have half the cars in the driveway where we go in my garage and i decide if i’m going to keep or flip them so let me give you a little tour of the cars currently in

The driveway yeah this is the end of the line for car issue season three our last full shoot day and that’s why all the cars are in the driveway the model a is part of it bought from urination bob but also a hummer h3 from 2006 and these things are awesome this one’s especially cool because it is the manual transmission i was so impressed with this thing i can’t

Wait for you guys to see it there’s also a blast from the past here a 95 c36 amg and yes this is my old car from uh five years ago when it comes to youtube bought it out in san francisco took to monterey car week slept in a garden shed it’s the same car it was also at the original radwood i bought it from one of the founders of radwood sold it to a friend of

Mine he drove it for many years and now i bought it back for the show very cheaply but it has held together pretty darn well still nice inside paints faded a little bit more a few new scratches but it still does the job we also have this k5 blazer in root beer brown looks like it belongs on the set of stranger things needs a light bar on top so it can be like the

Sheriff’s truck or hoppers you know but a beautiful interior on this one showing only sixty thousand miles i was told this is a one owner car so probably accurate a 305 in this thing as well but what’s inside well you have to see what’s inside we filmed the last five cars about a month ago with card trick in between so it has been a bit of a marathon but they are

Taking their time on this one and wait until you see this they’re getting beauties right now of it i think you’re a little out of focus do you want to do it do you want to do this do you want to hold the camera thank you for watching

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Towing with my Ford Lightning EV Pickup was a TOTAL DISASTER! By Hoovies Garage