Toyota 4runner Battery removal/installation for 2003-2023 (10 minutes or less)

How to change a 2010-2023 Toyota 4runner battery.

And here we are back again for another video toyota 4runner 2016. having a hard time starting so i figured i’d go ahead and change the battery before gets below freezing then it won’t start when we’re somewhere that’ll get real aggravating quick but we got a 16 4runner this is gonna be the same for uh 2010 to 18 or 2010 to 23 actually um all the way to the current

Forerunner this is a factory battery been in there for six years since it was new but i’m gonna go ahead and show y’all how to remove it and the tools that y’all need and again these are the tools you’ll need i didn’t have the ranch out there before put a ratchet extension is optional makes it easier 10 millimeter socket and a 10 millimeter i have a gear wrench

But you can use a wrench 10 millimeter wrench for the bolts first step is to take off the retaining holder which is 10 millimeter bolts the battery came from guam you can just uh you don’t have to take this all the way off you can just turn it all over the side like this just drop it right there and then it’ll come undone because it has this little j boat so

Just lay that out of the way don’t lose it get your 10 millimeter wrench you always want to go ahead and take the negative off first go ahead and remove it get it by the way and go to your positive you don’t have to take them all the way out just loosen them up pull it off i’m gonna have to wiggle it back and forth a little bit and your battery’s ready to come

Out foreign went to walmart and got a never start max three year free replacement all right and if you had corrosion or anything like that on your post that’s when you would want to clean them we don’t so we’re good to go i mean not on your post on your uh terminals from your old battery having corrosion positive first and throw your negative on go ahead

And grab your 10 millimeter wrench it’s just snub you don’t have to overdo it and break it as long as it’s tight let me go ahead and grab your little cover if you want let me just snaps on like that grab your little tray holding bracket you know a little j boat you just want to take it go down there’s a little hole right down there beside the battery let’s

See if i can show you that foreign foreign just like so i’m gonna take your other j boat on the other side stick it back up through grab your nut 10 millimeter socket tighten her down it’s a very straightforward easy battery change some vehicles you have to take half the car apart to get the battery because i figured if anybody out there had a forerunner and

They wanted to see how easy it was i’d make a little short video instead of having to take it somewhere and get a battery put in you can maybe do it your own do it at your house i’m the type of person that likes to do everything i don’t really like to take anything to any shop foreign that’s just me get a good song and that’s it that’s about it foreign er

It’s going to do that it’s going to die the first time so you have to restart it again so don’t don’t feel like you’ve done anything wrong it’s just what they do starts a lot better and we’ll call it done but i just wanted to get all that taken care of before the weather got below freezing and then we’d be stuck somewhere 30 or 40 miles from home we’ll be

Able to start the car like subscribe share if you know somebody has a forerunner and we’ll call it done thanks for watching

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Toyota 4runner Battery removal/installation for 2003-2023 (10 minutes or less) By rke1987