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Toyota 80s Series Land Cruiser – RESTORATION

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This clip is from Unknown Road Adventures Series II.

Through this series 2 i’m going to bring you guys something different i’ve picked up this 80 series land cruiser now it’s a factory turbo 1992 model now i love my land cruisers i love my factory turbos i picked up this one off an old bloke he’s kept in really good original condition it hasn’t even been off-road there’s not a bit of rust on it so first of all it’s

Going to get a spray job tires suspension this thing’s going to look mint by the time i’ve finished with it so stay tuned through the series and watch the process of this 80 series getting a facelift i’ve been getting the 80 series ready for its spray job what i’ve done is i’ve ripped off the rear bar i’ve ripped off the front bar the flares and the mud flaps

It’s all ready to go and get its new spray job let’s take it down there i’ve just come down to south tweed repaint and panel to check out the progress on the 80 series let’s go and have a look check out the old girl the windows are out the doors are off we’ve got some progress going on here i’m sticking with the original color for the toyota the factory

Great the 80 series is getting fitted with some dynamic rims and some mickey thompson tyres today these mickey thompsons are an all-terrain 28575 16 atz p3 mickey thompson tyre the next stop for the 80 series is arb on the gold coast i’m going with a winch compatible bar side steps and side rails there’s a bit involved with fitting the side rails

There we have it a very tidy looking bull bar side steps and side rails next up is the window tinting now a few final touches with the 80 series the window tinting will just finish it off we’re here today at unknown road adventures headquarters to fit the efs kit to the 80 series what i’m going with is xtr shockeys 40mm boar heavy duty springs rated to 200

Kilos for the front i’m going xdr 40mm bores as well with a heavy duty spring to be able to handle the winch and the bull bar what do you think mate let’s get this efs suspension on the 80 series sounds good to me i’ve sprayed all the nuts and bolts with penetrating spray a couple of days before the job this allows undoing a lot easier just for safety it’s

A good idea to put your tyres under your vehicle that’s it i’ve disconnected the brake line from the diff here now there’s some little 10 mils that run along the diff here just holding the brake line in place so if you disconnect it gives you a bit of play and it makes it a lot easier to drop that diff down get those springs in i’m just loosening the sway bar

Mounts just allows the diff to drop down a bit more two 12 mil bolts straight out allows it to just drop and now they’re just going to come down nicely i’m also just loosening the bolts in the control arm just allows everything to drop down a bit more just taking out the bottom nuts on the shockies and the front chockies clear out i’m just compressing this

Front shockie down to pull it out so it’s compressed down you can just pull it straight out these are original shockies they’re so filthy they’re leaking right yeah it’s definitely due for a change the springs are ready to come out so i’m just going to maneuver it free it up just drop straight down and there we go she’s out just putting in the front spring

I’ve dropped the diff down it gives me a bit of room and a bit of play to be able to get this spring on so a little bit of persuading and you can get lock it in there’s a little notch on the back there set it into the right position good to go i’m just going to compress this shockey up to get it in place so now you can just drop it straight in just sitting

Right now perfect now it’s time to tighten the bolts on the front shocks okay i’m just putting in the steering dampener now so i’m just going to put it in through there attach the spring washer okay now we’ve got a couple of bolts up here to go into the chassis i’ve just done the fronts so we’ve got the xtrs shockey’s on the front we’ve got the springs on

The front all in position i’ve had the boys here helping me do it they’re a good team so we’re going to start on the rear now let’s do it time to do the rears now i’ve got the car up on the stands the stands i’m using go to 613 mil don’t go any lower with the stands because you won’t be able to get the height so we’re just managing quite well here at home we

Don’t have a hoist but we’re still getting by just for safety it’s a good idea to put your tyres under your vehicle comparing the old to the new the efs springs are by far a heavier duty spring i’m just removing the bolt out of the sway bar i’ve got the diff jacked up so if i remove this bolt it’s just going to allow the disc to drop a bit more so we can get

Those springs out now i’m going to pull the spring out so i can actually get a bit of movement with the diff so i can just lower the diff a bit straight out the back and there we go just springs out i’ve just got that spring into position so there we go twist it round make sure the rubber on top hasn’t slipped twist it into position and that’s in position

In the right spot looking good put the nut and bolt back in for the sway bar here goes back quite easy just put the top bolts in for the shockies long extension makes it a little bit easier to get up in there so i’ll just do tighten them up a little bit at a time one each side all right i’m just doing up the bottom bolt now for the shockie at the rear this

Is the last bolt so it’s pretty much done the whole suspension kit it’s looking pretty good can’t wait to give it a test drive this afternoon that’s nice and tight she’s done the efs kit is on the 80 series now it took about three and a half hours to do i only put a two inch lift kit on but it’s given me about four inches which is just going to be perfect i

Didn’t want to go too high i just want to have the happy medium i’m pretty happy with it let’s go and give it a run the 80 series has come a long way and it’s finally completed a couple of months ago faded paint in totally original condition to how it looks today i’m impressed the stages i’ve taken to get this old girl back to life the paint job the arb bar

The rims and tires the efs suspension kit it’s made a look how it is today

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Toyota 80's Series Land Cruiser – RESTORATION By Unknown Road Adventures Australia