Toyota Avalon Hybrid – Driven’s Mark McNabb spends a week with the 2015 Toyota Avalon Hybrid decked out in Limited trim.

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen mark mcnab here with another episode top speed garage this week i’m coming to you and something very luxurious you had very fuel-efficient and that is the 2015 toyota avalon this avalon is the limited trim so it does come with quite a bit of extra features that make it a nice riding car but before we get into all of that let’s

Talk about how it looks so on the outside well it is not a bad looking car at all it was redesigned for 2013 and actually this is the last year for this body style actually because in 2016 toyota is bringing up a revised version now it doesn’t look too different the grille is gonna be a lot larger but other than that everything else pretty much looks the same on

That 2016 now for 2015 you know like i say it really isn’t a bad looking car all the proportions seem to be right it just it seems to evoke a kind of a stately manner this is kind of like the replacement for the town car i feel like it’s just a gentlemen’s car enough set on the inside things are laid out pretty nicely i really like the dash and how it looks fit

And finishes spot-on as very toyota esque in here all the buttons are right where you would expect them to be i’ve got that 7-inch intune infotainment system works pretty good as with every intern system i do say that it is starting to look a little dated but it does work well now complaints wise there’s not a few is there’s not many but i do have to say the hvac

System here does work good but i sometimes inadvertently changed that when i’m trying to touch the radio and i don’t even know i’ve done it until i start getting hot and i’ve turned the a/c off so that’s a minor complaint there visibility is really good out of the car i’ve got good windows good mirrors and i’ve got a cool sunshade in the back that’s pretty neat

Keeps keeps sun off the back passengers and also have a nice center of yours too so let’s talk about the engine and what makes this car different from a regular avalon now this is the hybrid version so you get a 2.5 liter 4 cylinder and that is made into a cvt transmission now all tolled output is right at 200 horsepower it’s not too bad it actually sounds way

Less than what this car feels like it has and it also has evey sport and eco mode i’ve been driving 99% of the time in eco mode and it doesn’t kill the car too awful much in fact if you just drive it like that you think that’s how it drives it’s pretty responsive actually put it in sport mode after driving an eco mode for a while and the thing just like a rocket

Actually it’s not too bad and the throttle does get a lot more responsive in that mode of course so what do you get with a hybrid package well some darn good fuel economy the epa rates this at a 39 highway in 40 city florie combined now i got to take this on a nice long road trip about 1,500 miles round-trip and on my way up to my destination i was taking it nice

And easy i was getting right at 40 miles per gallon on the highway when i wasn’t pushing it now pushing it about 80 on the interstate and kind of having a little fun around town i have gotten 36 even mpg now that’s combined yeah i don’t think that’s too bad even though it is below the epa numbers 36 is still pretty good for a full-size sedan of this caliber so

I’m not going to complain about it at all so driving the car things happen just as you would expect it’s very smooth and gradual as with any toyota hybrid the cvt as long as you’re not getting into it feels okay it’s nice and smooth there’s very very little engine noise at all and road noise is mostly contained unless you’re on rough pavement otherwise the car is

A pleasure to drive on center field with the steering is good it weights up nice and heavily in the corners and these seats power heated and cooled it’s just a nice riding smooth car and it worked out so perfectly for my long road trip and there’s there’s no complaints ride wise this car besides the hvac system my only other complaint would be i wish that my tft

Display in the centre – was a little bit larger and i got to kind of change some of the menus there or change how it looks all told 2015 avalon works well but you’re gonna pay for it base price is right at 36,000 that’s for the base base avalon hybrid now if you’re getting into the limited you’re gonna start paying into the 40s my tester with some options on it

Decks out at forty five five so forty five thousand dollars for this full luxury toyota you’re going to get any more larger than this you’re gonna have to jump to lexus so you know you’re gonna pay for that and that’s expected so but let me know what you guys think in the comments below whether you would shell out forty five thousand dollars for this or whether

You jump into the lexus brand me i kind of like it i kind of like the hybrid system works well it’s good on the highway decent on gas so i’d give it a name let me go let me know what you guys think in the comments so have a great week and happy motoring take it easy guys

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Toyota Avalon Hybrid – Driven By TopSpeed