In toyota cambry hybrid it costs 600 64 thousand 300 mexican pesos and it has no competition it does not compete with the honda accord because it is in other price leagues it does not compete with the nissan altima because it is in other price leagues it does not compete with the central top of the range because it is not a hybrid, above all it does not compete with the

Mazda6 or with the volkswagen passat or with the ford fusion because all of those have already stopped being produced and sold on the market, that is, it exists in a category by itself and although the change is a first world vehicle the question that arises is why the hell buy a sedan and not better a uvi with this money and we are going to assume that you are still one

Of those people who prefers to buy a medium sedan that a is good this is what what do you get when he does n’t budge 9- inch screen blown up with physical shortcuts on the sides volume knobs air conditioning vents down here i really like their placement because i can point them right at my face dual zone air conditioning further down we have a wireless charging bay 2 volt

Outlet usb port gear lever i like that the grip is small it’s comfortable and we pull it to the left here it goes into sport mode with manual type changes is this here it is worth mentioning the three driving modes the eco mode normal mode and the sport mode there is also break hold and then there is the electric vehicle mode if you toyota cambry hybrid can be driven with

A vehicle 100 % electric as long as you have more than 50% in the battery it works from 0 to 45 kilometers per hour of speed when excel is automatically deactivated and enters the normal hybrid mode cambre and it also stands out for its excellent safety for its price and it’s bags air my head explodes when i think about it 1618 10 air bags plus reinforced steel frames

And excellent test scores collision as if that were not enough, it also stands out for its advanced radar features, frontal collision mitigation with semi-autonomous braking, in addition to that there are lane departure alerts, lane preservation assistance, audio controls on the steering wheel, adaptive cruise speed control, voice commands. volume another thing that i

Really like is the color digital display up here in the instrument cluster with analog speedometer of a power status indicator because i have no other way of saying it where it’s going to tell you if the battery is charging or if you’re driving efficiently or if you’re driving powerfully let’s say it like that if i like to see this thing here because i regularly want to

Get the maximum efficiency out of it especially a hybrid vehicle with i bring a little bit here we can see if the energy comes out of the batteries or the combustion engine or even that we are doing some kind of rege nerative you also have to call the huge reverse with this screen i am fascinated by a couple of different views like a wide angle fisheye you can activate or

Deactivate the different patterns also the patterns are dynamic another detail that i love is that the direction has good firmness is not so difficult either to move well that balance that feels like you are on board a medium sedan of a higher segment vehicle and that pleases me another detail that should be noted is that the audio in this version is affirmed by jb he is a

High quality sound detail that i also love they have android auto and the integration of android auto in this case is very simple there are people who are going to say it is very simple in all cars i do not know that it is not that easy in all connected cars with your android auto vehicle and already for this price i would always love for you to learn wired still the fact

That it is wired doesn’t bother me as long as it is co connect as fast as we just did maps podcast telegram messenger everything you need to have at your fingertips with a on a big screen and with the vibrant colors very nice good contrast the 600 are huge good the seats especially are thick the you can see the backrest here and they feel like pigs there are soft finishes

Here on the top also on the top these soft materials also help reduce noise, vibrations and those things a bit of piano black which is not my hit , however it seems to me that it is in a fairly moderate dose as well as this beautiful and true one that emulates wood plus soft materials on the sides of the doors, in addition the steering wheel is covered in leather or bleu

Leather because toyota is a company committed to the environment and with no animal of his life to manufacture his vehicles so if you are vegan vegetarian this is the channel for you to enter on top of that you have to mark where you can s put your cameras the trunk is huge it’s gigantic the space in the back seat is also quite spacious because it ‘s a medium sedan and

They just don’t make them anymore so this is a segment of cars that over time i don’t know if it’s going to to disappear but there are very, very few left and the core, being a hybrid, is the only one of its kind, at least for now, david, how are you? we’re just glad to have you here in the program, we already have an idea of ​​how much the core costs and how to pay

For another, well it has people behind it we have different types of financing a traditional plan value plan and plan with annuities which you can manage from 10% down payment to a term of up to 72 months translate melo pesos carnal in this case change and it costs 600 64 300 you can manage it with a down payment of 64,300 pesos so cheap so cheap but the monthly payment is

More expensive and exactly the less down payment we give, the monthly payment will be a little more and plus or minus a visual as to how much would be around 12 thousand 13 thousand paid i thought that there is not like 15 or 20 left or it is not so stained, that is, it is not that i have 12 or 13 thousand pesos left over, i thought it would be higher that and the interest

Rate that we handle, the truth is that it is quite competitive, besides that, there are other ways to get change, it has to be force with the home finance company, you cannot take it in cash, i can also arrive with a suitcase with 600 thousand pesos we have a regular cash limit but otherwise it cannot be strong the experience that has happened here in sinaloa in a carmen

Surprises me very difficult to apply a credit in toyota the truth is that it is very easy we only need what is film proof address and three months of account statement to be able to buy income and obviously have the income to reach this whiskey is abdomen now talking about this whiskey the change is cool i’m on antado has no competition there is no other hybrid car in

This price range and the medium sedans of various brands have already disappeared the mazda6 the volkswagen passat has disappeared by fusion in the kia optima for example the only thing that remains in the already established brands may be honda accord nissan altima and i can’t think of another one because not even malibu or hewlett if we compare the price of this hybrid

Change it would hardly be enough to buy the basic accord you would have to put a little more on it to buy the basic altima for this price you could run a hub equipped is efficient and has good power but it doesn’t have the fuel efficiency that cambridge has and it doesn’t have the 200 horsepower and the combined 300 pound-feet of torque that this cambridge hybrid has and

The 10 air and everything others, that is, on that side, it is a very complete car, it has no competition against what people compare it to when they come asking for one there are many clients who have come from mercedes to what is cando and mercedes central mercedes from the outset of course the main reason is resale value especially in the segment of premium cars such

As mercedes such as audi such as b&w you buy their basic range and resale value falls faster than its high end because they are not the most desirable of those brands awards regardless of whether people like toyota’s design or not because it is already a process of personal taste toyota’s reliability reputation from toyota it is unquestionable they asked me how is the

Fuel economy right now it is giving us real 20.8 kilometers per liter of city 3 on board with more less moderate driving habits i am trying to stay here within the coss range i had the eco mode off it is on normal mode press the eco button and up here and the eco mode appears and i can also activate the mode and i also saw here here we are circulating exclusively sively

With lava energy the internal combustion engine has a generator that feeds the battery but it is also connected to the wheels here the combustion engine is feeding the wheels and generating current for the battery and if i put bottom foot here it comes out of the battery and of the internal combustion engine and it kicks hard, of course, they are the two motors working,

Above all the electric motor producer that welcomes you to smile in this brief second that it asks and hold is on that side in driving sensations i think that if it takes a shot with the honda accord a but because you compare it with adwords and this is a book for the matter of driving sensations there is a contribution version with a 2.0 turbo engine that is brutal it is

An engine that fascinates me in the honda accord and it obviously pushes very hard i do not remember if it is in others you find it from the basic equation of cordoned off however every time he handled that chord with this 2.0 turbo engine i smile and have fun with mo in nano because the sensations are extremely intense while here instead the sensations are docile as long

As i keep this needle in the green part that says echo but if i wanted explosiveness i can put sport mode and step on it there is the kick and it adds up the power of the combustion engine with the power of the electric motor excellent thrust and incredible stability due to the size of the cambridge because it is a mid-size sedan obviously the suspension has been adapted

For the additional weight of the battery and so on and although there are people who would go the additional battery is going to be heavier it’s not such a big battery and it’s also placed like here in the center so the load is very well distributed throughout the vehicle the steering is super good god you have maximum fuel efficiency for a vehicle of its size if you

Drive it 2 in the city and whatever you want and also on the highway but if you ask for power of age p ower and that my people has no price well if it has a price obviously the performance of the fuel that goes to the ground i think i care if i have these driving sensations ha ha yes yes yes yes yes yes and all day yes by god and with him performance i will allow you i

Went to 12 points 6 kilometers per liter although it is still quite good because if i did the same with a chord i would go to 8 kilometers per liter or 10 put it and it improves again when i start driving smoothly like now it’s super good it doesn’t lack it has no competition what do you think if we go to the questions and answers section angel arauz effect from 0 to 100

How many kilometers can we do without having to charge it the same is the feeling that an electric car gives you and if you prefer it instead of a gasoline one that the battery was completely full in electric vehicle mode or how many kilometers it travels is the truth that it is an excellent question we understand that making your approval we don’t know why the vehicle is

Designed above all to be a hybrid. what i can tell you is based on my own clients in the city. it is giving at least 18 kilometers per liter. i think that it can easily get 20 or 20. i have clients. that they already have about two or three years with their hybrids and they are already giving them 23 to 24 kilometers per liter air conditioning driving conditions in the city

Of mazatlan nothing else for a vehicle of this size only changes trobada i think it’s worth it for people who drive a lot javier hernández between civil and change and which one would i choose a game that depends on whether i saw that it is a smaller segment it is a lower price it does not have this top-of-the-range hybrid version that has changes and i compare civic with

Cambre and traditional possibly you call me for the sensations of emotion of the traditional civic however when we factor in the hybrid axle with the more than 300 pound-feet of torque of its two engines combined this is the one that is more exciting to drive no roberto olivera hello whats up gonzalo i would like to know how long the hybrid engines have been alive and if

They are difficult to maintain and how much time does the hybrid engine have left to change a time of day without you having to spend a single position before me for at least 20 years because it is an engine that is sealed the electrical part of the engine and the indian system is the service they do to what is the combustion engine no to the electric motor and how much

Time is left for the change and hopefully many are already hungry new generation since 2000 18 grenades the performance utility safety and others if compared to the toyota corolla hybrid which is the best has more air bags and is more i’m sure when i tried the poro the hybrid in the city we got 27 to 30 kilometers per liter because with the hybrid it is smaller and lighter

This is a different segment but if this one is already giving 19.5 real kilometers per liter is not negligible iván gonzález what performance does it have in the city how much life does the battery have what accessories do they have or in terms of performance we have already mentioned it several times the battery has a time of 10 to 15 years without having problems it

Does not mean that the battery will stop working it will tend to discharge a little faster than normal what is the advantage with these new batteries that you can change them for cells that is much cheaper with tv and height it has from the ground to a stop or fence with the five and what is the ground clearance of 14.5 centimeters and nothing else what do you think let’s

Continue to the perfect service of course he said leave me comfortable in what the future is anyway esports 3 2 1 acceleration there it is today the transmission does not ask my god how good is the suspension and the steering feels like a bullet i want to keep running it all day new push more push im going to want to d what is the first thing is to do the top speed test

And the second is that they release it for more time in the city so that we can do a more in-depth performance test in conditions of all parts of the city

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