Toyota COROLLA CROSS Hybrid 2022

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Welcome to channel my friends hope you are well in today’s video let’s take a look at another car toyota corolla cross is a compact crossover suv c segment produced by the japanese automaker toyota since 2020 it was first unveiled in thailand in july 2020 with nice pug dog styling also available with hybrid powertrain the 2022 toyota corolla cross appears ready

To take crossover sales war 169 horsepower four cylinder lies under hood and can be set up to a front or all-wheel drive setup a hybrid powertrain will join to line up for next 2023 year corolla cross is located between the smaller chr and the larger rav4 which puts it in a familiar category with rivals such as the kia celtos jeep compass and nissan rogue sport

Mechanically crosses related to the corolla sedan and hatchback drivers who drives corolla sedan will instantly know their way around since the interior is a straight lift from sedan 2022 toyota corolla cross is an excellent choice if you like mini suvs because this one offers great fuel efficiency and reliable performance the model has a new exterior shape and

Sits higher up making it easy to see your surroundings much much better another news to this model is the addition of the hybrid powertrain corolla cross is available in three trim levels l la and xle all are with the 169 horsepower four-cylinder engine joined to a continuously variable automatic transmission front-wheel drive comes standard while all-wheel

Drive is optional here you can see table what toyota offers between trims no so for now acceleration was lazy and that the engine sounded buzzy particularly at high revs when hybrid powertrain becomes an option in 2023 it will be more power the corolla crosses ride is agreeable though so buyers seeking comfort will be satisfied drive it within

Reason and crawl across delivers impressive fuel consumption in urban conditions 6.1 liters per 100 kilometers while the highway road trip has an average of 5.6 liters slash 100 kilometers that’s not bad because this is almost mid-sized vehicle that weighs around 1385 kilograms the small gap between urban and rural consumption inside everyone will feel like it

Is home dashboard layout interior materials and convenience features are nearly simply located out of the corolla crosses dashboard sprouts a square infotainment display this same setup is used in several current toyota models which offer 7.0 and 8.0 inch displays corolla cross uses the current version of toyota’s infotainment interface which isn’t particularly

Modern but is fairly straightforward apple carplay android auto and sirius xm satellite radio will all be standard but wireless smartphone charging rear seat usb charging ports and a jbl stereo system are optional to buy if you are wondering what about safety and driver assistance features the 2022 corolla cross has passed many types of safety tests and earned

Very high scores this is an offer standard automated emergency braking with pedestrian detection standard lane departure warning standard adaptive cruise control the boot is as large as you could expect from a modern family car and with the adjustable rear seats with folded back you can load large and bulky items the cockpit area is largely copy of what you find

In the corolla hatchback and sedan the dashboard isn’t amazing but it’s pretty well organized touchscreen infotainment system is easy to operate and it’s flanked by buttons and knobs that allow you to avoid menu digging on the screen

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Toyota COROLLA CROSS Hybrid 2022 By MrEsko