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We all know how a hybrid car works. How does does it really work in the Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid? When is it on EV mode? When does the internal combustion engine kick in? Is it economical? Why is the fuel tan so small? Is it enough? Let Eu Jin explain.

Foreign the first and last time i drove the toyota corolla cross hybrid was when we took it to penang for a road trip through highways and back roads and at the end i was quite impressed at how fuel efficient it was we started the journey with over 500 kilometers of driving range and when we arrived there was still a quarter tank of fuel left with about 90

Kilometers of driving range fuel consumption was 7.3 liters per 100 kilometers numbers that will make most people go hmm not bad you can check out that vlog to find out more about the rest of the car but in this one we’re going to briefly look at how the corolla cross hybrid achieve such figures the hybrid version of the corolla cross is equipped with the

Latest fourth generation toyota hybrid system but before we go into how it operates let’s first look at the components that make up this system foreign firstly you have a 1.8 liter naturally aspirated engine a power control unit an electric motor generator underneath it some batteries at the back and a power split device that splits power generated from the engine

To either charge the batteries or to drive the car depending on the driving condition at the very center of it is a new power control unit that controls the distribution of electricity to the components all these combine to charge the nickel metal hydrate battery that’s now more compact yet energy dense the position low down under the seats not only for a lower

Center of gravity but also to maintain good space back here boot space is similar to the one in the non-hybrid version at 440 liters the only compromise is the fuel tank 37 liters in this and 47 liters in the non-hybrid version but as you have seen in our road trip video to penang it hasn’t affected the car’s ability to travel far at all when your stationary

Neither the engine or the electric motor is running to reduce energy consumption but when you start driving you set off in ev mode so what you get is instant smooth and effortless low speed acceleration and of course you don’t use any fuel i actually find these visuals quite useful makes me want to keep the car in ev mode as much as possible and drive it in such

A way that it charges the battery as often as possible when you pick up a little more speed the engine kicks in you feel it but it’s not intrusive with engine and electric power working together you get this effortless acceleration especially from 40 to 80 kilometers an hour without the engine having to go and because the engine doesn’t have to go ah there’s less

Burden on it it doesn’t have to work so hard and as a result it consumes less fuel when it’s in power mode official figures say that it’s 2.1 seconds faster from 0 to 50 1.7 seconds faster from 0 to 80 and 0.9 seconds faster from 0 to 100 compared to the non-hybrid model when the car is being driven by the engine it also charges the battery to make full use of the

Energy it has produced there are also nvh benefits because the engine doesn’t have to go toyota release figures saying that it’s 6 decibels quieter in the hybrid during hard acceleration and 4 decibels quieter when cruising at 60 kilometers an hour compared to the non-hybrid model what i’ve noticed from observing the visuals on the multi-information display over

The last few days is that energy hardly ever goes to waste i constantly notice the image of electric power going to the battery whether i’m accelerating and lifting off whether i’m coasting whether i’m braking or even during engine braking as a result there’s always power in the battery when it has to be in ev mode for low speed driving and if the batteries have

Enough charge you can even hit the ev mode switch and keep it in purely electric car mode for a short distance you know those final kilometers of driving just before you reach the office or just before you reach home low speed driving conditions stop go traffic you’re slowing down for speed bumps and then accelerating again you’re braking hard for food delivery

Riders and then accelerating again those driving conditions actually use a lot of energy consuming more fuel but with this in those driving conditions so far it has never not been in ev mode so it doesn’t use any fuel this is actually one of the very few cars i’ve reviewed where applying my own sometimes enthusiastic driving style i can still get a few consumption

Rating that’s not only quite low but also very close to the numbers advertised by the manufacturer on a side note in terms of handling having the batteries mounted low down beneath the rear seats along with the tnga chassis the car does offer quite a lot of assurance from behind the wheel it does feel very stable and very confidence inspiring for what it is so

There you have it guys the operations of the fourth generation toyota hybrid system in the new corolla cross hybrid i hope you picked up a thing or two from this video and perhaps understand a little better how the system works i’ll see you bye

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