Toyota Corolla hybrid 30k mile service

Watch as I go step by step thru the 30k mile service on

I’m about to do the 30 000 mile service on my 2020 toyota corolla brothers shop here in northern new york and uh let’s get started here’s a list of the part numbers i used for the 30 000 mile service oil filter air filter and cabin air i don’t yet have the part number but i will so my receipt the parts main stuck my new drain plug washer and the oil filter

But i don’t have the part number to it i’ll get it and put it on before i put it up on the lift i just want to show you guys just how clean this thing keeps the engine off now i ordinarily would never go this far on oil but i did do the toyota recommended 10 000 mile interval this time i’m not going to do it again i’m going to do it just to send off the oil

Sample but just to get an idea this is 10 000 miles anywhere trying to get the focus i gotta tell you it’s still clean it’s visually clean it doesn’t even look dirty and trying to get a focus here let’s focus on the wrong stuff i mean if you told me to have 3000 miles on it i believe it my truck is a 2020 f-150 with an ecoboost engine no exaggeration the

Oil is dirtier in that truck on a thousand miles and this thing is in ten thousand so that was one of the reasons i just wasn’t in a hurry to change it so we’ll get it up in the air we’ll go through the 30 000 mile service we’ll send the whale off to blackstone and we’ll see what they say it’s been about a year since i changed oil that that was the 20 000 mile

Service and i didn’t do it toyota did that was uh part of the uh toyota care that was included with the car and that’s the only reason it was done there so this time it’s gonna be me we’re gonna do the air filter that’s right here so let’s get going we’re almost there it actually got serviced a little earlier at the rest of the services so we’re we’re due 25

000 mile service is only a tire rotation fluid check and um this one’s going to be the oil change before i pull the skid plate let me show you something like i mentioned the toyota dealer changed it last it’s not a big deal but this aggravates me this isn’t supposed to be like this this tab sorry about that this tab is supposed to be up inside of this not

On the bottom but that’s what you get when you get dealer service sometimes they don’t care and the lube techs are offered young guys and that’s great they don’t work their way up sometimes they don’t care there’s no big deal it’s just an oil change but that doesn’t have to be it’s okay to take pride in your work last one now this should hold itself up but it

Won’t because of that trying to grab it here all right nothing leaking i’m gonna start with the oil filter uh not bad for 10 000 miles you’re going to get more oil life out of it shoes tight okay i’m gonna stop it here i want to get a sample take an oil sample off of here so go off to blackstone we’ll see what they say there we go anywhere else what they’re

Going on again there’s a new part number here’s a new one nine oh nine one yzzn1 that supersedes the old part number it’s been over half an hour oil still draining there’s the old washer there we go and here’s the new one that’ll go right on new drain plug washer we’ll torque it down final step torque wrench to 28 foot pounds that’s that spray it down with

A little parts cleaner reinstall the cover and it comes down see that goes in look at that didn’t take much to put on right did it rotate tires just do inspection on the brakes these are over here they have an aluminum rim with a hubcap over them these are so nice to work on after working on heavy trucks all the time it’s the second time i’m gonna trouble get

These wheels off when i did the first service for myself at 25 000 miles all four tires were frozen on if you look you can see there’s corrosion all around the center of the hub and i don’t drive this car in the snow i don’t drive it when the roads are wet in the winter and it’s kept in the garage and i figure what’s happening is these wheels have no center cap

So anything it does encounter gets in there and starts cruising between the aluminum wheel and the steel hub and brake drum and the hubcap over the top does not cover that center hole it just doesn’t so it took a big pry bar to get these off when i did it for the first time i honestly don’t think the toyota dealer rotated tires because this car like i said

It’s only been six months and i needed to beat these tires off all four so i’m not going to make an accusation but i don’t believe they did so what i do is i take a drill only takes a little bit cleans it up then i put a little bit of white lithium grease that’s it and that’ll keep it good till next time time to replace the air filter once again part number

New filter so you made my denzo this one’s real simple two clips one two you’re gonna push the unit pull it forward up there it comes a difference look down inside nothing in there put anyone in down there’s two tabs in the back slide the tabs in make sure your seal is good that’s that literally 30 seconds to a minute all right we’re about to put the new

Oil in last time i use mobil one this time i’m using stp this is uh 0 16 with the service sp rating which is the new oil rating for timing chains the it supersedes the required oil from toyota it’s a proper grade 0 16 and that’s on page 498 of your owner’s manual and the maintenance log i went through the entire list just the basics here we did all this the only

Thing we have left to do is put the oil in check it and then install the cabin filter so let’s get that done the book says it’s four and four point four quarts we’ll check you well now we started it and ran it about 20 seconds looks a little low it’s right there it’s perfect i’m gonna leave that alone we’re inside the car now we’re gonna replace the cabin air

Filter the first step is to clean the glove box out so i did the next step is to reach in and gently pull off this little stop rod if you twist a little bit it comes right off after that we’re going to squeeze in these tabs on both sides hang on i got to put this down and now it comes that exposes our cabin air filter and from here it’s just a simple matter

Of removing replacing to get this out there’s little tabs here you simply squeeze in on them the cover comes off and it’s got an upside just pull out and it’s that simple replace with the new one reverse all right we got to remove the old cabin air filter from the frame and looks to me like these simply get pulled around it comes up and out and we’re just

Going to do the same thing squeeze down we got the clean one ready to put in you can see here it says up nothing in there this thing’s parked in the garage if it was full of leaves or debris that would be the time to clean that stuff out when you install this it tells you up and that’s because there’s two tabs down here that are gonna slide in on the bottom

Let that hold up in place that’s why they want that like that slip those in that’s it we’re done it’s that simple and we’re gonna pick up our door reinstall our stop after we push these in put our garbage back in our glove box and we’re done the final step after you’re done with your oil change is to go in and reset your oil life and down to vehicle settings

Long press on okay schedule maintenance press ok reset date data yes reset complete back button you’re all set that’s it we’re done here and the last step is to put through maintenance sticker up you

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Toyota Corolla hybrid 30k mile service By John DiMartino