Toyota Engineer Says No More GRs?

What is the Toyota product you’d like to see as a GR?

We just got some of the most exciting toyota sports cars in recent history and now we’re faced with the reality that they could be going away welcome to downshift my name is matt for the behind the car reviews we put that on a separate channel now it’s called downshift reviews i’ll leave a link down in the description please go sub if you want to go see that this

Channel will continue to be studio based news and industry information now until fairly recently the only sporty toyota that you could buy was the 86 which is an exceptional sports car and it’s affordable but there was nothing really else to graduate to within toyota’s lineup then of course we got the supra which was an easy to understand step up from the 86 so boom

Now we live in a world where we have a sporty subaru and a sporty bmw in the toyota lineup life is good assuming you’re not a purist snob and then toyota drops the forbidden fruit overseas the rally homologated gr yaris and this is the first time we’ve seen a sporty ground up toyota and it comes with a three-cylinder i love weird cars three cylinders that’s wacky

As hell i’m all about it but alas it’s not available in north america it’s also limited run and super expensive then fast forward a couple of years and honda begins their year-long teaser roll out of their new type r and during that teasing rollout toyota drops the gr corolla which as we know takes the gr yaris and hides it under corolla sheet metal 300 horsepower

All-wheel drive people are losing their minds it’s awesome oh and by the way that happened like yesterday like journalists just drove this thing last month if you’re a normie a normal person you can’t even get your hands on one of these things yet they are not on lots and when they do they’re going to be expensive marked up and then comes news today from the chief

Engineer of the gr86 that no more gr models are planned how can you do this to to us toyota ‘s like that toxic ex-boyfriend or girlfriend that’s great in bed but then steals your money as they’re heading out before you wake up in the next morning they give us exceptional cars and then they just dip however it’s not all bad the quote is a bit ambiguous and doesn’t

Say the current lineup of gr models will go away simply that they don’t have more models planned aka not something like a gr camry sports sedan toyota did do their best to ease our burden then by saying well don’t worry we’re going to give you a gr sport model lineup we all know what that means it’s basically like a camry or avalon trd just normal looking camry or

Avalon but with an exaggerated batman body kit we simply need to look to the hyundai end line to see the future of the gr sport lineup sorry toyota that’s not it that’s not what we’re looking for the problem is i bet they’ll sell a bunch of these things the camryn avalon trd didn’t sell many but you can bet your ass that a gr sport rav4 that thing’s going to move

How this translates to evs or hybrids we’re not quite sure of course but in other news i’m toyota you know the master chief over at toyota has been expressing his frustration in the mandate towards ev in america like i get it but at the same time other manufacturers have had to deal with this transition and toyota is the biggest manufacturer on the planet so don’t

Pretend you don’t have the funds or resources to be on top of this toyota moved the game forward with their prius decades ago and then they just chilled and now they’re salty that they’re victim of their own game can you can you just imagine though like a gr pr prius i would i would literally buy one just because it would be ridiculous so anyway the future of the

86 the supra and the corolla seems safe for now of course in gr form but there are no plans to expand the lineup currently so i guess the final question that we’ll ask here is which vehicle in toyota’s lineup would you like to see a gr version of to me i think of gr forerunner would be hilarious but leave it down in the comments we’ll see in the next one foreign

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Toyota Engineer Says No More GRs?! By Downshift Studios