Toyota GR Supra 2022 Review

Toyota GR Supra 2022 Review

2022 toyota supra the car that toyota just resurrected from the dead is a perfect illustration of the difference between you and better the new 2022 toyota supra is new but not better it might be better who knows but it’s almost certainly not going to be as good as the original hi there friends and welcome back before we begin today’s show you may want to turn on

The notification bell and click the subscribe button for more videos like this welcome to techspot the supra we know and love will return for the 2022 model year after a 5 liter v8 making 539 horsepower which is a significant increase from the current model but it’ll also have an optional 3 litre twin-turbo v6 making a still unspecified number of ponies it’ll

Also come in a new gt trim which will be more focused on track driving and less on daily drivability the supra’s platform is based on the same scalable architecture as the toyota 86 or subaru brz twins so we’re expecting the gt to be about an inch lower than the standard car and to have a little more than an inches worth of extra wheelbase the gt will come with

Stiffer suspension tuning and some kind of performance pack that will include different tyres bigger brakes and whatever else toyota decides to throw in there the new supra will have a turbocharged 6-cylinder engine and an 8-speed automatic transmission the engine will be the same size as the one in the bmw z4 but it will deliver more power and torque however

It would also have an optional 2-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine with a manual transmission similar to the one in the lexus rcf both engines will be available with all-wheel drive the supra’s body will be made of aluminum and carbon fiber which will help reduce its weight it will also be about 45 percent stiffer than the previous supra’s body which should

Make it handle better though toyota hasn’t said how it might have changed as suspension or steering to achieve this improvement the supra’s underpinnings will also be used for a new lexus model that toyota calls a flagship sports car indicating it could cost more than fifty thousand dollars also there will be a super limited edition run of 600 supras called the

A90 edition it will be exclusive to toyota dealers in japan and all buyers will have to sign an agreement saying they won’t export them overseas or release any information about them to anyone outside japan this 2022 supra will be a 50 000 car and the limited edition one will be about twice as much it will have a little more power some other slight performance

Enhancements and slightly better looks when you buy the limited edition you will get a little plaque to show that you bought it you can’t opt for the slightly better looks instead they will come with the plaque so why would anyone pay fifty thousand dollars for a supra two reasons because it is a toyota supra and because it has a plaque you’ll also notice that the

A91 carbon fiber edition comes with a large rear wing which is complemented by air curtains at the front and rear to help reduce turbulence and drag these are especially important in that the 2023 gtr race car will not be homologated for road use so supras will not be available with a wing that’s right folks the a91 carbon fiber edition is the last supra you can

Drive to the track and take racing the new model has been designed to have all the performance of the current a90 supra turbo but with improved fuel economy and lower co2 emissions through weight savings and increased use of carbon fiber this necessitated a redesign of all parts of the car’s bodywork to accommodate the new materials as you can see these changes

Include new front fenders doors quarter panels trunk lids and bumpers made from carbon fiber the roof is now made from magnesium making it both lighter and stronger than before the result is a car that’s more than 80 pounds lighter than its predecessor with a 2-litre turbocharged i4 based on the sr20 ve of nissan the supra has always been a car that’s defined

By how it’s different from its rivals even when it was a toyota the a80 supra stood out as the only affordable sports car on the market with a straight six engine and to this day the new super is again one of just two affordable cars alongside its brother the bmw z4 that offer a flat plane crank v8 wrapping your head around that may help you understand why we’re

So excited about this new generation it’s not just that it’s finally here it’s what it brings to the table the 5 litre v8 in this super is nothing like what you’d find in any other toyota the 3 litre 6 cylinder in the supra isn’t like anything else in their lineup either this supra isn’t just unique among toyotas though it’s unique among modern mainstream sports

Cars period whichever the reason there are still big hopes for the super in 2019 and 2022 when toyota is planning an even hotter version called the a91cf the a91cf is meant to answer criticism that the supra is too tame or too much like other cars it applies the same changes as the previous update but makes them more extreme and instead of adding a bunch of new

Colors to choose from toyota has added two whole new colors phantom matte gray and absolute zero white there is also the nitro yellow these choices should make it stand out from everything else on the road for the engines the a91cf will be sold with a choice of two engines the base engine is a two liter turbocharged inline-four producing 400 horsepower and 350

Pound foot of torque and the top engine is a three liter twin turbocharged inline-six rated at 500 horsepower and 481 pound-feet it has 8-speed automatic transmission and all-wheel drive as standard they keep the steering wheel in front of the driver but they made it smaller than any other car they’ve made since the 1930s to save on materials in addition to

Reducing weight they’ve also eliminated the need for a center console by mounting controls flush into the dashboard they also reduced interior door handles to one per side to reduce weights by eliminating excess hardware the a91cf’s platform is composed of a carbon fiber monocoque structure with ultra high strength steel sections for mounting suspension parts

And other hardware where needed the body panels are made from woven carbon fiber material produced by martin rhea international incorporated a peek inside the cockpit reveals an interior that features sport pedals an exclusive red and black alcantara and leather colourway with red stitching and a new carbon fiber trimmed steering wheel toyota also says that the

Supra 7 inch display will feature high resolution color lcd touch panels at the top of each center stack whatever that means it will also feature standard apple carplay and android auto as well as wireless charging which could mean it’ll support the qi standard or toyota’s own wireless charging system tucked between those two screens is a new analog tachometer

With a 3d design and bright orange numbers which looks straight out of the 80s the automatic transmission shifter gets its leather boot to make it look more like a manual transmission shifter and as always there are lots of buttons to control everything else you could want in a car hvac controls heated seats fog lights and so on while the supra’s sporty handling

Is certainly welcome nhtsa found the cars with a manual transmission remained much more efficient than their automatic counterparts between 2021 and 2022 car makers were able to shave fuel consumption by using lighter materials but the discovery of a small gap between the supra’s gas pedal and the actual pedal in the driver’s foot well led to a recall in addition

Every buyer of the 2022 supra gets a one-year membership to the national auto sport association nasa a high performance driving organization that sanctions club racing and autocross events among other activities toyota plans for its new supra to be fully autonomous by 2024 also nasa hpde high performance driving events are held at various tracks around the country

And are conducted under the guidance of a nasa official the experience ranges from on-track instruction to advanced driving clinics to racing events while you’re on track you will be instructed by some of the best drivers and coaches in the country who will teach you how to handle your car safely at speed you can also skip the track and take part in one of the

Car show tours where you’ll see everything from vintage street rods to exotics like ferrari enzo and pagani huayra what’s included in a nasa membership if you’re looking for some fun in your life that won’t cost a fortune or take time away from your day job nasa is for you with that we come to the end of today’s video tell us what you think about the new toyota

Supra a90 why don’t you let us know in the comments section and don’t forget to hit the like and subscription button to get notified when a new video is out bye for now so you

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