Toyota GR86 Sports Car DRIFTING Warranty Has Been HONORED..

Toyota GR86 Sports Car DRIFTING Warranty Has Been HONORED..

You’ve got to agree with us on this one when you’ve got a performance vehicle you definitely can’t resist the urge to test out the limits of your ride and well just two weeks ago toyota released an official state that they’re not going to honor the drifting warranty claim only to take that statement back completely after some online backlash so what really happened

Let’s kick start this video and find out first off let’s talk about blake who started this fiasco alright so not everyone’s going to be irresponsible and start drifting their cars on busy city streets or down highways instead they’re going to take it to the track and test out their ride with that said just because you’re doing the right thing doesn’t mean there

Aren’t going to be terrible consequences and one such man found out the hard way after toyota refused to honor the factory warranty on his gr 86 coupe now this guy blake alvarado took it to social media where he talked about his struggle after buying the 2022 model in january which was just a few months ago in fact all he wanted to do with the car was use it

As a daily driver and maybe sometimes take it to some autocross events for the fun of it and a lot of people do that so probably not a big deal right wrong now toyota definitely has a reputation for reliability one that it’s gotta keep so anyone can understand why alvarado was surprised when on july 10th he found out that his car suffered engine failure from oil

Starvation yep we know that engine is really from subaru but you’re still not gonna expect such a thing especially when it’s only been 13 770 miles on the clock and right after the engine was disassembled they found out the cylinder number four bearings failed in fact alvarado claims that they found gray sealant in the oil pickup saying it was a known defect now the

Question is does the warranty cover the engine work well you’d expect it to be covered but little did we know that there was a loophole here someone actually looked up alvarado on social media and then a dealership employee showed a photo of him in his toyota gr 86 at a test and tune event back in march and in the photo it seems like the coop was drifting through a

Turn in fact he also said that they pulled up an onboard video of him driving another person’s gr86 and apparently drifting the car so yeah drifting was the highlight of this situation and when a field technician specialist was called they concluded that the bearing failure was a pretty common issue if the car drifted and alvarado says that the dealership service

Manager agreed with the decision and practically denied the warranty claim altogether and the estimated repair cost eleven thousand dollars obviously anyone would be upset in this situation and alvarado tried appealing the decision through toyota’s headquarters in texas sadly the preliminary decision not to honor the warranty wasn’t reversed clearly frustrated

With the decision alvarado had the car towed to a subaru shop and got a new motor installed which was estimated to cost around seven thousand dollars now we’re definitely shocked that a big job at a dealership would be almost one and a half times what another shop would charge moving on it seems like social media forced toyota to retract their decision yep that’s

Practically the next step in frustrating situations like this many claim that this was an opportunity for people to learn from his mistakes while others claim that toyota should have covered the damage under the warranty because let’s face it when you’ve got a ride like that you’re definitely going to want to show it off and take it out for a wild ride so with enough

Backlash or maybe more than expected toyota changed its mind alvarado says that his warranty claim will be approved right after he speaks with the automaker’s executive office in fact his gr86 engine will be rebuilt on toyota’s dime for now alvarado is feeling relief after a few hectic weeks where repair costs went up to 10 grand and based on his conversation with

One of toyota’s representatives alvarado should be able to use his car at future autocross and track day events without actually risking his warranty and you know what that means this isn’t a temporary one-time situation specifically directed at his car but more like a public claim that toyota’s gonna honor its drifting warranty if anything that’s great news for a

Bunch of other alvarado’s around who love drifting too and to add to all that alvarado even said that based on all the attention this got it would be pretty expected to see a few changes in the warranty claims in the near future at least for cars with the gr brand and people still want more updates about their warranty many people reached out to toyota to confirm

Whether there’ll be any changes to the performance focused vehicles warranties and sadly there are no confirmed claims yet and after all the backlash we also think toyota has this mess to deal with first now toyota handles its performance car warranties abroad pretty differently in fact the warranty on the gr sold overseas literally notes that any damage caused

By defects at an auto cross or track day event or any of the sort will be covered at the same time toyota in north america definitely doesn’t offer the same it seems kind of unfair right and whether drivers are racing on a drag strip in their muscle car or even hitting the trail in their off-roader a lot of enthusiasts are gonna face these issues with warranties

And that’s pretty frustrating and there were some alleged issues that got back to our tv which is basically the gasket material they used on the fa24 engine in the gr86 now the issue is particularly the rtv entering the vehicle’s lubrication system with that said alvarado was told that the sealant in his engine would be applied precisely to spec this time and toyota

Was asked whether they’d issue a service bulletin to their dealers regarding the excessive rtv and whether checking the engine’s lubrication system for rtv could void the owner’s warranty but again there haven’t been any official claims yet up next what’s the update for alvarado’s car well for now we know that his car won’t be back together for a couple of weeks

While it’s taken to another dealership for parts and service having said that he definitely appreciates the fact that toyota honored his warranty despite all the trouble they caused in the beginning but hey all’s well that ends well right for now he’s just happy that he won’t be punished for using his car exactly as it was marketed with that said he’s definitely

Concerned about other enthusiasts like him though because after all the fuss in the beginning the online backlash forced toyota to change its mind but was that just a special coincidence something they did in a response to the social media storm or is this a decision that’s going to affect all the toyota car owners out there well when alvarado asked what it means

For other owners a representative of the automaker said that for now it’s being looked at on a fairly high level and alvarado said it was fairly apparent marketing and the intent of the vehicle seemed to be in conflict with the actual warranty stipulations honestly we know a lot of you out there are going to agree with this and so do we all alvarado is hoping

For is that toyota gets it all figured out by the time the gr corolla comes out and a lot of other enthusiasts share this concern with that said if toyota’s going to create problems enthusiasts might start looking elsewhere that’s a pretty obvious fact because if toyota sells a sports car that customers are going to be uncomfortable taking to a track day or some

Other event that they might just look elsewhere for a new weekend ride the fact that the world’s largest automaker literally reversed its decision publicly is a pretty huge step and raises a bunch of questions right now hyundai seems to be the only automaker out there to let its basic service include non-competition activities at racing circuits while it should

Have been clear before if toyota’s making the world harder for enthusiasts they might as well shift their marketing campaigns too because that way they’re attracting the wrong audience because we definitely don’t want to see another alvarado case again now do we if anything this might be a good time for toyota to rethink its warranty claim and make a few final

Changes that actually meet their consumer’s needs fulfill the standards they’ve said in the industry and save its reputation which seems to be kind of at risk now while they’ve accommodated alvarado’s claims we’re still not sure whether they do it again for another customer on the other hand retracting their statement after some pretty serious online backlash only

To reinforce the same policy again would be a terrible step for their reputation having said that like many other enthusiasts we’re all eagerly waiting for toyota’s next official statement which is hopefully going to make these changes permanent that’s a wrap for this video what do you think about toyota’s backtrack on the drifting warranty claims let us know down

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