Toyota HYBRID reverse noise? What is it? Full explanation

Recently, many customers who have recently picked up a new Toyota hybrid vehicle have been asking. What is that noise that comes from the vehicle when it is in reverse? Some customers contact us in a panic thinking that there is something wrong with their Toyota hybrid vehicle. Whether it’s a RAV4 hybrid, Highlander hybrid, Camry hybrid, or Corolla hybrid.

Hey everyone it’s marcelo at the toyota world youtube channel and i’m here at beautiful maple toyota to talk to you guys about a question i’ve been getting asked a lot with regards to toyota hybrid vehicles and the sound that they make when you put the vehicles in reverse so you may have just picked up your new toyota rav4 hybrid highlander hybrid camry hybrid

Corolla hybrid and you notice when you put the vehicle in reverse it makes a distinctive sound while i explain what that sound is just ahead in this video guys so here we have a brand new 2022 toyota highlander hybrid le and here we have a beautiful 2022 toyota camry hybrid we’ve got a 2022 toyota corolla hybrid and just ahead of us over here we have a 2019

Pre-owned toyota rav4 hybrid le now why did i just show you all of those toyota hybrid vehicles because like i mentioned just earlier no matter what toyota hybrid you take possession of they’re all going to make a similar sound and it is intentional it is not a mechanical issue it is not a fan belt issue it is nothing like that guys it is 100 completely intentional

And it is for your safety for the vehicle safety for the pedestrian safety let me tell you what i’m talking about okay i just hopped in this brand new 2022 toyota highlander hybrid le starting the vehicle guys if you haven’t owned or you do not yet own a toyota hybrid vehicle they’re fantastic very fuel efficient very fun to drive very reliable um low maintenance

On them if you guys want to know about the maintenance what i’m talking about i’ll put a card up here in the video so you guys can actually go back later and check it out but uh fantastic vehicles to own they’re very quiet hence this video so when you’re driving the rav4 hybrid highlander hybrid whatever toyota hybrid you’ve got in the lower speed lower gears for

The most part they’re silent which brings me to my point of this video okay so i’m gonna lightly just let the vehicle roll frontwards in drive so you guys can see what i’m talking about how silent it is and i’m gonna stop the vehicle i’m gonna put in reverse and you’re going to see what i’m talking about with regards to this noise check it out okay guys so the

Highlander is in drive gear right now you can’t hear anything very quiet fantastic i love it now let’s check out what the sound is that we’re talking about when it goes into reverse let’s see how that sounds from inside the cockpit inside the driver’s seat right here so yes there is actually a device a part on every toyota hybrid vehicle that is basically it’s a

Pedestrian sonar system that alerts anybody around your vehicle a pedestrian another vehicle for that matter anybody walking by the vehicle that the vehicle is on and in reverse mode and it is going to be backing up this is for the safety of people around you other vehicles around you to let them know and alert them that there is a vehicle about to go into reverse

Or actually reversing otherwise if it wasn’t there you typically wouldn’t hear this toyota suv or any toyota hybrid going into reverse like i mentioned these things are silent right now this highlander is on you can’t hear much right so imagine that the vehicle sounded like that which is nothing as it was going to reverse not that safe right so that sound is 100

Intentional nothing wrong with the vehicle as i said there is a sonar pedestrian system device in the front of the vehicle on all these toyota hybrid vehicles which is completely normal uh it’s supposed to happen guys don’t panic when you hear that sound uh you want it to be there now the actual proper name for this device that we’re talking about here is called

The vehicle approaching speaker that’s right the vehicle approaching speaker is the proper part name for this device and it’s placed in front of the vehicle on the toyota hybrid vehicles and it gets amplified as soon as the transmission gets put into reverse you will hear the sound a little bit more clearly if you are in the front of the vehicle as opposed to the

Back of the vehicle like i said because the speaker itself is actually in the front bumper of the vehicle usually right behind the grill let me show you what i’m talking about in this demonstration well everyone that’s a wrap now on this video i hope you enjoyed it and learn something new and possibly now feel a little bit more comfortable when you put your new

Toyota hybrid in reverse for the first time and hear that little humming noise you now know that it’s 100 completely normal and safe if you enjoyed the video smash with a thumbs up see you on the next one

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Toyota HYBRID reverse noise!? What is it? Full explanation! By Toyota World