Toyota Land Cruiser 200 takes on the Namib Desert

We put the Land Cruiser 200 to the test in the oldest desert in the world, and it proved why it is truly the Master of Africa.

We are here today in a number of desert what a fantastic experience it is oldest desert in the world and it is one of the biggest sand deserts in the world it is a fantastic place we are here because we brought the new land kuzia we’ve got ten of these beasts that we driving around the end the desert without h the length of the 200 is truly the master of africa and

You will see that’s our theme for this tour the new 200 is a vehicle that you can use any way go anyplace we brought ten journalists you and for the first time we bought some of our toyota dealers with them it is such a great team to mix this company and give everyone an opportunity to talk to each other i don’t think there are any words really that can explain

And describe to people the vast expanse of openness and sand that there is here the cruiser specifically the 200 that we’ve been testing over here his hands down the master of africa there is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that this vehicle will chew up this terrain forever and obey for the next 20 years or eight hundred thousand kilometers it is absolutely

Potent machine that is just unstoppable it keeps going it is reliable it is efficient and most of all in these conditions it’s extremely comfortable we’ve been putting them through their paces in some serious conditions have the last few days and absolutely nothing has been able to stop it it’s just been an absolute pleasure to drive and really enjoy i think the

Surprising thing was for a huge beast like a 200 cruiser i mean let’s be honest it’s not a small vehicle i was pleasantly surprised by its abilities especially in the big dunes i mean that v8 is a big baby it’s got an immense amount of talk when you were going down very very steep surfaces in a very small bowel area right at the bottom we needed a lot of very quick

Acceleration you just put your foot down and the v8 might have managed to produce the goods it was very very impressive the cause extremely capable in the hands of good guides but this is a this is a car that our readers would love they’re getting to cars like this they travel all through africa they come in do trips like these specific lean in these from cars and

They are extremely capable it’s actually quite amazing what one can do with a car like this and it’s actually a shame not to put it through its paces like this they’re very reliable they’re capable they’re comfortable you know i’ve been worried about the car once i’m in the middle of a very inhospitable environment you know something goes wrong it could go really

Pay shaped in a big way and yeah i’m worried about that all the new cruiser 200 absolutely no doubt reliable the durability of the product i mean just proven itself over the last five days extreme situations and conditions that we went through and and it just came out tops on the other end so absolutely no doubt that it is a serious contender to be topper there on

The list when you come for the top of let’s pick you i don’t think you get better than 650 newton meters of lower range talk it’s quite comfortable actually that’s just you missional through all these dunes and up and over it’s a heavy vehicle so i think it really works well a very special tripping that we’ve got to experience firsthand exactly what these vehicles

Can actually do and we’ve certainly been through a range of driving conditions having settled from vinh took along a perfectly normal taro it is what we all used to we got into some fairly light stuff on the first day all that seemed quite heavy and then as the day is evolved we’ve got into some fairly serious off-road driving conditions some quite technical but

For a novice like myself absolutely brilliantly easy thanks to the vehicle the technology and some of the the gadgets which are available the driver aids which are available to you inside those vehicles that was with the chief engineer in the sand a month ago and afterwards he said to me i never knew my car can do this that is what they’ve done behind the scenes

I developed this vehicle and made it perfect

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Toyota Land Cruiser 200 takes on the Namib Desert By TOYOTA SOUTH AFRICA