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Toyota Landcruiser Troopy Walkaround | Family Tourer

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Ever wondered if you can fit a family of 4 in a Troopy? A quick walkaround tour of my 2015 Toyota Landcruiser Troopcarrier VDJ 78 Series.

Foreign thank you foreign s welcome back to another one so i’ve been promising this one for a while and i figured i better get around to it today so today i’m going to do a walk around on my toyota land cruiser troop carrier vgj 78 series so originally i’d been planning to buy new but i got such a good deal on this as a toyota certified used vehicle

That i had to jump on it i’ve had this thing for about four years now and i’ve really tried to plan the mods smartly um not go over the top and make this a practical family touring vehicle that also suits my photography needs i quite often get messages asking about this car and i find the main thing people are interested in is how i managed to fit kids seats in

It so i’m guessing a lot of interest with this video is going to be people wanting to see the inside of the car so bear with me i’ll do a quick walk around on the outside and then we’ll jump into the inside so as you can see i’m running an alb deluxe bar these are one of my favorite bars you can get for the 70 series land cruisers so it was kind of a no-brainer

For me to jump onto this one so onto the spotlights um i’m just running your four-wheel drive super center i think they’re nine inch driving lights some these are one of the cheaper ones i could find and i really didn’t want to spend any extra money because i do really limited amount of night driving um just occasional up the beach at night um the few times i have

Had to use them they perform really really well and honestly bang for buck couldn’t be happier so that about wraps out the front of the car we’ll move on to the side of the car now so i think what i’ll do for the side of the car is just start at the front and work my way back with this one so continue on with the arb theme i’m running the arb deluxe rails and

Side steps to go with the bull bar so onto wheels and tires um i’m running just your basic 16 inch steel rims um for tires i’m running the toyota open country all terrain mark ii full suspension i’m running a two inch lift in an ironman foam cell pro gvm upgrade i’ve been really happy with how this has been i definitely think they’ve improved the ride from stock

They still ride pretty rough these cars but i find that it’s really capable off-road which is kind of what i bought it for so this next one would be one of my absolute favorite mods i’ve done the troopy it isn’t for everyone because you actually have to drill into the body of the car but um i absolutely love it and it comes in super handy when we’re away camping

This is the max trucks recovery table holder from expedition center we find this thing so quick and easy to use and i love the fact that it has a dual purpose um between this and the table and the rear we actually stop bringing any other tables with us on trips so that’s the side of the troopy done let’s move around to the rear now so there’s a bit going on in

The back of this thing guys um i’ll do my best to walk you through it all if i miss anything feel free to leave me a comment below and i’ll get back to you with a bit more information so with the rear of the vehicle i’m running a setup from drifter basically um we had drifter custom build this setup and then we modded it to fit the fridge in ourselves so first

Of all i’m running the 85 liter fridge from bushman i’d always wanted to try an upright fridge in a vehicle and with the size of the troopy i was actually able to make this one happen um overall i’ve been super happy with it i find it’s way easy to pack stuff away on big trips and also heaps easy to access stuff without having to dig to the bottom hidden away

Beside the bushman fridge there i have an aldi expressly pod machine um i probably added this about a year ago now and this is one of my absolute favorite mods to the car i love my coffee and this just makes it so easy to have one early in the morning um no more boiling water no more getting the stove out literally turn the inverter on chuck a pot in there and

It’s ready to go so in the drawer underneath the fridge this is basically my gear drawer i’m running everything that i need for trips for surfing for basically everything is kept in that drawer there i try to keep it as organized as possible using gear bags the bottom left hand drawer now this is my cooking drawer um i try to keep everything that i need for any

Kind of cooking in this drawer nice and organized together so over here on the left hand side we have an outlet for our arb twin compressor which is mounted down inside the wing i store the hose in my gear drawer on the right hand side and the combination of these makes it super simple to pump up tires when needed so this one’s another personal favorite and it

Matches in really well with my max tracks table around the other side of the car here we have the front runner table the culmination of these two tables together is an absolute game changer um it means we don’t actually have to take any other tables with this when we’re away camping anymore and we can cook on one and food prep on the other very very handy and

Um yeah i couldn’t go without these things now so that’s the rear of the troopy guys overall um i’m pretty happy with how these things come out there’s a couple little things i’ll change if i was to start from scratch again and that’s kind of to do with the layout of how i have the kids seats inside um i’ll touch on that one a little bit later about what i’ll

Actually do differently if i started a game from scratch but overall really happy with how it’s come out and it’s super functional as a family tourer let’s move on to the roof now to begin with we have our rhino pioneer platform um which is the three-quarter length on the troopy which is about 2.1 meters long from memory so mounted on top of the rhino rack we

Have a motop version for rooftop tent from mw toolbox so the main reason i chose this rooftop tent was due to the low profile the 10 can be set up very very quickly i reckon it under a minute easily each way i’ve taken out the average self-inflating mattress from inside and replace it with this empire self-inflating mattress which gives a super comfortable sleep

And on top of the tent i’ve mounted a hardcore 170 watt solar panel the main reasons i went with this one was it had some awesome reviews at the time mw toolbox didn’t have any of their solar panels in stock i also like the super low profile of this panel so mount it off the side i have a dash a 270 degree awning this thing’s pretty easy to set up and pack up can

Usually do it in under a couple minutes each way probably the biggest downside with this awning is it isn’t 100 freestanding which means you’re doing need to put the legs down at the time of purchase there wasn’t a lot of other options out there apart from the over two thousand dollar south african models um if i had my time again now i’d probably look at some

Of the other cheaper freestanding awnings that are out there it definitely looks like there’s a few good options out there for around a thousand dollars so mounted on the driver’s side we have the xtm shower awning from bcf this was a pretty cheap option and i had a few gift vouchers for bcf i’d always thought about grabbing a shower awning but wasn’t sure if

I’d use it enough to be honest we’ve probably only used it a couple times since having it but on those few occasions it’s coming super handy so heading around the driver’s side of the troopy probably the first thing we’ll come to is the gull wing i purchased this gold wing from drifter and it was a super easy installation process the custom electrical panel was

Made by luke at oxquip in brendale um he was super amazing to deal with through the whole process and made something that i super stoked with the main part of the panel is the red arc manager 30 which is also hooked up to 150 amp hour lithium battery tree from off-road living so my other part of the 12 volt setup is a king’s 1500 watt inverter i just went with a

Cheap inverter for this one because i basically only use this to charge drone batteries and also run my aldi expressly pod machine next up behind the fridge you’ll see a little storage box that we made with the remaining space um i use this basically as a grab-and-go area for backpacks and things like that and beside that we’ve actually got a little space where

I can store two front runner expanded chairs so last up in this space you’ll see i have a shower hose um this is just a marine hose that i purchased from one of those joints i can’t remember which one it was relatively inexpensive and works really really well this is plumbed into a thor burns 40 liter water tank which is stored as you can see underneath the car

Here i can actually access water from down the bottom here from our fill point and then also through the shower so there’s a bit going on with that gull wing there um definitely one of my favorite areas that i planned out for the troopy um we might head up to the front of the car now because i can see myself forgetting about this one so last stop of the driver’s

Side of the vehicle is a snorkel um i was pretty quick to remove the mushroom top looking thing that comes standard on these things and replace it with the safari imac snorkel now for the bit everyone’s probably been waiting for the inside of the trophy so one of the first things i did when i purchased this car was to fully strip it out and install car builders

Sound editing in um i basically installed a full kit of that which includes like on the roof lining all up the internal parts of the car and also the floor mats um it made a massive difference at the time i don’t notice it so much anymore because i’m so used to it but still sounds pretty loud now so i can only imagine how loud it’d be if i never did that at the

Time so one of the first things you might notice when entering this car is the i drive unit so i installed that a few years ago and it’s definitely one of the better bang for bike mods that i’ve done to this thing um i replaced the stock toyota head unit with a pioneer unit that has apple carplay so one of the more recent things i’ve added to the interior of the

Car is one of these ebay um magsafe phone holders actually super happy with how well this works um if you’ve got a magsafe iphone highly recommended grabbing one of these things so here you can see some armrests slash cup holders um these are just the cheaper ebay ones and i’ve probably had them on for about six months now super happy with how well these work and

Um yeah i don’t think i could go without them now so here we have it probably the ones a lot of people were waiting to see um we have two single seats from tech safe seating um they’re quite expensive from memory um definitely looking at a few thousand dollars but this included all the engineering and all that kind of sign off um the seats also feature built-in

Anchor points so we didn’t have to get any kind of other installation to be able to fit the child seats we can slide the seats forward for the kids to get into the back that way but um we’ve found with the age the kids right now they like just climbing into the car and then into the back seat themself um i’m tall enough that i can actually do up the seat belt

From the outside windows there which makes it pretty simple so that wraps up the inside hopefully i didn’t actually miss anything there and i reckon we’re getting pretty close to concluding this walk around now so i’ve pretty much done most of the things i want to do to this vehicle um maybe in the near future i’ll look to add a tow bar and possibly a winch in

A radio but so far i’m pretty happy with how everything’s sitting and definitely no hurry to change things looking back now i reckon the only thing i would change to this fit out is the possibility of having the two rear seats together that would actually allow me uh space down one side where i could run things like longer surfboards without having to put them

On the roof or strap them to the inside of the roof um it’s not a massive deal now but i think probably my recommendation if someone’s to do something similar from the start is possibly to look at doing something like that so the troopy has been getting a solid workout the previous six months and we’ve managed to do a bunch of trips away um i managed to film a

Bunch of these trips and if you haven’t checked them out i’ll chuck the links after the video feel free to follow along for our future adventures and i’ll see in the next one legends foreign

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Toyota Landcruiser Troopy Walkaround | Family Tourer By Roaming Coastlines – Ben Lee