Toyota Launching 0k Ford Maverick Competitor

Toyota is planning to launch a tiny truck that will compete with the Ford Maverick!

Toyota entered the u.s market in 1957. the company quickly gained a reputation for quality and reliability and is now one of the most popular brands in the world like all brands toyota pickups have been getting larger and more expensive to compete with the iconic f-150 then the ford maverick entered the market and shocked the industry everybody including ford

Underestimated the demand for an affordable small pickup and toyota has responded the japanese giant has confirmed they will be making a comeback into the compact pickup market they once dominated join us as we explore what we know about toyota’s plans to launch a compact pickup to compete with a ford maverick before we get into the details of toyota’s new pickup

It’s important to know that toyota the largest automaker in japan dominated the compact pickup truck market for 30 years in 1965 toyota introduced the first japanese-built pickup truck to the us market the stout the stout was followed by the helix in 1963. the helix also known as the sr5 or 4×4 in the us was a compact affordable pickup just like the maverick for

Three decades toyota had a monopoly on the compact pickup truck market then in 1997 ford introduced the ranger creating the mid-sized pickup segment which quickly gained popularity recognizing the shift to larger pickups the toyota tacoma was introduced as a direct replacement for the helix the tacoma has increased in size and power over the years to compete

In the mid-size category with the ranger chevy colorado and even the f-150 since 1997 classic body-on-frame pickups have become enormous and much more expensive for example the tacoma has grown over three feet in length and 10 inches in height since the year 2000 it has also increased in price from 11 528 dollars for a base model in the year 2000 to 27 150 for

A base 2022 model so when ford and hyundai both introduced an affordable economical pickup that could work as a daily driver but also offer so much more utility it was a no-brainer so what are toyota’s plans toyota executive bob carter vice president of sales for toyota north america stated that they are looking at the tiny pickup segment and they hinted that we

Could be seeing a new product very soon toyota introduced the abat unibody truck concept way back in 2008 which shows how much thought they’ve been putting into this range we continue to look at the small truck segment that ford maverick and hyundai are occupying bob carter said in an interview cooper erickson group vice president said that his team are actively

Looking into trucks smaller than the tacoma following up with we need more of an suv with a bed concept the maverick is based on the ford escape suv and has a bed so cooper erickson doesn’t get any prizes for authenticity but when we look at the toyota suv range the most obvious choice for a base would be the toyota rav4 or the new corolla cross crossover creating

A unibody truck from these two base models would be straightforward it would also bring a number of benefits the tnga global architecture platform already has an excellent hybrid and plug-in hybrid engine that would allow them to compete directly with the hybrid maverick which seems to be the most popular option this would be incredibly popular because one of the

Maverick’s key features has to be its fuel economy with fuel costs surging the maverick hybrid stands out with an average of 37 miles per gallon as per the epa us department of energy website ford has estimated a range of 500 miles on a full tank on their website but it seems this is way lower than what people are actually achieving one customer tweeted i was

Hoping for 700 miles on this tank hell i’m getting close to 800 miles now according to ford’s sales figures ford sold 19 246 mavericks in the first quarter of 2022 of which 46.75 percent were hybrids car scoop have called the maverick the conquest king as it is reporting that 60 of buyers of the new hybrid truck previously owned a different brand of car and

Switched to ford specifically for the maverick hybrid if toyota can deliver a compact hybrid pickup that costs around twenty thousand dollars and can achieve 40 miles per gallon then there’s no doubt that they’ll have a home run on their hands toyota pioneered the hybrid engine with the launch of the prius in 1997 and has sold over 12 million hybrid cars globally

The most recent plug-in hybrid seen in the rav4 is essentially an electric vehicle for any trip below 100 kilometers its default mode is electric and according to the toyota website can cover 98 kilometers with zero fuel consumption before the 2.5 liter dynamic force engine kicks in toyota could be well positioned to deliver a truck that is even more popular than

The current options of the santa cruz or maverick based on fuel economy alone both the maverick and the santa cruz have separate objectives the maverick is for its new entry-level automobile and it was created to stand out in a price range that is saturated with boring sedans on the other hand the santa cruz is intended to be a more upscale vehicle that offers a

Fun alternative to the tucson or a more stylish honda ridgeline their prices accurately represent the goals of their company toyota has been making steady progress in terms of electric vehicles but has lofty plans to sell 5.5 million electrified vehicles a year by 2030. it’s possible that the next toyota pickup truck with smaller loads won’t come out until 2024.

Additionally it was disclosed that toyota would most likely provide additional information regarding the new compact vehicle during the automaker’s hq confidential 3 event which will take place in quarter 1 of 2023 when car manufacturers introduce brand new models they’re taking on some degree of financial risk on the other hand a compact toyota pickup truck would

Be a safe bet in this scenario many of toyota’s other vehicles including the rav4 vensa corolla and camry are already built on toyota’s new global architecture platform the tnga in a world where buying a new pickup truck is almost impossible to do buying an old one may be an easier idea but it might not last for long toyota’s helix sr5 or 4×4 models from the 80s

Are quickly becoming collectors items according to these models hold their value and are even going up in price they’re reliable never stop running and have a beautiful retro boxy shape which is back in fashion they’re also part of 80s nostalgia with marty mcfly’s dream truck being a black toyota 4×4 pickup if you order new you’ll have to wait 12

To 18 months for it to show up if you get lucky and can find a cancelled order at a dealership you’re probably going to have to accept a hefty price way above msrp dealers in the u.s have been in the spotlight over the past 24 months for some rather shady pricing strategies this might be coming to an end very soon as the federal trade commission is introducing

Some regulations to protect customers we’ve just done a video on the six new rules dealers need to follow if you want to check it out i’ve put a link in the description will the new little pickup truck from toyota be of higher quality than its competitors the ford maverick and the hyundai santa cruz well we won’t really know until 2023 nevertheless toyota is in

A great position to deliver an economical cost-effective pickup as they have the scale technology and expertise to deliver they have over 50 years of experience in the pickup truck market their global architecture and hybrid engines are reliable and perform well above all the toyota brand has factories in 27 different countries including 10 in the united states

So they’ll be able to scale production the japanese giant has sat back to watch how the market received its competitors products this has allowed them the time to truly understand the demand and what customers want so there should be no doubt they’ll deliver something that will be very popular tell us in the comments section below would you like a toyota that’s

The same price as a maverick but more economical and which do you like better toyota ford or hyundai thank you very much for watching today we truly appreciate it if you’d leave a like and consider subscribing so you’re always in the loop for the latest ev ford toyota and tech news

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