Toyota Mirai Hydrogen Electric Fuel Cell Cold Weather Test -20C

Hydrogen-powered fuel cell electric vehicles are not afraid of one thing – freezing cold weather. That’s the latest from two companies that have been driving the cars in frostbite temperatures in the Northeast recently.

So toyota is in yellowknife to evaluate our next-generation fuel cell vehicle which will bring to market in 2015 so we’re here at auto tech as our base of operations it’s a maintenance facility where we bring our fuel cell vehicle in prepare it for testing and then once we’re ready we come out and stage the vehicle from here so we can let it soak overnight and

Then the next morning when it’s nice and frozen we can start the car and begin our evaluations it’s really good first day in your life yesterday i was not expecting how cold it when you’re out on the lake even your face being exposed for a few minutes can start to really burn and freeze if i were to have a moustache you could see ice hanging from it so yellowknife

Is a very cold extreme environment but if you think about it we have customers that live here so it’s really not extreme we need to design a product that can work for them it’s so good the data so i’m standing in our mobile feeler that we brought here to yellowknife canada to refill the fuel cell vehicle we have out here obviously there’s no hydrogen station out

Here just yet so until that comes to fruition we have to bring our hydrogen with us whenever we do testing so what pressure of sixty two point three so today we’re going to be driving to a town called ray it’s about 100 kilometres for here from here and the road conditions are really interesting there’s lots of really bad undulations and divots in the road from

The landscape freezing and thawing and and so it’s a challenge to go through there without bottoming out the car and different things like that distance see right now we’re getting ready for our cold start making sure the equipment is ready to go before we do that the vehicle needs to be able to shut down and freeze at night and then thought itself out in the

Morning as we start it up so we’re evaluating those controls finding issues with those controls and optimizing those controls we’re looking for suitability issues drivability issues nvh which is noise vibration and handling issues so how does it sound i mean if you drive through a drive-thru is it too noisy to even order a cup of coffee so those are some of the

Not high priority things we’re looking at but we’re still trying to find those issues so right after we click the data from this pc we send them back to the engineers in the garage and we quickly analyze the data and we find the issues there we can daily change the software and do the countermeasures every day some of toyota’s biggest challenges are going to be

In educating the customer on what to expect from a fuel cell vehicle and also to support the building of a hydrogen infrastructure so that there are enough places to fuel i think fuel cell vehicles are the only no compromise solution that’s all electric and zero emissions

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Toyota Mirai Hydrogen Electric Fuel Cell Cold Weather Test -20C By Hydrogen Societies