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Hydrogen is being considered as an alternative fuel source for cars. Proponents even claim it as the furture of the car. But the market is still very small. Toyota wants to get the ball rolling with the new Mirai.

Hydrogen is being considered as an alternative fuel source for cars proponents even claim it as the future of the car but the market is still very small the german government will fund the cost of building a carbon neutral hydrogen economy to the tune of more than 8 billion euros toyota also wants to get the wave rolling with the new mirai the second generation

Has been significantly improved and is one of the few hydrogen fuel cell cars on the market unlike a traditional battery-powered electric vehicle the driver has less to worry about in terms of range and long charging brakes at a hydrogen filling station it only takes a few minutes to get a range of several hundred kilometers besides the only byproduct is water so

Much for the theory in practice however things look a little different but more on that later the mirai has actually been around since 2014 and the first generation wasn’t exactly what you’d call eye catching it seemed as if toyota had tried too hard to create a distinctive and instantly recognizable design language for the fuel cell vehicles with the second

Generation however they have created an emotional design the 2021 mirai is one of the best looking vehicles to come from the japanese company in a long time at first glance the design language is more reminiscent of a lexus than a toyota and it’s certainly priced like one too but we’ll come back to that later unlike conventional battery-powered electric

Vehicles the toyota mirai uses a hydrogen fuel cell to generate electricity which in turn powers an electric motor no horsepower superlatives coming now though the mirai has 174 horsepower and 300 newton meters of torque it goes from zero to 100 kilometers an hour in nine seconds that’s not really slow but you shouldn’t expect any great emotions when driving

Especially since the car is very heavy at around two tonnes however the price of this mid-sized toyota sedan is a deterrent at first toyota is asking for more than 60 000 euros for this model the technology is just starting to enter the mass market and the prices of the components for the hydrogen fuel cell are continually falling the japanese are trying

To keep the price of the mirai as low as possible without compromising on quality but now to the real problem the infrastructure is not very good yet the toyota mirai is for a select group of people who are lucky enough to live near one of the few hydrogen filling stations in the world germany is even the best positioned with over 90 stations in the rest

Of europe things look much worse in the summer of 2021 italy will have just one hydrogen filling station in spain none at all only two are planned there at the moment to promote the technology toyota is currently offering up to 15 000 in fuel credits in the usa and 21 days of free car rental if you have to travel to areas where there are no hydrogen stations

Unfortunately there is currently no such incentive program for buyers in europe the 2021 mirai can travel around 650 kilometers on a single charge assuming you actually live near a hydrogen filling station you could at least travel across germany the new model looks much more stylish than its 2017 predecessor the new mirai stretches to 4.97 meters the low roof

And curvaceous bonnet give it a shake and sporty look the interior of the mirai is remnant of lexus toyota’s luxury brand the driver can expect fine materials and the latest technology the mirai is equipped with a large 12.3 inch touchscreen infotainment system as standard automatic energy braking and adaptive cruise control also come as standard the fuel cell

Technology behind the mirai is impressive it’s as straightforward as a petrol or diesel vehicle it takes just a few minutes to fill up at a hydrogen filling station and the range is longer than most purely electric vehicles nevertheless it’s only for people who already live near a hydrogen filling station and are willing to pay more for new technologies you

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