Hi my name is farah lommers and today we would like to join a hydrogen challenge the problem with an electric car is always if you would like to go on holiday you actually can with a hydrogen car it is different because you can fill up the hydrogen and can go away but is it true that you can truly go on holiday with this kind of car so to find this out we join the

Hydrogen challenge team one is going on a summer holiday team two is going on a winter holiday and we’re gonna find out if we can accomplish this during these 24 hours swagger 1.1 a step in size in air for the gang with your mypage don’t get brave one stepping in the brave if you saw man laughs everything’s okay together we started from one thing the goal

Is to score as many points as possible you can achieve this by reaching checkpoints and doing creative things robert dahl mr. ferris checkpoint your love to the crew – oh man okay first decides to go to flower stop because it’s the most safe holiday destination there’s always wins and it is possible to go with the hydrogen car over there and now we go to

We’re going to denmark and try if we can’t go that far and find some tight spots there and we’ll see how it goes we make it there the summer holiday we’re sitting in the high you 9xo in bollocks pain we had about six kilos of hydrogen and giving almost 600 kilometers of radius so yeah smooth and steady alright so we’re on our way to winterberg right now in the

Trio to the right which works the closest area when it comes to skiing and snowboarding and sport in general our radius right now is 244 kilometers and we have to drive at least 230 so we have a bit stopped in real a maneuver and then we’ll continue our journey to winterberg and hopefully have a nice ski you don’t have us one month is it it’s may saro today

It’s time for some ready so let’s find out which one is quicker in a quarter-mile after the spectacular drag race we decided to continue scoring points for the 24-hour challenge by looking up different cities take their photo and claiming the points within closure to the victory it is almost a year ago that we drive with the toyota mirai for the first time and

Now we are with the nexo and you can see that there are a lot of improvements also with the hydrogen gear places where you can fill up and with this car if you would like to fill up with this car it’s way easier than ever before so we have experienced the toyota mirai on the roads a 2014 car which has proven itself as a hydrogen car ready for our roads but today

We have almost had 24 hours of driving in the hyuna in exo the next generation of hydrogen cars and the funny thing to see is that it is actually a next generation of hydrogen car the actual radius which is given is much better much more accurate the car drives good it’s right decent it keeps track on the road it is personally more than i expected from a healin

Driver after a trip of 24 hours we came back to the finish of course we are curious about how many points with scores teamwinter scored a total of 500 25 points and team summer 860 points doesn’t sound bad only compared to the other 19 teams we are lost and second two losses so hopefully better next time

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