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This is the Toyota Prius. The model name has become a byword for eco-friendly cars – but is there more to it than just strong fuel economy figures? I find out in this full, in-depth review.

This is the toyota prius money’s actually there but just confirm like uberx there we go shouldn’t take long now looking for registration x.b okay here is i was quick so this car it starts from 24,000 pounds and of course if you click it there on the link below the video you can go to carlo code at uk and compare offers on this car or any car for that matter so make

Sure you do that if you’re looking for a new car well you know someone who is so let’s start with the back seats which is where most people customers will end up the amount of room you’ve got here isn’t bad at all look i’ve got lots and lots of knee room and the foot wells are big the only minor issue is headroom i’m okay i’m 179 centimetres and if i sit up straight

I can just about fit my hand between my head and the roof lining but someone who’s over six foot won’t struggle for headspace if you need to carry three in the back at once it gets worse because the central seat is raised up look you can see now it’s in my head it’s a bit of a shame because there’s plenty of room in the foot wells for three people’s feet now down

Here the car has a twelve volt socket for charging your mobile phone devices shame that isn’t a proper usb port but that’s good enough and it it’s alright back here you’ve got an arm as you can fall down with a couple of cup holders and there’s your isofix anchor points there that they are removable and you’ll probably end up losing those covers if you use a child

Seat in this car now let’s move on to the boot so the capacity is really good there’s plenty of room for luggage as you’ll see it’s very very large boot i like the fact you’ve got a retractable load cover rather than a normal parcel shelf it’s actually pretty easy to remove and if i remove this suitcase it’s actually easy to do because there’s not much of a load

Lip lift stuff over i can then put this under this false floor look there’s a little space for it just in here you should do one hundred actually it’s quite impressive in terms of other functionality there’s some tether point here and here there’s no 12 volt socket in the back though which would be annoying if you need to plug something in like at our compressor or

Something like that or a hoover to hoover at the boot to fold down the rear seats well they split like that it’s quite easy to do for boot and because there’s little runners for the seatbelts they don’t snag when you fold the seat backs down the only problem for me is the fact you’ve got this big ridge here so if you wanna push heavy items to the front they do get

Caught other than that though this is a big practical load space now if you want more information on this cars practicality click up there to watch my detailed video on it in it the about to see just how much stuff we got chroming this cars boot how easy it is to fit a child seat and what it’s like with three adults in the back now then let’s finally leave onto the

Front because of course people buy these cars to drive themselves they’re not just owned by uber drivers so get out a mister uber driver let me demonstrate this car so here we have the rather quirky interior of the toyota prius and all i quite like the design is interesting the way you’ve got the speedo and various information up there then your central infotainment

Display here now i stand the car comes with a smaller screen without satellite navigation this is an upgrade or you get it with a mid-level drink with the business plus this system i got here it’s okay to you so you can navigate it easily enough the only problem is that it just seems a little bit slow to respond and the graphics are a little bit dated they’re kind

Of like from some old mobile phone really now if you click up there you can see my fault in depth video review at the infotainment system as for the rest of the cabin it’s pretty functional well laid out the driving seat is comfortable and it’s quite easy to find your ideal driving position couple spaces are okay so the door bins aren’t that large but you can hold

A medium-sized bottle you’ve got quite a bit of storage space under here whither you should put a little tray there’s some cup holders here with an adjustable centre part though i don’t know what that’s for there’s more storage here and i’m not sure about this maybe it’s for carrying individual it’s quicks bars like that so you can just tease your passenger with

Them hmm now we’ve looked around the car let’s see what it’s like to drive a toyota pretty much started the whole hybrid craze with the original prius back in 1997 so tony is on they have totally nailed the technology i’ve got 1.8 litre petrol engine come by – an electric motor and together they produce about a hundred 23 horsepower now the good thing about the

Prius is that it’s just brilliant for driving in tone so if you want you can actually lock it in electric-only mode and you can cruise along silently using the electric motor at speeds of up to 36 miles an hour now if you wanna go a little bit quickly you put your foot down and then the petrol engine does kick in but you hardly notice it at all it’s just seamless

Another thing i like about the prius which makes it great for in town is it’s really maneuverable steering’s light and it’s actually easy to do a u-turn if you wanna go and pick up a fare i also like the suspension so i’m going to seek out a bump a pothole but you’re fine in town and deals with it really really well visibility is good as well got a huge windscreen

These pillars aren’t too obtrusive the only problem is the view out the back which is limited by the spoiler across the rear if there is one small problem with the driving experience its the brakes now when you just touch them they’re so sharp that you just like come into a sudden stop par the reason for that is that the brakes actually recoup lost energy under

Braking and pull energy into the battery which you can then use to drive that electric motor and that’s why you get that improved economy with this car while the press is natural environment is town it’s actually alright on a faster route it’s as a motorway it’s comfy enough the only thing that you do notice is that there’s quite a bit of noise from the tires it’s

Alright another thing you notice is when you put your foot down to accelerate and overtake someone yeah you get that sort of droning sound from the engine it’s not quite as effortless or relaxing on the motorway there’s driving something like a diesel engine which just has a bit more punch can’t for the economy though so this car is supposed to do 91 miles per

Gallon and i’ve have raged 86 86 miles per gallon then you said again 86 miles per gallon that’s why you have a prius now you’d probably expect this car to just fall to pieces when you get on to a twisty road but it’s actually alright in fact there’s a power mode war which gives you a bit more performance not this cars ever fast but it’s alright of the course it

Does roll about quite because you’ve got that soft suspension but it grips well enough and it steers well enough you know you don’t buy this car for this kind of thing do you but it copes it’s alright now if you want more detail about this cars like to drive click up there to watch my point of view test drive puts you in the driving seat now then it’s time for the

Car wow five annoying things about this car if toyota didn’t want to put the gear selector here in the usual position then why’d they just put it on the steering column where it’s easy to reach instead they put it here on the dash so it’s yeah it’s a bit more of a stretch why for some reason the toyota press is sold in the uk use nickel metal hydride batteries like

You get with rechargeable aaa batteries such as this all technology whereas in certain countries the prius gets lithium-ion batteries if you like those you find it in your mobile phones why are we not worthy to enter the foot operated parking brake is not only old-fashioned and difficult to use it also gets in the way to view full rest why is trying to hidden the

Switch for the heated seat down here is that because they don’t want you to use them and deplete the battery as you drive along you get lots of reflections just flickering away in this shiny bit of trim and it’s really really distracting oops it’s not all negative dome okay it’s five good things about this car the engine in the toyota prius is 40% thermal efficient

Which is not better by any other production petrol engine in fact the engine in a formula one car is only 50% thermal efficient the only problem with that is that the engine never gets hot enough that you have cooking so no fly breakfast in your life after six you the cars eco-drive monitor lets you see just how economically you’re driving with various settings

Which even do things like show you how much money you’ve saved with the optional taxi pack you get rubberized floor mats and an easy clean vinyl covering for the rear seats which is handy if one of your drunken passengers has a soiling incident also because the rear windows go all the way down you’re less likely to suffer from splash back these 15 inch wheels may

Look a little bit fiddly but with them fitted this cosmesis are low enough that it’s exempt from the london congestion charge the prius has loads of standard safety kit such as lane departure warning and active cruise control plus it’s scored an impressive 92% for adult occupant protection in the euro rain cap crash tests i’ll say just a bit mad now if you click

Up there you can get a carbide octobot uk for more information and to compare offers on the toyota prius so what’s one verdict on this car should you avoid it should you consider it should you shortlist it or should you just go right ahead and buy it well i reckon you should have shortlist the toyota prius if you can cope with the looks it’s actually a decent to

Drive car that’s reasonably practical and very economical you enjoyed this video please like it and share it and click on our logo to subscribe to our channel also click on the video windows for more car way videos now did despite the e-string in this video he was the picture of four famous prius owners on the phone and the cars on rest

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