Toyota RAV4 Prime VS Kia Sportage PHEV comparison review


We’ve got the kia sportage plug-in hybrid versus the toyota rav4 prime in our comparison this week if you’re south of the border that’s a kia sportage in canada they market it as sportage welcome to the motor mouth youtube channel i’m zach i’m andrea and if you like this comparison we do them every week it would be great if you could subscribe what else do they have

To do follow along on instagram at motor mouth underscore andrea you get a sneak peek of what’s coming up on the channel let’s get into it the kia plug-in hybrid has a 1.6 liter turbocharged four-cylinder with an electric motor and a 13.8 kilowatt hour battery it’s paired to a six-speed automatic transmission and has a combined 261 horsepower and 258 pound-feet

Of torque standard all-wheel drive it gets 55 kilometers 34 miles of ev range the rav4 prime has a two and a half liter four-cylinder engine with toyota’s hybrid system and an 18.1 kilowatt hour battery it’s paired to an ecvt and has a combined 302 horsepower but 68 kilometers or 42 miles of ev range with standard all-wheel drive one of the big differences between

The two is that the kia comes with the six-speed automatic transmission and the rav4 prime in ecvt the other thing is the rav4 prime has been out for basically two years now they’ve been new contenders like this sportage there’s the new mitsubishi outlander phev none of of them can top the rav4 prime when it comes to a pure ev range so it’s still king the toyota

And kia plug-in hybrids qualify for the canadian federal rebate of five thousand dollars and incentives in participating provinces with the new rules in place in the u.s both the kia and toyota no longer qualify for a tax credit up to 7 500 dollars there’s a difference in charging with the rav4 prime in canada it comes with a standard 6.6 kilowatt onboard charger in

The u.s it’s only a 3.3 kilowatt charger but you can opt for the more powerful 6.6 kilowatt charger in a package with that less powerful 3.3 kilowatt charger and 120 volt outlet your charge time is 12 hours with 240 volts it’s 4.5 hours with the 6.6 kilowatt charger and a 240 volt outlet you can charge in just two and a half hours the kia has a 7.2 kilowatt onboard

Charger with 120 volt outlet it will take over 11 hours to charge your plug-in hybrid and with a 240 volt outlet about two hours both the kia and toyota are not compatible with a dc fast charger the rav4 prime as you would expect is smooth and quiet when it’s in pure ev mode and uses only the electric motor and the battery there are two other modes to choose from

Hybrid which uses both the electric motor and the gas engine and tandem and a charging mode where the gasoline engine is used to power the vehicle also to charge the battery this is where you’ll find the engine gets a little bit louder there’s also an automatic setting which chooses the best driving mode for the current conditions the kia plug-in hybrid offers a

Smooth ride and a quiet cabin and handles incredibly well when accelerating quickly on the highway you do hear the gas engine come on for the extra power but because of the time of year that we reviewed it warmer temperatures we found that the gas engine went on less often than expected it has a quick shifting electronic shift by wire technology and the drive mode

Select adjusts steering transmission and throttle response to the driver’s preferred performance setting one important feature the kia is missing is a heat pump which the rav4 prime comes standard with in colder temperatures because it doesn’t have a heat pump you’ll find that the gas engine will come on more often in the kia so the heat pump is a big deal because

You have the ability to heat the cabin without using the gasoline engine plus the rav4 has a much longer ev range it’s a much more desirable vehicle to have but on the flip side of that the sportage will decrease your fuel consumption throughout the year yeah and it depends what time of year you’re using it we have a follower in california who has the sportage

Plug-in hybrid he doesn’t care that there isn’t a heat pump but he’s in california exactly let’s move to california come to canada and try it out so it depends where you live well other parts of the u.s with colder temperatures are going to have the same problem without a heat pump that we have in canada i think that i would like to see hyundai and kia add this i

Think their vehicles i hope so just don’t put the price up yeah here’s our used car alternative from canada we chose a 2020 mitsubishi outlander plug-in hybrid with just over 21 000 kilometers on the clock for 44 990 dollars click on the tab or the link in the description below to find more vehicles in this category from canada the rav4 prime

Has a unique front end with a painted grille a sculpted front grill spoiler and chrome roof rails giving this suv as sporty and rugged design standard features include led headlights and led tail lights available vertical accent lights 18 inch wheels available 19-inch and an available two-tone paint option the kia has a sharp and strong presence with a tiger nose

Grille the gloss black grille spans the entire width of the front fascia with boomerang style daytime running lights on either side and unique shaped led reflector headlamps led fog lamps roof rails a heated windshield and 19-inch wheels in canada you get partial led tail lamps available full led tail lamps but in the united states their full led tail lamps on all

Models the rear wiper is hidden under the rear spoiler for a clean and modern look the rav4 prime has a little less ground clearance at eight inches compared to the kia plug-in hybrid with 8.3 inches of clearance the kia comes with the tire repair kit the rav4 a temporary spare tire so you’ve got the good old trusty toyota no chances with the design and then you’ve

Got kia taking all kinds of chances with this sportsox yeah especially those boomerang style headlights some like them some don’t i think it really has a modern and futuristic design i like it i mean it certainly has a real presence on the road so a year before they brought out the hyundai tucson phev and when they first brought out the hyundai i was like oh man

That’s really cool and futuristic and i thought i really liked it a lot and then they brought up the kia version and i like that way more well the tucson has that really cool bold growl i like it as well one thing to point out is that you actually get a temporary spare tire on the rav4 prime most vehicles that are electrified have a tire repair kit so i think that’s

A plus whatever car i’m in andrea spare tire comes with me the kia has a modern and sophisticated interior design with a mix of soft materials piano black and a patterned trim the driver focus cockpit with an available dual panoramic curved display connecting two screens a 12.3 inch digital driver display and a 12.3 inch touchscreen is a real show stopper and is

Standard on the top trim the rav4 on the other hand is comfortable practical and versatile with plenty of storage but it really doesn’t quite have the sophistication of the kia we like to call the rav4 interior industrial it’s getting some nice changes though for 2023 including toyota’s new multimedia system with wireless apple carplay and wireless android auto

Dual bluetooth phone connectivity and an available 10.5 inch touchscreen also a 12.3 inch multi-information display or digital cockpit both the kia and toyota phevs have two trims the kia offers a lot of value for the price not only does it have a lower starting price of almost eleven hundred dollars canadian and over eighteen hundred dollars u.s compared to the

Prime but it also offers so many more standard features the kia comes with a 12.3 inch touchscreen with navigation a 4.2 inch instrument cluster wired apple carplay and android auto a wireless charger heated and ventilated front seats quilted leatherette upholstery a power driver and passenger seat driver seat memory a heated steering wheel panoramic sunroof heated

Rear seats and a power lift gate the top trim of the kia gets some extra features like a 12.3 inch digital instrument cluster the harman kardon sound system and a surround view monitor along with remote park the rav4 in comparison looks really basic on the base model it does have an 8 inch touchscreen with wired apple carplay and android auto a power driver’s seat

Cloth upholstery heated steering wheel and a seven inch instrument cluster some of the features we mentioned that are standard on the kia you have to go to the top trim of the prime to get them or in a package okay wow i mean did you hear those features that the kia gets on the base trim well are you kidding well you’re talking about all the features just the way

They look one is kind of frumpy dumpy and the other one is like hello good looking right i know you think you know which one i mean yeah i think i do the kia is just head and shoulders above the rav when it comes to features and looks i mean it’s just shocking even the price point in canada under 45 000 for all of that i mean what a steal of a deal i applaud kia

For keeping their prices down and for including all of these standard features then we’re going to get into it in just a moment the size and you get more with the kia the problem i have andreas is like are they going to keep the price this low for very long it’s a great starting price with killer standard features and how long are you going to have to wait to get

This i mean the rav4 we’re hearing two to three years yeah yeah rav4 prime i mean you’re lucky if you see one on the road like when we see one on the road we’re like oh my god there’s a prime we can’t believe it we saw a lexus nx450h plus the other day we were like what couldn’t believe it yeah it’s like super rare yeah i don’t know i think it’s just it’s just

Becoming more and more obvious that the legacy japanese car brands are are kind of resting on their reputation and the koreans are coming out swinging with every new model what do you guys think which one would you like to drive in every day the kia is bigger overall than the toyota it’s 2.6 inches longer offers almost half an inch more front row legroom almost

Two inches more second row legroom and cargo space is also larger let’s start with pricing and the rav4 the base all-wheel drive model in canada is just over forty six thousand dollars and just over forty thousand dollars in the united states the top trim in canada is called the xse with the xse package that’s very original that’s fifty eight thousand dollars

So the top package in the united states is the xse and it starts at just over forty three and a half thousand dollars but you can add all kinds of different packages ranging from 815 dollars all the way up to five and a half thousand dollars u.s the prime has a combined city and highway rating of 2.5 liters equivalent per 100 kilometers that’s 94 miles per gallon

Equivalent when the battery is depleted it reverts back to the hybrid system and it’s rated at a combined 6.1 liters per hundred kilometers or 38 miles per gallon the rav4 prime can tow 2500 pounds and toyota offers a warranty of three years sixty thousand kilometers or thirty six thousand miles here’s the pricing for the kia a plug-in hybrid the base trim in canada

Starts at just under forty five thousand dollars and the top trim is just over forty eight thousand dollars canadian in the u.s it starts at just under thirty eight and a half thousand dollars u.s and the top trim is just under forty three thousand dollars the kia phev earns a combined city highway rating of 2.8 liters equivalent per 100 kilometers that’s 84 miles

Per gallon equivalent with the battery depleted it gets 6.7 liters per hundred kilometers 35 miles per gallon combined this phev can tow 2 000 pounds and kia offers a warranty of five years or a hundred thousand kilometers sixty thousand miles to be honest andrea i think there’s only so much pull the rav4 prime can have because it’s a toyota when you compare this

Vehicle the rav4 prime to this kia it’s so much more expensive for the rav4 it comes with way less features yeah it’s not as big it does have better range granted uh but you know what which one are you spending your money on well the rav4 prime in canada tops out at over 58 000 i mean that’s almost a ten thousand dollar difference between the kia and the prime in

Canada in the u.s fully loaded that prime tops out at 49 000 i mean that’s a six thousand dollar difference between the two it’s it’s it’s more manageable in the u.s uh i don’t know it’s just really what what one you can get i think what it comes down to if you want one of these i’d put your name at a dealer in a small deposit fully refundable make sure it’s fully

Refundable uh and then whichever one comes in buy it and some will say well the rav4 prime gets better fuel economy than the kia more range yeah yeah but also better fuel economy and and that is true but is that enough with the savings there on fuel now the big question is what’s the biggest cost of owning a vehicle you know what it is depreciation so the the only

Question mark we have and you guys are going to pound away on the keyboard on this one i know is which one five years from now is going to be worth more money is it the rav4 prime granted was more expensive new probably will be more worth more because it’s got that toyota name but i would suspect that this kia if it doesn’t catch on fire or anything will probably

Do just fine i think it just depends on the market too if we have more plug-in hybrids available then these aren’t going to be worth as much but today they are worth gold because people can’t get them and gas prices are through the roof this week in vancouver it is at record high prices so i understand why people are interested in going with an electrified vehicle

Now all right so what do you think which one would you choose the rav4 prime yep best range uh the kia sportage or sportage with granted way nicer looking on the inside yeah pound away let us know and what else do they have to do well you got to subscribe hit that notification bell you’ll be notified when all of our content drops you put out some unique stuff each

Week and we’d love you to watch it all and when will we see them next we’ll see you next week

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Toyota RAV4 Prime VS Kia Sportage PHEV comparison review By Motormouth