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Toyota RAV4 SUV 2020 in-depth review | carwow Reviews

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This is the new toyota rav4 and twatter has renamed what raph stands for you see ravaged to stand for recreational activity vehicle makes sense doesn’t it four is obviously four-wheel drive but now they say that it stands for robust accurate vehicle because that’s one keeping with the fact this car is tougher actually it’s tougher the body is 57% stiffer than the

Old rub force oh yeah don’t worry it’s robust remember they said so it’s fine now this is a kind of car you’re gonna be looking at if you’re considering some like a volkswagen tiguan or a honda crv this though is not available as a diesel at all its petrol only terms of starting price there are four range kicked off just under 30,000 pounds but you can save an

Average of around 1,700 quid off one through car wipe now if you’re thinking about buying a new car click on the pop-out balanced up there let’s all rank on the screen i’ll follow the link below the video to see how much you can save on a new car through car why to make sure you’re paying the right price this new rav4 looks way more interesting than the old one

I don’t even mind the huge wheel arches a standard you get 17-inch alloys these are the upgraded 18 and they’ve got a chrome effect on them but all models get privacy glass at the rear you get ruthbarz and yet at the front as well it’s got a very distinctive face i like it looks a bit like a stormtrooper in this color what’s it like on the inside there well let’s

Have a look it’s pretty smart in there as well i do like the design it’s interesting and there’s nice soft materials here on the dash with the stitching the fit there here on the door tops as well there are some areas where it’s not quite so great though for instance you’ve got scratchy plastics down here here up here and just hang on the handles but then there’s

Some other bits that do make up for that remember effect here on the inside of the door handle this rubbery effect here and even up here on the stereo controls the lair of everything is fairly logical but there are a few toyota isms in the way that the controls for the high beam light and the heated steering wheel and the real windscreen wiper are here rather

Than with their associated controls and i have noticed this look you do get wob on the center console if you shake it but it still feels pretty robust ending at toyota it shouldn’t break well i’m not so keen on is this there look the lights are old-fashioned filament bulbs now though let’s talk about the rav4 equipment levels the range kicks on for the icon and

That gets a 8 inch touch screen and a 7 inch digital drivers display there’s also automatic cruise control which will slow the car to keep your safe distance from the car in front it will even work in stop-start traffic and the steering will automatically steer to keep you in lane and of course is also automation see braking if you don’t spot that a continuity

Has stopped the icon also has dual zone climate control and automatic lights and wipers finally you also get a reversing camera and the press of a button you can go to a wider view and also you can change a look at the guidelines shown on the screen to help your park the next room level up is called design and that adds front parking sensors you also get keyless

Entry and an electrically operated tailgate you also get satellite navigation added to the course infotainment system which is kind of a must because the raffle does not come for now with apple carplay nor android auto though they may be added later and you might actually be able to retrofit them if you’ve already bought a rough four and the design model for me is

The sweet spot in the range because you’ve got the right man kit and it’s a decent price however if you want a leather interior you need to pay extra for this excel version you also get electric operation of the driver seat heated seats and a heated steering wheel as well it also gets blind spot monitoring and all led headlights for a better view at night finally

There’s the dynamic model and that adds some sporty touches such as two-tone paint black arlo whirls black headlining and some sport seats okay let’s move on to the entertainment system i do like the way that it’s positioned up here so you don’t have to take your eyes off the road to see what’s going on turns the infotainment system itself well the screen isn’t very

High resolution but at least it’s colorful the menus all laid out clearly and you get plenty of physical shortcut buttons which is nice they’re easy to hit when you’re driving it’s all pretty logical but the screen isn’t very responsive the voice commands are okay but they only work with specific phrases and it’s quite limited it is easier to import a destination

Into the satellite navigation system but it takes ages for the system to calculate a route and even longer to add a waypoint and overall i don’t think the system in this cart is quite as good as in a kia sorento if you want to see my phone get video review have a kia sorento just click up there the pop up man in the top right hand corner the screen or for the link

Below the video there’s a comfort here in the front well there is plenty of adjustment in the steering wheel so that’s good the driver’s seat it moves far enough back or forward and you can jack it quite high or low so with your big or small you can be fine one thing i have noticed though is that while this almost is super squishy and soft the one on this side is

Actually quite ow that is not so good that’s a practicality well you can fit a 1.5 liter bottle in the door bin which is impressive you are a couple of cup holders there and they can hold a cup of coffee in and not too deep and you can’t fit in a smaller cup without it knocking the lid off the space there for your mobile phone and charging point a 12 volt socket

There aux-in and a usb charging port there as well space under the arms with a little tray look room underneath for some gloves don’t ask why i carry those around with me there’s also some more usb ports under here as well and then there’s a little space here which i wonder what it’s for but i think i figured it out look it fits an emergency tea bag there just in

Case you need to stop and have a have a brew when you’re on the move and there’s some of the weird kind of storage areas here there’s another one just up here where i keep my hand sanitizer the glovebox is only okay but you get this in a storage area up here which i think is just perfect for me to keep my car stick of truth’ there’s also a little slot down here

Which is perfect for holding your cards that’s what i’m keeping my press card look but you’re surprised to find that i am in fact a genuine journalist let’s move on to the back now one of the things about this new rav4 is that they’ve actually lowered the hit point which makes it easier to just flop into the doors they don’t open the widest but they’re wide enough

And yeah it’s still easy to get in to this car and once you’re in look at this right so i loaded leave room and you can slide your feet under the seat in front of stretcher headroom even with the optional sunroof is okay for me and people over six-foot-tall will be fine even with that in place the middle seat is a bit raised it feels like a perch if you’re in the

Middle but because there’s not too much of a hump in the floor there is plenty of space for everyone’s feet in fact it’s actually quite good with three in the back because this is a very wide car so even taller people who sat on the outer seat won’t fill out the heads are touching the roof when it curves in at the top of the windows so that’s good what’s not so good

Is this look so yes you have an armrest with some cupholders but there is no through loading at all that is not very good on a car which is supposed to be designed for people with active lifestyles down here though you do have a couple of charging ports which is great and there’s a little pocket there to keep your ipad but if you’re set beyond the driver look you

Don’t have one you do have some decent sized door bins like fit back in there and i love the fact the windows are nice and large in the back and it’s great that they do go all the way down so you can lean out kids will really like that speaking of kids when it comes to fit in a child see the eyes fix anchor points uncover – they’re really easy to get to because

You got a lot of space in the back it’s dead simple to just maneuver the seat and lock it into place if you have two child seats fitted in the back you haven’t got much space in between them you might have to squeeze a child in there but your mother-in-law certainly wouldn’t be able to fit what a shame now let’s move on to the boot so in terms of the capacity

It’s about average for this size of car for instance it’s a little bit smaller than a volkswagen tiguan in fact you could fit 13 extra of these in the box on homes boot compared to this cars but still look there’s gonna be enough room for a family’s luggage in fact underneath a low cover you can fit two large suitcases with two smaller suitcases on top there’s

Easily enough room for a baby buggy a set of golf clubs and a load of soft bags as well i was like the fact that you’ve got no low lip so you can just slide things out dead easy you’ve got some extra storage under here as well there are the obligatory tender points there they feel quite expensive and tough you’ve also got a 12-month socket there if you need to

Power something like a drinks cooler if you want to fall down the rear seats a bit of a faff because you have to leave in there are no releases in the boot here or here like you have on some other cars but once you do have the seats down looking and see you get a completely flat floor these slide things to the front and with the seats folded this caused capacity

Is slightly bigger than a volkswagen tiguan so you can fit two large boxes across the backseat with a smaller one sitting in between and it’s spaced for 11 more small boxes two large suitcases one small suitcase and two soft bags and by the way try to specifically design this load bay to be long enough to be able to swallow a bike with both its wheels attached

Because after all this is a robust accurate vehicle now then it’s time for the car why five annoying things about this car this car constantly makes beeps and bongs at you whatever you do it always seems to just make a right old racket get someone else the electric tailgate takes ages to close look and their time it come on come on imagine if it’s raining the

Annoying wouldn’t it is it there yet come on that’s it properly shut 12 seconds you might expect an edgy looking suv to have a horn that sounds a little bit like this but no the actual sound of the raffles horn is this you might think that this car passes the carwash stuka truth because look real exhaust pipes however the excel model fails on a technicality because

Nope you’ve got these huge chrome surrounds which are fake i mean look i can wedge this stick in there the brakes make an odd sound listen then you get that drilling sound what’s that all about it’s not all negative though here’s five good things about this car is here these bumps on the roof well they’re specifically designed to help the air flow across the top

Of the vehicle and that reduces drag when you’re driving at speed which helps improve the economy check this out so look the cars a load cover is hidden underneath the false floor until you need it which is absolutely brilliant as is the fact that if you want you can reverse the floor so that you’ve got off oops wipe down surface perfect if you’ve got a dirty dog

That you need to carry in your car you don’t have to worry about the backseat risers getting dirty by rubbing against ourselves if the cars been driving on a muddy road because look they’ll always be clean thanks to the fact that the doors extend all the way over there protected by cladding don’t worry this mark it’ll come off four wheel drive versions of the rav4

Has something called trail mode now when he selected it alters the change from the gearbox and the throttle response so it’s just a little bit better for driving on slippery surfaces also if the car detects one of its wheels is losing traction and starting to spin sights off the ground it will automatically break that wheel to send the power to the wheels that do

Have grip to get you going again being a traitor the rav4 gets a five-year warranty that was weird the engine lineup for the rav4 is pretty simple because there’s just one hybrid and that’s it so that uses a 2.5 liter petrol engine and it’s mated to an electric motor and then you have 215 horsepower which is good for naught to 60 in around 8 seconds which is alright

You can get the rav4 with front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive though all-wheel drive is not available on the entry-level car i’m not sure you need either because it does cost an extra four thousand pounds now it’s important for you to make sure that you’re paying a fair price for a car so what you should do is go onto the car configurator put the detail in sold

It for this car the rough for front-wheel drive xl and i got an offer back for just under 33,000 pounds so if you want to check the price of a car you’re looking at click on the pop-up banner in the top right hand corner of the screen or follow the link below the video to use the car while configurator the rav4 is really nice to drive in time for two reasons the

First is that being hybrid at slower speed you just coast along silently using the battery power and the electric motor and if it needs and you put your foot down the petrol engine does kick in give you a burst of power and the second reason is that being an suv you sit up high to get a good view forward also that raised driving position and long wheel travel means

This thing’s good over speed humps another thing is that this car feels pretty settled over bumpy roads it’s not too bad at all now one of the things with hybrid cars is that when you’re braking the first part of your braking engages the cause inverter which then charges at the battery and it can make the brake pedal feel a little bit inconsistent now let’s see

How easy is to park this rav4 big big wing mirrors and these pillars as well they’re quite thin so they don’t create much of a blind spot also the stims nice and light so that’s good the reversing camera is helping me out quite a bit i do wish that the mirror over there would tilt down but it doesn’t but it’s quite easy the only real issue in terms of visibility

Is the pillars they’re quite fact that’s it done alright let’s get on with the final in town driving test ryan let’s have maneuverable this car is so here’s a mini roundabout it should be fairly easy to get around because this car has quite a tight turning so i’ll go for an suv it’s better than a volkswagen tiguan it’s also better than a honda crvs and yeah that

Was an absolute piece of cake on the motorway the rav4 is a pretty good long-distance car the seats are nice and comfy and soft but still supportive also it’s always be quiet you did get a bit of tire noise and a little bit of wind listen from those big door mirrors it’s not quite as quiet as a citroen c5 aircraft in fact you can see my in-depth review of the

Decision see if i vary across just by clicking at them on paper and that’s all right hand corner the screen what does spoil the ambience though is this on an axial rate from 50 miles an hour see how long he gets to 70 yeah if she picks it well gotta have added punch from an electric motor and that’s 70 but did he hear that the drone from the gearbox what happens

Is it actually holds the engines revs at a fixed point where the engine is most efficient which is good the bad thing is is that then it makes the engine just sound like it’s going slimy it gets me a nurse now the reason to have this kind of gearbox known as a cvt is because it does improve the economy so let’s check out the economy on this car so that’s what i’m

Averaging it’s alright let’s see what this toyota rav4 is like when you encounter a twisty road so i’m gonna put into sports mode which has added some weight to the steering and it’s made the throttle a little bit more responsive and i’ve got some red detailing on the speedo sporty not really not really at all this car goes around corners well enough it doesn’t lean

Too much in the bends and it grips the road okay the right fall is more of a cruiser these include now if you’d quite like a family suv but really want a diesel then click up there on the pop up button that’s hot ryan corner the screen or follow the link below the video to watch my in-depth review and the volkswagen tiguan but back to the rav4 now and my verdict

So should you avoid it should you consider it should is shortlist it or should you just go right ahead and buy it well i reckon you should shortlist the toyota rav4 it’s a practical good to drive an economical family suv do you agree my verdict let me know in the comment section also please subscribe to this channel for more videos and if you click on the deals

Box to the right you can see how much you can save on a new car at kawa or click on the video windows below to watch another of my videos

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