Toyota says the media are confused about EVs

Toyota says the media are confused about EVs

At the end of 2021 the ceo of toyota got a rare third term as the head of japan’s auto lobby not only is he ceo of toyota but he’s also the ceo of the japanese automotive industry yesterday that man said this just like the fully autonomous cars that we are all supposed to be driving by now electric vehicles are going to take a lot longer to become mainstream than

The media would like you to believe hello my friends welcome to the channel i’m the electric viking great to see you welcome to all the new subscribers and welcome back everyone else really good to have you all thank you for tuning in thank you for subscribing thank you for supporting the electric revolution and for supporting me and you having clean air debrief

Having clean airs i i quite like it i really don’t like it when i’m driving behind other cars where their fumes are spewing head everywhere and if i open my window i’ll drink in those toxic fumes which they are pretty toxic so evs are the future for a number of reasons toyota well they uh they don’t want that to be the case because frankly they’re not ready for

It and they’re fighting tooth and nail against it now you may or may not be aware of this but toyota spends more money lobbying against evs than even the biggest oil companies in the world that is a proven fact not a youtube fact proven fact toyota motor corporation president at keo toyota recently shared a dig at self-driving cars and evs during a meeting with

The company’s dealers the toilet executive argued that the electric vehicle transition will take a lot longer than expected just like the fully autonomous cars that we were all supposed to be driving by now electric vehicles are going to take longer to become mainstreaming and the media would like us to believe he said so we tried to kind of reassure his fellow

Buddies in japan don’t worry it’s okay i know you’re not ready for evs and neither are we and don’t worry the media is wrong it’s not going to happen the way they say it is plenty of time relax that’s what he’s saying tesserati said this well toyota not toyota toyota seems to be skeptical about the electric vehicle industry toyota has taken some steps recently to

Ensure that it has some footing in the emerging electric vehicle sector last august toyota announced that it would be increasing its investment in a new battery plant in the us from 1.3 billion to 3.8 billion a decision that seemed partly influenced by the growing consumer demand for evs and it’s a decision that was at complete odds with what toyota has publicly

Said for years for years they have said ebs are not the future of the automotive industry and they still are sticking to that claim now toyota has recognized california’s authority to set vehicle emission standards under the u.s clean air act according to a reuters report which is a good thing thank you california thank you for setting the way and you know pushing

Toyota to actually do what they should have done support avs that said toyota has stood by the japanese automakers diversified strategy with its vehicle offering saying that playing to win means playing with all the cards on the deck not just a select few so that’s our strategy and we’re sticking to it the executive compared toyota to a department store in the

Way that it sells a variety of cars to customers with varying needs and i mean toyota is still very much into hydrogen-powered vehicles they’re still investing in them in fact they’re even investing into hydrogen powered engines not just fuel cells but engines themselves they’ve invested money along with the yamaha mazda into building hydrogen-powered engines i

Made a video about that engine it’s probably the most complicated and most likely to blow up engine ever created in automotive history by a mainstream automotive company you should go to check out the video i’ll put a link in the description below to that hydrogen engine tell me what you think but the thing runs so lean so incredibly leaned that i mean it would be

Appropriate for a gone in 60 seconds need for speed type movie where the engine is about so red it’s about to blow up that’s the kind of way they’re running that engine now i personally think it’s just crazy but that’s just my view check out the video and let me know what you think toyota has listed several obstacles in the greater adoption of evs such as they’re

Too expensive they have adverse effects on electrical infrastructure even though we’ve seen in norway they’re having no problems with evs being everywhere but anyhow as well as the fact that over 1 billion people worldwide lack access to electricity that said interestingly electric bikes electric motorbikes electric scooters have taken off big time in southeast

Asia even in poorer countries this may be one of the reasons why toyota only expects to sell 3.5 million evs including plug-in hybrids and hybrids by the end of the decade about one-third of its current sales of gasoline-powered vehicles so toyota is basically saying you know we’ll sell a couple of million evs about 20 maybe of their entire global car sales in

2030 will be electric to me that’s a strategy for becoming the next nokia or the next kodak so tesserati said this the executive’s words have been appreciated by the company’s deal of steve gates a toyota dealer who operates in kentucky and indiana noted that the automaker’s diversified approach makes sense you can’t make a living selling evs gate said well i find

This kind of amusing how’s tesla making a living how is tesla making more profit than toyota even though they sell one-tenth the number of cars that’s a rhetorical question i have for you toyota fans how did that happen well the funny thing is right eventually what’s going to happen to toyota is going to have to pay a lot of money to electric car companies such

As tesla in zev credits because if they don’t make evs eventually they’re gonna have to pay enormous fines for not doing so that’s the reality that they’re going to be facing regardless of whether they want to continue to fight against them i realistically think i’m going to say it right now toyota himself the great grandson of the original founder of the company

Will be responsible single-handedly for the downfall of the company the downfall of the world’s largest automotive company is 2022 yes toyota sales are at all-time highs right now but by 2030 they will not even be in the top three automakers worldwide that’s my prediction we’ve got just over seven years to make it happen let me know if you agree or disagree do

You think i’m crazy you think i’m a maniac i don’t know but i do know one thing which is this electrification has happened a lot faster than anyone predicted it would who is admitted to that volkswagen have admitted to that ford keep on admitting to that over and over general motors have admitted to that legacy auto realizes that now the only company that doesn’t appears to be toyota

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Toyota says the media are confused about EVs By The Electric Viking