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Toyota Sequoia Prinsu Roof Rack 2001-2007

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After many requests, the 1st Gen Sequoia Roof Rack is here! The Prinsu rack gives vehicles the extra storage possibilities while coming in a sleek and low profile design. Follow along with this video to make your installation process easier. Thank you for watching and don’t forget to like and subscribe!

What’s up everybody justin here from cbi and prinsu today we’re going to show you how to install a prince2 roof rack on the first generation toyota sequoia this is a completely non-drill roof rack uses all factory hardware to mount it up it’s all aluminum so very lightweight construction let’s dive in all right so our first step is we’re going to get everything

Unpacked and kind of laid out so i’m just going to quickly identify the parts you should have starting furthest away from me kind of work towards me so we have our wind deflector and our noise reducing trim we have 11 crossbars one of which is going to be silver and that’s going to attach to the back of the wind deflector we got our side rails our longer ones and

Then we have our shorter side rails and in here is our hardware we’re going to have these rubber pads that are going to attach to the bottom of the mounting feet make sure you got those we have our loctite hardware we have our wind deflector hardware there’s going to be t-nuts washers and phillips head bolts in there this hardware bag is going to contain our

T30 bolts that are going to install the side rails to the crossbars and there’s washers in there as well and we’re gonna have these silver washers um also that will be used with the factory hardware so once you get everything we’re gonna start prepping our hardware we’re gonna put loctite and washers on all the bolts and then we’ll start assembling the side rails

Okay so now we’re gonna um join the front and back side rail together so we’re just gonna use this little splice plate here and four of our t30 torx bolts just make sure you have this uh silver side facing in these are not side specific so either splice plate’s going to work so just get them lined up and we’ll start all the bolts and then tighten them down okay

So we have our side rail tightened down and installed on both sides so now we’re gonna get the cross bars assembled to the side rails just make sure you do this with the drop in points facing up and install them in the smaller slots you also don’t want to cover up a mounting foot with a crossbar and we’re only going to assemble a few of them because this rack is

So large we don’t want it too heavy when we install it on the vehicle so we’ll use our t30 torx bolts and we’ll get these installed i’m using an impact but it’s turned down to its lowest setting so be careful that you don’t over tighten or cross through the bolts all right so our next step is we’re going to install our little rubber stickies on the bottom of

The mounting feet so these um there’s two different kinds obviously the one with one cutout is going to go over the mounting foot with one cut out the one with two cutouts is going to go over the mounting feet with two cutouts uh pro tip this would have been easier before the crossbars got in but this is the first time we put these on so apologize there so we’re

Just going to reach around stick them underneath but if you haven’t put the crossbars on do it before okay now we’re at the vehicle we’re going to take off the factory roof rack so we need to remove these plastic trim pieces that are at three locations along each side of the vehicle you can use a plastic pry tool a screwdriver or sometimes even just good

Old uh what god gave you here bare hands so take and just kind of peel towards you and away and those come right off so we’re just gonna do that like i said on three locations on each side of the vehicle okay so we got our plastic pieces off now we’re gonna remove the bolts um to get the factory rack removed so we have two up front on both sides we have two in

The sides of the middle and then one underneath and then two in the back so we’ll go ahead and get those removed and then we’ll be able to get the rack off the vehicle okay so the next step is we’re going to remove the remaining t30 bolt on each side and remove this plastic piece okay so next couple steps we’ve got going on is we’re gonna clean this surface

Really well so the roof rack sits nicely on the roof also we have some unused holes in every location that we need to seal up so you’ll have some sealing tape in your kit mine’s going to look a little different than yours but it’s basically the same stuff so the unused hole will not be threaded so make sure you seal the right hole and also we’ll use black rtv

Silicone on the threaded holes and then we’re ready for the roof okay so you can see we have the rack into place now the next step is we’re going to take our factory bolts that we previously removed slide on the washers included in your kit and we’re going to get all the bolts started it’s pretty important when you set down your roof rack onto the roof that

You get it lined up and then set it straight down so that you’re not sliding around and basically erasing all the silicone that you previously put on so once you get it set into place we’ll get these all started check our alignment and then tighten it down so okay now we’re going to assemble our wind deflector down here on the ground so we need to get our

T-nuts slide them into the slots just make sure you have the threaded part facing downward and then we’re going to place the wind deflector up here and start all the bolts by hand and then we’ll come back with a phillips head screwdriver tighten them all down then we’ll install our noise reducing trim so so so so okay so our last step is we’re

Going to install our remaining crossbars we’ll be good to go all right guys thanks for following along with today’s install tutorial of the first generation toyota sequoia prinsu rack this thing’s ready to go don’t forget to like and subscribe to see more videos like this thanks for watching you

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Toyota Sequoia Prinsu Roof Rack 2001-2007 By CBI \u0026 Prinsu Installs