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I got this idea from the Toyota Sequoia Off-Road Facebook page and thought I would give it a try. Overall I spent about $30 in materials and a couple hours and now I have a Mini Snorkel!

What’s up guys this is chase from outside tribe and today we’re gonna do a little bit of a install video on my 2004 toyota sequoia you’ve seen in couple other videos you guys have been asking for some more sequoia related content so i’m gonna bring it to you on the facebook group the toyota sequoia off-road facebook group there’s been a couple guys that have done

Its what they’re calling it the mini snorkel mod so basically what it is is instead of having the full land cruiser snorkel you got to cut a huge hole in the fender i personally not going to be going in water that deep and i also don’t live in an area that’s super dusty so there’s really no need for that type of snorkel i just basically want protection for going

Through puddles and bigger puddles faster so it doesn’t splash up and get into that intake so basically what they’re doing is they’re taking three inch pvc pipe coming straight out of the stock factory box coming out and then up and running it somewhere up in here so we’re changing that intake height to somewhere around right here instead of somewhere down here

So it’s not a ton but people who have done it said they’re pretty happy with it so i figured i’d get a try it’s a cheap upgrade just basically some three inch pvc pipe some three inch elbows and some silicone so let’s get started on that okay so this is what we’re working with today we got some three inch pvc pipe i got a little bit more of this too so we using

That we got a ninety degree bend from straight out of the stock factory air box and then we’ve got a 45 degree bend some guy thinks sal on the facebook group he used a 45 degree bend and it looked pretty clean so we’ll see if i use that or not then we got obviously pvc cement that you’re going to need to make all these stay together seal them and then we got some

Silicone or on the factory stock air box where we take this pipe into so it stays water tight we’re gonna take the factory box off just the top and take the air filter out and then we’re gonna have to come down here and to get more room i’m probably gonna take the wheel tire off we’re gonna get up here i’m going to take out this inner fender liner i don’t know if

You can see that for me the first step is going to be taking this inner fender liner out never done that before so i think there’s three bolts down here along the bottom or three 10 mils and then we got some right here here here one two should have one there and then there’s these little tabs now i’m gonna try and get out without breaking and i think those are all

The spots on right there that i need to take off to get the fender liner out we’ll see if i can do without breaking them i feel like those little plastic things usually have the tendency of breaking so we’ll see how that goes so we got the inner fender liner out which was a pain in the ass each one of these little tabs has this like a little plastic piece like this

One and i don’t know how to get him out so i just pulled them through the plastic and i figured i mean each one of these has bolts i’ll just bolt it back in and i think that’ll be fine if not it doesn’t really matter to me that inner fender liner doesn’t have to be perfect but just heads-up kind of a pain in the ass there’s an easier way to do that i’d like to know

All right so now we got that done you got a dry off my car a little bit because it’s a gorgeous rainy day here in ohio but now we’re gonna take the top part off the airbox so if you’ve never done it before there’s just a clip on each corner you just push down this will pop up and that literally just opens up yeah move it around a little bit then we’re gonna open

That up take the air filter out and go from there ready to get the air box out took the top off and then to get the lower box out you can’t actually get that pipe out from up out of it without taking the whole thing out so you’re gonna have a bolt here bolt here and bolt down here all 10 mil and you just got to wiggle it out and get it out and then this is what

It comes out and you can just pull this straight out and that’s where our new pvc is gonna go alright so he came upon a little bit of a problem but i was not expecting this is the air box and the pvc pipe needs to go through here that way we can make a good seal i don’t feel comfortable just taking silicone and creating a seal like this i’m gonna take the dremel

Cut away this little ridge around here so that this pvc pipe fit in there and then we can silicone to around that that’s what i feel comfortable doing if you feel comfortable enough boom putting that on there and putting silicone on it that’s all you but i don’t feel comfortable doing that one all right so we just cut it with the dremel not a super clean cut but

We’ll see if it fits now so the goal is this will fit right in there and then we can put that through bingo so i like that more because now we got that full coverage and now i can put silicone on the inside in the outside so we make sure that’s all sealed up so no water will get in this way we’re making progress we got the first piece in plus the 90 degree bend

So we got that coming into the box going through here i took the turn signal out to get a better view but there’s that 90 degree bend and it’s a really tight fit so i think i’m going to put a little extension i’m going to do the 45 degree bend so we can get it up here and over but letting the cement dry right now then we’ll continue and it will eventually run it up

To here so this is turning out good we got all the pipe in we’ve got it cemented in place there we go we go out from there and we go all the way up up there so essentially we used to be able to go to roughly here before we start sucking in water and now we’ve moved it up to about even with the door so a good five six inches i don’t personally think i’m never gonna

Go that deep but now i’ll have a bit more protection so we get it way up here hidden from everything so there’s not much that gets wet in here once we got that fender liner down we’ll be good to go and that’s pretty much wasn’t too bad just had a couple little parts you had to cut weird parts that were too long there’s not a whole lot of room right there for that

90 degree bend i mean it’s an easy job so if you’re looking for an easy little thing to do on your truck this is easy get some benefits i don’t know if i’ll hear a difference in the intake noise we’ll have to drive it and find out but overall very easy i would do it again now i just gotta put some silicone on the airbox put the liner back in and i’m gonna test it

Out so pretty easy now it’s time everything is dried don’t check for leaks see if we got everything sealed up properly hopefully we did so let me start it up and we’ll check seems good no leaks got full intake through the end of the pvc where we want it so good to go now it’s just the case of putting the fender liner back on which we’ll see how that goes and

Then put the wheel tire back on go test drive so let’s do that ok we’re done the mini snorkel mod i like it it’s easy it was cheap i think everything cost me 30 bucks took me a couple hours just because it took some time for stuff to dry and figure stuff out but a couple hours thirty bucks it’s not hard and i mean if you’re doing any trails or anything that six

Inches higher and more protected intake can literally save your engine so i liked it if you liked it please like share and subscribe i’m gonna start making more sequoia videos it seems like everyone wants sequoia videos no one’s doing it so looks like i’ll do it coming up hopefully i’m gonna hopefully be getting a different lift here soon so front and rear and

Then i’ve got some things in the works that i’ve been wanting to get and wanting to do for this for a while so we’ll get all that done maybe take a winter trip somewhere snowboarding skiing something like that but next summer we’re gonna hit it hard with trips and off-roading and stuff so stay tuned for that thanks for your support see you the next one

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Toyota Sequoia Snorkel Install | Outside Tribe By Chase Cherubini