Toyota Supra v Ford Mustang V8 – DRAG RACE, ROLLING RACE & BRAKE TEST

It’s time for another DRAG RACE – this time pitting the Ford Mustang GT against a Litchfield-tuned Toyota Supra! The Supra has 440hp and a turbocharged 3.0-litre engine, but can it beat the Mustang being driven by Car Throttle’s Alex Kersten, which produces 450hp thanks to its 5.0-litre V8! Let’s find out…

Hi everyone matt watson here from carlisle so i’m sat in a toyota supra which means i’ve got a three litre straight-six turbocharged engine rear-wheel drive 8-speed automatic gearbox normally i’d have 340 horsepower but this car has been tuned by litchfield so it’s now got 440 horsepower and 600 newton meters of torque and i’m gonna drag race it against that over

There i’ve got guest driver in that it’s alex from cars all right matt but before that i just thought i’d wear this cap reasons i’m in the 5 litre v8 mustang 450 horsepower 530 and newton meters we’ve got a 10 speed automatic gearbox interestingly don’t have launch control in this that’s a manual only model option which is really stupid bizarrely this supra is more

Expensive it’s like 53 grand and i’ve got way less power than you so thread and 40 horsepower we know that the supra does not have 340 horsepower you can see that on the car throttle video over there we don’t know tested it and it produced way more than that secondly you’ve got some decals on your car litchfield now i’ve been to litchfield nice place not sure why

You don’t want to put it on your car it’s a nice cathedral city in your car as well we’re definitely not having launch control on at all you can trust me all righty all right i wonder if we can beat him stop come on mustang oh no sideways oh come on how we post we’re all over the place please get away from me this is awkward see you later alex he’s beating me

But not by that much alex by the way i was in launch control not gonna make any difference but hey let’s do it you call it in alright three two this is better without so then what exactly happened well i reacted quickly to the starter but the car struggled for traction in the first 20 meters spinning up its wheels despite this though the litchfield subra still

Crossed the line in an impressive 12.1 seconds meanwhile alex in the mustang did the quarter-mile in 12 point 7 seconds we can have a rolling race from 50 miles an hour cars in dry comfort mode just chilling i’m going to count it in by 5 liters by you’re slow oh god look how heavy it is this is pretty hard on the brakes wow well speaking of that let’s see what it’s

Actually like in a brake test i like doing emergency brake tests not in my own car though let’s get level with me then we’ll be about 70 wait wait so slowing that thing right when we get to the line come on mustang oh well i felt good i’m not that big a fan of the supra brillon second thoughts i mean it’s quite good in it it’s a bit better than a mustang especially

If you’ve got silver stripes down the side that say litchfield so the car itself i think it’s about 53,000 pounds with a basic car and the ecu upgrade is less than a grand when and chose to drive the mustang but mine doesn’t sound bad i got this as well well we can all do that i think i’d have more fun in this maybe okay you have more fun in that yeah this is not

Gonna go well is it having fun no map hello nice to fear please subscribe to this channel for more videos and if you click on the deals box to the right you can see how much you can save on a new car at car web or click on the video windows below to watch another of my videos

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Toyota Supra v Ford Mustang V8 – DRAG RACE, ROLLING RACE & BRAKE TEST By carwow