TOYOTA Tundra vs JEEP Gladiator – Off-Road Comparison

TOYOTA Tundra vs JEEP Gladiator – Off-Road Comparison

Foreign driver’s life today i’m gonna show you the comparison between my toyota tundra and the french jeep gladiator as always we’re gonna go through this v-notch and then rolling rock and then the flex test the tundra v-notch footage is from two months ago when it was drier so that it’s relatively easier however you can still see the articulation difference

Between the two trucks please remember how big the wheel guide is on the driver’s side and then you will be able to compare the jeep gladiators a little gap here at the maximum flex and police do know that for this free notch footage the tundra did it when it’s not raining so it’s relatively less muddy however it’s still kind of challenging but definitely not

As difficult as when it’s raining which is when the jeep gladiator did it here you can see the tires are aired down to 18 psi i also upgraded my tire from the ko2s in this footage to the geolander mt monitoring tires i will be doing a comparison review of both tires in the same terrain so that you’ll get an idea of how each tire performs in different kind of

Surface conditions when it’s dry this off-camber climb is uh still kind of sketchy for my tundra and at this moment on the driver in the driver’s seat it felt like the truck was about to tip over now it’s cheap gladiator’s turn it was raining really hard so please take that into consideration the jeep gladiator has around three inch lift and is on 37 inch tall

Monitoring tires the jeep gladiator is not a rubicon trim level however the driver did have the manual manually disconnected from sway bar which is why you’re seeing a super flexi front axle remember that wheel gap for my tundra this is much bigger and by this time the ring and the previous vehicles has almost destroyed that off-camber climb at the end of this

V-notch crossing and the jeep just didn’t care it made it up that so easy without any hiccup i would probably never try that on my tundra just saying now is the rolling rock hill challenge jeep gladiator on 37s about three or four inch lift it is should be pretty easy however it was just raining the day before we went to the park so it it’s not it didn’t felt

It didn’t feel as easy as it should be since it’s the driver’s first time trying the hill so we didn’t want to have him send it or anything so we’ll just try to craw up if possible that right here the the goal is to keep as passenger as possible so that it can climb up without meeting that huge rock right by the driver’s side as you can see here the vehicle i was

Trying to grab but didn’t have enough traction so i had to adjust the steering to the passenger and tried it again and finally he was able to make it here’s my tundra’s turn as you see here we got the geolander mt tires it’s 35 by 12 and a half and you can see how big the rock is because there’s barely any ground clearance left for my tundra to be on the uh this

Climb and that jeep gladiator just had a lot more clearness the loose rock really gave me a problem and as you can see here there’s a huge slap of rock i slowly crawled it up but i totally forgot to take it easy when i let when i pass it and i hit my sweater real hard then it got wedged into place between my gas tank and rear differential i’m really glad i got

The rci skit place for all of them okay here comes the last section of the rolling rock hill due to the width of the tundra i was not able to fit through the passage on the passenger side so i had to crawl out that rock which is very impressive i had problem crop up that rock with my ko2s but on this geolander mud terrain g03 had no problem come on lastly

We have the articulation comparison both vehicles are going through this bank really tall bank to test out the articulation of your suspension i don’t know what it is but my vehicle started to squeak like crazy here or clicks like crazy and i’m thinking it’s possibly the skip plate that’s rubbing against the frame when the vehicle is flexed thanks to jeep

Gladiator’s turn they really felt more like a flat ground here didn’t even skip a beat all right that’s it for the comparison thank you for watching please leave a comment below of which one do you think did better and which one would you take on your overland journey and as always please like and subscribe have a good one

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TOYOTA Tundra vs JEEP Gladiator – Off-Road Comparison By 4WD is Life