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Track Day: Driving the Ferrari 296 GTB on Sepang

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What’s it like to drive a 830PS, 740Nm PHEV hyper-car that does 0-100km/h in 2.9 seconds on Sepang?

Foreign so we are here today to drive the 296 gtb now the 290 gtb was launched in malaysia or introduced in malaysia in march of 2022 this year basically and right now today we have the chance to test drive it on the track the 296 gtb is the second ferrari phev after the sf90 it’s a 3 liter twin turbo v6 654 horsepower but with the electric motor

That’s bumped up to 818 horsepower with 740 newton meters of torque plus its rear wheel drive now it achieve the 0-200 in 2.9 seconds the 0 to 200 in 7.3 seconds with a top speed of 330 kilometers per hour it’s an 8-speed dual clutch automatic now because it’s a phdv it’s got an electric or battery only range of 25 kilometers in e-drive mode so essentially it

Could almost be or you could almost drive to work depending on your distance from home on pure electricity meaning it’s a silent quiet now ferrari says the 296 gtb is defining fun to drive and is that the case we’re about to find out seat belong good yeah okay that’s fine what a privilege now example accelerate okay no problem yeah perfect oh from edie okay

Okay go to the last one yeah oh god i’m scared now okay so break now we’re gonna break for example for us here we’re gonna get into the corner we go deep deep into the corner later okay from here we start to open up and accelerate there we go let’s go now move slowly to the left okay keep going like this one that’s one that’s great i think this is perfect okay

Now we’re gonna break wait wait wait wait wait come here open up and accelerate let’s go yes yes let’s get it yes touch open up touch again the next one open open up saturday that’s this good right then open up right right close to these now we start to open on the left wait wait wait and get it now accelerated release yes now open open ing okay now

Open up to the right i guess oh okay great wait wait wait time to release a bit of grading very good now as entertaining as my squealing can be or what does it feel like behind the wheel of the 296 gt being spawned it’s fast it’s very fast if you’ve done a track day before you can probably you can probably relate to this you’re so turned on so focused that the

Laps just fly by but in those split seconds can come to appreciate how direct and controlled the 296 really is steering is so quick that you’re making my new changes literally using two fingers it’s all about fitness not brute strength the more composed and refined you drive the more speed you’ll get to carry around the brands and even when the real steps out

It’s never frantic it’s almost whispering into your ear that you’re in a slide and then you get to caress it back into line it’s it’s pure bliss in the form of a phev hypercarp the ferrari 296 gtb now if only i was more priest than copper but yes so that was the end of my drive in the 296 gtv it was mad it was exhilarating but i think like ferrari said it is

An everyday ferrari it is a ferrari that you can learn to drive on a daily basis maybe not in malaysia where we’ve got potholes as big as elephants but you can manage the power if you know what you’re doing i had a really good instructor with me who showed me what to do and yeah you know i mean the worst part of this is that i’m gonna go from a 296 gtb to a

Peugeot 308 to go back home but i suppose that’s life really till the next time thank you for watching bye thank you

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Track Day: Driving the Ferrari 296 GTB on Sepang By