In todays video we do a black out on this 2020 Chevrolet Silverado Trail Boss and then put new 22×10 -18 Fuel Siege wheels and 33×12.50r22 Gladiator X comp tires!!!!

Foreign guys super excited for today’s video because i’m sure you can talk about title and thumbnail the trail boss is finally getting a new set of wheels and tires and by the end of this video it’s going to be like a completely different truck so they’re going to be here tomorrow but before we install them i want to do a couple changes that i think are going

To complement our new look very nicely that being doing a complete blackout of the truck so we’re either going to black out or remove all of the chrome or red bits from the truck aside from the tow hooks we’re gonna leave those red just to be like hey i’m a trail boss still honestly i am still surprised that these stock tires lasted as long as they did the trucks

Got like 54 000 miles on it and there’s quite a bit of tread lift now they are very loud they don’t ride very good they lasted right so the truck for anyone that doesn’t know has got a two inch ready lift sst so it’s like a four inch lift from a standard silverado so the stock wheels and tires definitely look a little small on there and a new setup is going to

Complement it very very good so enough rambling let’s get this thing in the shade d badge it get it clean and then tomorrow slapping some wheels and tires on it we’re gonna go ahead and remove the factory grille so we get the bow tie and the z71 badge off hmm foreign taking the bow tie off don’t worry about this guy or this guy there’s four tabs one two three

And then one inside here you really just press these with your fingers push these down and then the one on the inside just grab your flat head it’s a little hard to see work it push down just like that bow tie will slide right out there’s the clip on the inside if you can see that it’s kind of hard to show y’all but you’re just going to take a flathead and pry

The gray part behind it just like that and there’s your z71 badge yes we are using the almighty plasti dip all right while that sets up and draws a little bit let’s go ahead and tackle some of the other badges just a good old fish line method just try not to break it oh boy thank you so we got four coats on our badges and they’re looking really good

Probably gonna do one final coat you got to make sure to get in all the little cracks on here so none of that red bleeds through but we’ll do one final coat let those sit overnight to cure and then over here we got everything cleaned up from de-badging the truck i’m gonna go ahead and throw the grill back in there because we can just clip those back in the grill

With it already installed so we’ll leave those off for tonight because we got to wash this thing really good it is absolutely filthy look at this hood yeah it’s it’s really bad we when you clean the engine bay as well just just cause but um yeah so we’ll catch up tonight watch this thing and then tomorrow throw our badges back in there and be time to pick up our

Wheels and tires well after an unfortunate two-day delay with the wheels and tires they were stuck on a train or something we finally have them in and it’s time to slap them on the trail boss i am super excited i know y’all are as well even though as i’m sure you can tell by my voice i am under the weather but we pushing through it let’s get these things on the

Trail boss no teasers let’s jump straight to the reveal foreign foreign foreign guys well here it is looking like a completely different truck i am blown away it looks so freaking good rocking the new 22 by 10 negative 18 fuel siege with a 33 12 50 22 gladiator x-comps it’s just so freaking aggressive dude it’s it’s amazing like the whole entire attitude

Obviously has changed dramatically we got a little bit of stance going on we got some super aggressive looking tires i mean that’s a good stance probably like one two inches out inside the fender well which obviously gives it the very very main look the whole blackout was definitely the move the black bow tie black z71 completely changes this front end it looks

Super aggressive now and then removing all the badges around dude such a good move no z71 no trail boss no silverado no lt no dealer sticker oh yeah that thing looks proper from the rear now super super aggressive he’s going to be in shock he’s gonna absolutely love this thing it’s it’s so sick so let’s take a closer up look at the wheels so like i said fuel

Siege 20 by 10 negative 18 or 22 sorry 22 by 10 and there are gloss black with a graphite face pretty sweet looking and that way it breaks it up to where you don’t just see a big blob of black roll and you can actually you know kind of tell the wheel apart and it does look very very premium the paint is like x extremely good on them and then obviously you got your

Gladiators which happens to report they are riding very good on the truck everything bounced out nicely and we did get these through custom offsets like i said they came in two days late they were actually like six days early according to the original but once they actually shipped they were two days late from what they uh posted as but either way another uh good

Setup from custom offsets everything bounced out nice no issues no you know the wheels are totally fine they weren’t damaged at all wrapped extremely good oh man he is gonna he’s gonna freak if it was mine i would take the steps off and i think it would look even better because it’d look much taller but even with the steps it looks so good just dude like i said a

Completely different truck and he’s always talking about how he likes how beefy mine look in the front because i mean you get a little poke you get an aggressive tire and it just changes the entire character and that is a hundred percent the case here dude oh man i love these chevrolets of course there’s absolutely no rubbing that was the big thing for him didn’t

Want to have to do any real big cutting didn’t want to have to uh deal with rubbing because his driveway which you saw in the beginning of this video typically take a left out of that so it’s like a very steep driveway and then a direct left which obviously flexes your wheels and tires you know your suspension and if you’re having to make a complete locked turn it’s

Just not going to work with anything larger than this you’d be rubbing super bad whereas this it shouldn’t rub at all and obviously looks a million times better than stock even though these tires are probably like right at the same height but obviously with a big 22 and being wider and super aggressive did it just looks absolutely amazing so i know he’s gonna love

It i gotta try to clean it up a little bit better i washed it this morning but it’s still got water spots everywhere we’ll try to clean up a little bit might throw some tire shine on it we’ll uh catch up with lauren i actually got several other videos i want to film with this thing while i have it today and then tomorrow or tonight we’ll take it to them see what

He thinks dropping the truck off now hopefully he’s not working right this second and we’ll get his reaction come check her out i like it a lot a lot from this amazing video okay got the perfect stance i really like it yeah i got it poked out just a little bit tires are wide got mean stance oh look and it’s blacked out yeah black that’s your front it’s just

Plasti dip so if you want to go back we can get some replacement badges if you want them gloss but i like that well i actually really like these they’re like a little different i like them they’re gloss and then they got that like graphite i think they look like really premium yep got all those off got the back looking right i like that pop pop truck was good

My truck looks good man all right guys well that’s gonna be a wrap for this video he absolutely loves it once he got out here and checked it out off camera he was like blown away he was just sitting here staring at it absolutely loves it so i’m stoked he likes it it looks great we got a couple more things we were talking about doing to the truck in the future for

Sure so if you want to see more trail boss content be sure to leave a thumbs up subscribe all the good stuff i’ll see you on the next one

Transcribed from video