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Transit Takeover: Ford Transit Stereo Upgrade

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In this video we install a new Pioneer screen stereo in our Ford Transit. The stock screen is very small and hard to see so this much bigger screen that will allow you to connect your smart phone via Bluetooth. This is a minor upgrade but makes a big difference an even gives the dash a more sleeker and cleaner appearance! Be sure to leave a like and subscribe for more info!

Welcome back to the channel everybody i’m jeremy from wild tech designs and i got my trusty sidekick kaden from growing up garage and this is our transit takeover series and however i’m pretty much taking away the transit from rachel i really enjoy driving it especially with all the kids it’s been a lot of fun i’m going to tell you that one thing that i’ve not

Been such a fan of is this whole stereo setup that we have in here i mean yes it works and it does its job but if you look at the new 2021 transit they have a really nice touchscreen fancy dancy radio in there and i thought well if they have it in the 2021 i would love to do it um in our van so let’s see what’s available so i have some really cool new products

Um not of mine all which are available online and what we’re going to do is we’re going to put a new stereo in this see how it works and see maybe it’s something that you guys want to do at home so uh let’s get to work all right guys so we had a good old time shopping on amazon and that’s where i found all of these parts so this is going to replace the stock

Dash bezel that’s in there allowing it to run a seven inch screen which i think is going to be really nice so we also did the pioneer stereo that’s going to be the seven inch screen and what’s cool about this is it does have like the apple carplay and the google and navigation and all that fun stuff so i’m excited to play around with that as well so i guess all

We have to do is time to install this however you guys saw me struggle with just the trailer white so i’m not going to be the one installing this we’re going to have kevin do it he does all of our wiring installs here at weld tech designs so i’m gonna find him and let’s get this thing installed and see how much fun it is all right let’s go all right guys so i

Would say that that install was completely simple but however i didn’t really do anything but i will kind of go over this so my first impression of this setup is it’s definitely gonna have not like a factory-like finish you can see that there is some gaps in there and it does not click in all the way as i would like if i was being completely picky i’m going to

Tell you that i do really like the overall look of it and it definitely wasn’t that hard the biggest problem was is we didn’t buy one of the adapters to connect just the stereo to the stock wiring setup so once we bought that it was pretty much a plug-and-play setup which was really nice now the one thing that i’m definitely you know kind of sad about and i know

That rachel’s not going to be super happy about is we did lose the rear viewer camera so of course i’m not a stereo guy i was just looking for an upgrade so maybe somebody out there knows how to um adapt the rearview mirror camera to this pioneer setup of course that’s almost going to be a whole nother video in itself trying to learn about the pioneer setup what

It’s capable of i do like having being able to have pandora music on it i like having you know the bluetooth connect to it so i’m not being able to have my phone in my hands because you know we want to be all hands-free these days which is great i still probably i think the camera thing though like in thinking about it it doesn’t bother me a ton because i really

Want to go to a brand motion rear viewer camera uh here because i really you kind of get spoiled once you start driving um when i’m driving the chevy van and i’m able to look in my roof your mirror and constantly a hundred percent of the time see what is behind me i think that i really enjoy that much more it’s it’s much more user friendly versus just having it

When i go in reverse because even looking out the back of this i definitely can’t see out the back of it i honestly use the rear viewer mirror more for just looking at my kids so overall i definitely like how this you can see that the tray has definitely gotten a lot bigger so if i want to be able to put stuff in there because the old camera would have been about

Right here but overall i really like the look of this a lot better than the old stereo i can’t wait to play with it some more um and i don’t know maybe you guys have done some different mods some things similar to this and if you’ve run the same setup in there and you’re not having that kind of little fit and finish problem you know let me know i would love to

See what product you guys are using but uh otherwise now i guess the true test is just to see how much rachel likes this and uh we’ll go from there so this is our transit takeover series i’ve kind of taken it over from rachel right now doing these mods but uh thanks guys so much for watching i will see you guys in the next video and uh that’s it comment subscribe

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Transit Takeover: Ford Transit Stereo Upgrade By WeldTec Designs