Tuned Kia Stinger GT 3.3 vs Ford Mustang GT Roush 5.0, drag and roll race.

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Today i’m driving a modified kia stinger gt i believe in the us is called the gt2 and on my left side we have the uh mustang roush maraush mustang we featured that car in our channel before that is a beast and on that side i have carlos with his roush mustang it’s about 750 it’s a rear-wheel drive on this side here’s what we have this is the kia stinger

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And of course you can find the link in the description below so what are you waiting for go and check it out and of course enjoy the rest of the video or if it’s fast we don’t know um i believe um we ran a couple of draggy runs with this was doing 11.9 which is quite impressive this car is from quebec it’s part of the quebec stinger uh forum and special

Thanks goes to eddie for allowing me to drive his stinger and on that side we have carlos both are from quebec they’re joined they have joined us today for another video i’m very honored um i wanted to do this before but we didn’t get a chance and this time we do have the chance to test out this tuned stinger against a rear wheel drive we’ll do a quarter

Mile we’ve warmed up the tires we’ve done my test on this car it launches like i’ve never driven a stinger that launches like this this thing it’s quite impressive so i’m very interested to see how he’s going to do against with another car that makes almost twice the horsepower that’s a rear-wheel drive so let’s not waste any time okay um carlos you can

Put your car into the highest sport mode or whatever you have mine has the traction off because that’s the only way you can work with the tune um are you ready on your side yeah i’m going to put it in drag strip so yeah i’m ready okay um i am ready make sure you look at richard and i’m good to go on my side launch activated what oh he got walkman

He’s actually catching up but i’m gone um hold on i just uh this time we’re going to do the same run the same way you did it um i am ready on my side um to take off so again mine is traction off in sport mode and you have it in drag strip mode as well so we should be good to go oh my god okay i’m scared okay let’s go stinger oh jesus quick what just

Happened oh you’re kidding me oh dammit he grabbed nicely into that one oh man were you playing me on the first run did you play did you hand on the first run or you just missed the gear what happened and the further i missed that i missed my but that’s it but uh yeah oh my god i’m scared nothing went like a bullet man what happened ah so just to

Explain people here on the first run you did you kind of missed a gear uh but that was why the gap was that big but the second one was a good run now we’re going to do a roll race let me just get close to you road race we’re gonna do again 50 kilometers i have it in sport mode with traction uh off and we’re gonna do automatic mode meaning that you’re

Not gonna shift the car you’re gonna let it do his own job i am ready on my side are you ready carlos i’m ready ready let’s roll baby god damn he’s gone okay so um i’m going to do in manual mode uh into first second gear basically second gear 40 to 50 kilometers till that cone i have mine with traction off and basically in sport mode are you ready

Carlos let’s roll baby oh my goodness i got walked damn i mean it still did oh it did okay it did okay i i’m not saying i won but it did okay i am quite impressed you know i was just saying the same thing carlos like don’t get me wrong you’re making half the extra horsepower compared to me uh you’re making extra horsepower of course like 750 500

Here maybe and it’s just insane that i’m able to stay right beside you even on a roll uh on the automatic mode was far closer in manual mode it’s a different case somehow this does better job in automatic mode but i’m very impressed with the stinger man and thank you to you and eddie for driving all the way from quebec this is just an amazing vehicle

And people that have doubts about the stinger this is the perfect scenario that this car can do a lot more and let’s not forget this only has the borla exhaust in the back it has the blow valve it has an intake and the map three that’s only map three how many maps are on this jb4 uh you can go until map seven i think but it’s uh you have like a lot of

Modifications and uh racing with racing fuel they can really pure to have like a lot of power now today both cars have racing fuels right right now yeah okay so for this race we have racing fuels man nonetheless um carlos thank you for joining us today man this is just so amazing i always wanted to bring a tuned stinger on my channel this is the first

Time ever that i’ve actually brought a tuned stinger and doing it against the roush which is an absolute beast this this car it’s i’m quite impressed and i have to say it’s the first time that i managed to launch a kia stinger properly this thing launches like it was made from factory thanks again man thank you my pleasure anna it is happy to to come

Too so thank you my friend wow this stinger it’s bloody quick as they would say um i’m i’m i’m impressed now don’t get me wrong yes i lost to the roush but it makes a lot more horsepower this thing and it didn’t break down there’s no engine lights nothing and this goes like this all the time it also has racing fuel i’m quite impressed what a car it’s so

Different with the tune i’ve driven stock i’ve driven the new gen the new model which is the same as the old one just a bit more horsepower different interior this is just i’m shocked i’m impressed and shocked at the same time they’ve done a fantastic job and it’s a shame that this car it’s not going to be produced anymore from kia because it’s such a

Good platform to do work like this that was it everyone thanks for watching cheers

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