Tuning our Audi Q3 2.0 TDI Quattro into a 210 HP drag car

The Audi Q3 is a very comfortable and very practical family car. But in this episode we show you how to turn your everyday family car into proper balls to the wall drag car! We take the good ol’ Audi Q3 2.0 TDI Quattro and tuned its 2.0 TDI engine into a 210 horsepower coalrunner! Since the Audi Q3 sports the Quattro AWD system, launching the car is pretty easy and makes it actually the second fastest car we have in this year’s lineup! The Q3 2.0 TDI has the DQ500 gearbox which is a very good gearbox when it comes to tuning! Watch the video to find out more!

Funnily enough this is a diesel gate engine that’s why we it produces so much power and it’s a proper coal runner engine welcome to another episode of road to valley run and in this episode we are going to be tuning this thing over here this is the audi q3 two liter tdi and first of all this is a epic little car because first of all it has a two liter tdi

Engine which is very tunable and we can get some insane numbers out of it and second because it’s all wheel drive so that’s going to give us a lot of advantage over our competitors so let me open the engine bay and explain a little bit more about this car so this is the engine bay and this is a two liter tdi motor just like i said so two liters of displacement

Four cylinder and funnily enough this is a diesel gate engine that’s why we it produces so much power and it’s a proper coal runner engine but uh stock this thing produces 177 horsepower around 380 newton meters of torque after the remap we’re hoping it will make somewhere around 210 horsepower along with 420 430 newton meters of torque so let’s get the mapping

On our way now but before we did any sort of tuning to the q3 we had to do some general maintenance to the car so we gave it a very general service changed out some of the worn out bushings changed the timing belt because that was making some weird noises and we topped off the oil so before we go out for our test drive i just wanted to explain what sort of

Setup this car is running so first of all niranjan has just uploaded the ec remap to this car but let me just explain what sort of gearbox and all-wheel drive system this thing has so this is a dq 500 dsg transmission so it is telltale so this is a dq 500 dsg transmission and this is one of the better dsgs you can get in the range so there are dq 200s 250s 380s

380 ones and this is the 500 so the tuning capabilities and the amount of power that this gearbox can handle is quite a lot so first of all 420 newton meters of talk it’ll easily handle no problem at all just like breakfast for this gearbox uh seven speed so we have a lot of gears to munch down through uh unfortunately we won’t be doing a tcu tune to this because

I don’t think it’s required good thing about this gearbox it lets you do kind of like this half half kind of launch control it’s kind of like brake boosting launch control kind of that scene and again we won’t have any sort of problems when it comes to grip because all wheel drive so this is a quattro variant of the q3 so all-wheel drive is there uh we’re going

To change the tires to niranjan’s vrs tires which we put on the new speed rs something something i don’t remember the name currently which have the michelin ps4 tyres so once those tires are on this car i think so this is going to be one of the fastest cars right now that we have in our lineup so we’re expecting the timings to be somewhere around the low 14s to

The mid-14s and of course right now we can’t do any those times we can’t be nowhere near those times because the environment is not correct nor are we on any sort of grippy tires but yeah this thing shifts when it’s in its power range and the throttle delivery has become a little bit better the gearbox has become a little bit more snappier uh and i think so

With niranjan’s wheels and tires which will of course reduce some of the moving inertia as well as increase grip this thing is going to quite literally fly on the track still but that’s that we can only find out the day we’re at the valley run so let’s head back to the workshop so the car is still not running the final tune that we want uh of course we’re gonna

Still be doing a lot of fine tuning and little adjustments here and there to get the optimum amount of performance we want out of it but i think so mostly this car is done we’re not doing any sort of major mods of this car like how we did to the vrs or how we did it to the laura or even the polo no sort of downpipes air filter changes or anything because to be

Very honest this engine does not need it all wheel drive is there a good gearbox is also there so that’s pretty much it thank you so much for watching and i’ll see you in the next one if you liked our design and you want to look as fly as us at the valley run you can check out our designs other people’s designs the throttle stores their own design on key chains

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Tuning our Audi Q3 2.0 TDI Quattro into a 210 HP drag car! By The Drivers Hub