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Tuning the Nissan 400Z For More Power

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Coming up this friday hunting company’s going to be releasing our new skull rose t-shirt design this is going to be available at 10 a.m pacific standard time at set your reminders or click the links down below to get a reminder the exhaust is perfect it’s loud when you want it it does drone but only at 4000 rpm which you aren’t really at 75

Miles per hour 80 miles per hour it’s below 3 000. so downpipe and exhaust setup approved absolutely perfect how i couldn’t ask for a better exhaust okay does it feel faster to you because if i felt there was a lot more torque with this new setup without a tune i will say before the exhaust when i stepped on it it felt like there were two lag points one at three

Thousand you hit 3 000 and go why and then at six thousand they go wow again but now the 3000 one is gone it just like at six thousand it goes crazy hell yeah welcome back to today’s video the reason why we are uploading it so much is because this car is actually going to be unveiled at sema this year the 300 wide body kit oh by the way look at this little stash

It’s all kind of spicy today we have a schedule and a deadline to hit with this car to get everything done in time and before we cut this car up next week i wanted to do all the fun mods i wanted to bag it i wanted to do tes i wanted to do a cat-back i wanted to do down pipes today we are going to throw a tune on this car and see how it drives we should pick up a

Little bit of power this isn’t going to be like the world’s best tune it’s going to be a flash tune we’re not going to be on a dyno but we will be retwing the car again once we add fueling mods but today it’s just gonna be our reflash if we should scrape up some extra power while i’m working on the 400z today we have dylan here and to be completely honest i think

Over the last month we’ve been working with dylan a lot more um there’s been a lot of vlogs that we have filmed this month that you guys haven’t seen yet and dylan has been in a lot of them but you guys really haven’t seen them yet so if you don’t remember dylan when he was here for the bmw stuff dylan’s been working with us a lot as of recently because he’s a big

Burly man for one but he’s just good at a lot of things for you but dylan is going to be working on the 370z because as i just said uh we went to a competition last weekend we placed really well dylan was my crew chief and you guys will see that video will probably in the next week or so i’m kind of getting ahead of myself but there are some adjustments we need to

Make to this car and i put new power steering rack that needs to get installed on this car because we’re going to another competition this weekend so they’re going to be fixing up this car today loading the trailer while i’m gonna be playing with 400z with you guys hey pepe guess who’s arrived your sister i heard what you said to me i want to say to you yes and

I do it yes you do of course i break my butthole layers come on man the king himself has arrived and that’s me what is cat what is kevin gonna do today then i’m going to do the most important thing today colin i will be attempting to tune this easy well i’ll be right there with you assisting you it’s just it’s just a flash tune is this a philosopher do you have

Oh you’ve done that before yeah all the time okay i flash all the time all right pep so pep is gonna go and mount some tires for the uh i’m not doing that anymore dylan has convinced me not to i didn’t know what that was dude he’s such an animal like this car this car here is 20 feet off the ground and look at his look at where his head’s at he’s six foot eight

In the meantime i’m going to be assisting kevin what do you need me to do captain i need you oh oh everyone oh hey how’s it going hey how are you doing calvin bit my finger off dude he got mad at me it’s gone yeah i’m pretty spicy yeah it’s bad it’s bad you bit it off yeah dude i want to say thank you i’m gonna say get over here you you over there in the hat

Thank you tj he fixed my car put your finger in my in my tube that’s the problem what the hell i have no idea it’s bubbled it’s bubbled on the inside what the hell what is that oh is that the gas fill yes okay so what i’m doing is ams they sent us a beta tube and we’re using accutech to put the flash onto the car it’s in beta obviously because these cars are

So brand new so what we’re gonna do for them is flash the car and then we’re gonna take a bunch of data logs so there’s a bunch of parameters like idling logs casual driving logs and all the other logs so that they can take all that data and make sure that the tune is perfect just for this car so that when it gets out to release like all these like you know minor

Things that they have to tweak are good for you when you get your 400z so now i’m just trying to flash this and hopefully i don’t break it the first thing you always want to do is you always want to back up your ecu when you’re tuning just in case something goes wrong because in the bmw world there’s a lot of things that can go wrong and so i’ve had friends brick

Cars before so the first thing i did was back at the ecu and luckily i did that because two minutes into backing this up the car has like a safety feature where if you’re not doing anything it cuts the power and you don’t want to do that in the middle of flashing your car well one of the tricks for bmw is you put your driver belt into the buckle so it knows that

You’re sitting in the car so i’m assuming it’s the same for this programming sequence has now been complete so i think we’re good start this baby up and get to data login so the car starts let’s see if there’s any check engine lights or anything like that not a nada nada okay i think we’re good now we get to data logging and i don’t know what else to say fire

Up the engine on the pc screen file open rom i have no idea what i’m doing look at that modem number i teach you something look at the number look i’m looking at the numbers dude look at the numbers dude you know how long it took him to do that kevin you walked away today’s been a rough day what’s going on today listen did it work the instructions set in italics

It says log to file click oh look at it turned green i basically picked all the parameters we’re gonna go for a drive kevin’s driving it i’m watching the memes we’re just gonna take a log maybe we’re back just want to say how much i appreciate calvin and kevin filling in for the vlog when days like today when there’s a lot to do i’m trying to assist dylan with

Certain things and taking care of a bunch of stuff they are carrying today’s vlog and i love that i think that’s super cool so i guess moral story is don’t go drifting because drifting takes up too much time of prepping your car just don’t go drifting if you want to build cars this is as simple as that now we’re on the freeway we just had traffic so it’s in stop

And go traffic it was kind of hard to say so the biggest gripe i’ve had so hard i’ve seen what this car is that the rpm gauge so if you look at it the zero one two and three like four thousand rpms at the very bottom and i feel like that’s what you use the most in daily driving and so when i’m looking down when i’m learning a car like i’m trying to figure out

Like where i should be shifting and stuff i’m having to look so far down maybe that’s just like that’s a weird thing for me you know i mean i don’t know yeah that’s a big deal this throw is really long and the shifting it so doesn’t feel precise i want to say i like it so far i need more time yeah i need a little more yeah it sounds kind of good really it sounds

Great spicy spicy yeah we’re just cruising we’re just getting a okay so i think after about 15-20 minutes i kind of got used to the clutch i got used to the rpms the only thing i haven’t gotten used to is really the shifter like it feels long and it feels like i’m really having to throw it into gears but i think if i spent more time i got used to it i would

Really enjoy the car but right now the car is on bags and stuff like that and calvin brought out an entire crew so what the you just brought out the he brought the whole shop i love the way it looks uh i could get used to the driving all right guys so we’re back in the car driving it home and as confident kevin would probably explained to you today we’re on a beta

Tune right now from ams and now this tune’s gonna improve because we just sent our data log let me roll the windows up a little loud now this tune is going to improve once we get the revised version back but just on our beta tune that they send over to us one again my butt dino’s on fire my butt dino is telling me we’re getting we have we have a little more power

And we also have some timing pulled so you get some personality on d cell a little bit i’m gonna try to get an example of what that will sound like in just a little bit once we get off the freeway but when you’re like 5 000 5500 rpm on d cell after giving it some throttle you’re getting a little bit of gurgle not pops and bangs but just a little bit of gurgle it

Actually reminds me a lot of the mark 5 super how it come stock you put it in sport mode for those who know or have a b-58 you get that like really cool personality burble not over the top where it’s like popping banging and just a novelty it sounds good i’m gonna try and get a clip of it but i’m excited over the next day or two we should get the right version get

This back and then we’ll get on the dyno and see how much power we got but my suspicion is probably we’ll get like at least 50 horsepower out of it on 91 before we go to e85 and uh i think the sky is the limit i think you can get like 500 horsepower easy on a vr30 i know there’s going to be some br30 owners below so feel free to chime in on what we can expect

Because i just don’t know yet i’m gonna give you guys a little demonstration here so above 5000 rpm it gives you a little bit of personality all right i’m not sure as we went from three to four you guys could really hear because there’s so much wind noise but at first gear you can hear it it’s not much but let me tell you something i feel like this car really is

Missing that from factory compared to the supra out of the box the super just has character it has an exhaust though that i think sounds really good and i think that this car really lacks that so i don’t know every day i’m like learning something new about it or like i’m coming to a determination of like hey i like this i don’t like this um and that’s one thing

This car needs it’s just a little bit of personality because i don’t think this exhaust though sounds pretty good i’m gonna be real with you guys some intakes maybe some blow-off valves i haven’t seen anyone that has made them yet i’m sure i could probably find something from a different platform but i’d really like to get more turbo noise out of this car and i

Know it’s possible i just got home and we are doing a family dinner with sabrina’s parents aka big t he’s moving that car right now i’ll explain that in a second but i just want to show you what an addiction looks like well one car should be in there but man this is big t welcome back what’s up there’s too many cars right now some of these need to be at the shop

Which speaking of shop i’ll give you a shop update um in the next couple videos but long story short prices are crazy i’m building right now and we’re just trying to be cautious of not spending too much money we don’t need to because if you guys watching shot man’s videos man they artist he’s he’s clean enough he’s spending a lot of money just to build now and i’m

Trying to not i’m i’m trying i’m trying to not do that so uh we’re gonna go to dinner and dude i’ll i’ll be real with you i’m getting a lot of compliments on the stash today todd has been looking at new vehicles as of recently and for those who don’t know sabrina’s c8 is at chevy right now getting some services and all that type of stuff so they gave us a loaner

Car and loaner car for her c8 was this truck which is pretty nice thank you chevy todd’s been looking at trucks as of recently and you know i’m a chevy guy so todd was like hey maybe i’ll take the loner and take it for a test drive and see how she seals in here wow my dad’s wrapping the sabrina strong yes i am let’s see how his review is i didn’t have many clubs

At dinner but we just got back home so this is where i’m gonna cook bad vlogger alert i’m gonna conclude today conclude today’s video i want to say i saw some comments in yesterday’s video that some of you some of you are upset on how fast were built like i saw people complaining or saying that we’re building the 400 too fast because i want to be the first ever to

Get parts on this car guys let me just say this one why would i not why would i want it stock of course i’m gonna build it as fast as i can i’ve had parts signed up for this car for a very long time and we’re fortunate enough we have a bunch of amazing partners who have parts and want us to like have them so yeah of course we’re gonna build a fast two i’m trying

To build a sema car in less than 30 days am i gonna go to semo on a stock exhaust and stock wheels and no suspension no guys i’m building this for sema like i told you in the last video we’re going to japan at the end of this month time is limited and we need to act fast which is why i’ve uploaded like four times in the last four days because there’s just so many

Videos that are going to come out this month that they need to come out so i don’t know i always see the comments like that and i’m like what why is that i don’t understand people think that’s a bad thing tomorrow morning’s brandon and i are waking up really early going to cars and coffee with the 400z and it’s late and i need to be ud sleep because i’m getting

Bags under my eyes so i’m gonna end the video here thank you guys so much for watching today’s video i’ll see you in the next one it’s gonna be a fun little day in the life got whoa okay clearly she’s saying let’s get to bed thank you guys for watching i’ll see you in the next one freestyle and keep moving forward foreign

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