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All right guys welcome back to the channel um sorry it’s been a long time but today is a long awaited video the car is on the dyno at vr tuning up in calabogie motorsports park the car is finally being pro-tuned on the dyno by brett i was back here a little while ago but we ran into a few issues i’m back now and uh let’s just get into it so we’re just gonna do a

Quick little recap of what’s on the car it’s got the avo stage one uh turbo kit 565 cc uh injectors dw 300c fuel pump um three inch turbo back uh exhaust with a high fuel cap carb icf intake tgb delete egr delete and a bunch of other little goodies but um it’s probably gonna be around seven to eight psi running on 94 arcane five-speed manual so so so how’s

It going guys welcome back to the channel uh in today’s video obviously you can see i am here at br tuning in bogey uh it’s just outside of ottawa at um kalibogi motorsports park i’m here with brett roger from br tuning we are going to be uh tuning or retuning the crosstrek um i always wanted to have the car on a dyno and have it pro-tuned so needless to say we’re

Kind of setting up things right now the car has done a couple uh just a little base base pulls on the current tune that it has but we are going to be recreating the tune again so we had to get some values and yeah i won’t speak too too too much um i will kind of input stuff as we go but um yeah you’ll see the tuning process on the dyno we’ll see what it makes you

Name it obviously we’re going to be tuning with super edit it’s open source um so it’s nothing like cob so we have to do a bit more leg work setting up the base map but uh yeah i hope you guys enjoy and i will catch you throughout this video so so all right guys um so i just want to give you a little recap about what was going on in this video so obviously

I had brought the crosstrek with the avo turbo kit to brett um in end of december uh early january time um i brought the car with the original tune on it and we wanted to start making a new base map and retuning the car unfortunately we ran into some issues with the dyno so we had to cut our time a little bit short um and obviously the whole cobb stuff and

Him just being as busy as tuners usually are kind of sidetracked our stuff but needless to say i was able to get back to the dyno today may 13th we did a couple revisions and i will be going back again uh soon enough after i fix a couple issues that was with the car um we did three revisions today um unfortunately the fuel pump that i had installed a d-jork’s

300c fuel pump about 20 000 kilometers ago has been starting to fail so um above 5500 rpm the car is starting to lose fuel pressure and lean out a little bit so we added some fuel in and it was working and then above a certain point the car wasn’t accepting the added fuel so we know it is the fuel pump with that being said i did buy a aem 340 fuel pump a

D twerks hardware kit and a radium fuel pressure regulator as well as some other parts we’re going to do some remote tuning and then i will be back on the dyno to finishing everything up but um at 55 100 rpm not really getting on it uh car was creeping to seven psi the car was making 190 wheel 185 torque around there um everything is very conservative um

It’s got a lot more in it so i can imagine once everything is all said and done it’s probably going to make about 220 wheel or so um brett was really happy with it i got to say thank you so much to brett and everyone else who has helped me with this build so far um again this is nothing like your normal fa or ej or you can slap a bunch of parts on it and you

Know what’s gonna happen it is a amalgamation of different parts it’s uh very unique so um yes it’s frustrating but it’s also very um exhilarating once you get things right but um thank you for the support i appreciate it please make sure to subscribe to the channel comment like subscribe um follow my instagram rumble.hatch and also if you’re wanting to get

Your crosstrack uh impreza you name it any other car tuned by brett he does remote and he does in person on the dyno brett’s fantastic super knowledgeable great guy um i appreciate him a lot so thank you guys i will catch you in the next one take care you

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