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Turn off Ford Transit cargo lights the EASY way

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How to turn off the cargo area lights in a Ford Transit Custom M Sport.

Welcome to the ceramics detailing channel so today i want to show you how to turn off the interior lighting system in the rear of a ford transit custom okay so this is our new detailing van i’m going to do a full build series on how we kept this particular van out it’s a 2017 ford transit custom but it’s actually the m sport series now one of the issues with ford

Transits and most commercial vehicles as well is if you’re if you open the back of the vehicle it normally has interior lighting which comes on and very few models actually allow you to turn that interior lighting off so if like i’m doing today you’re working in the rear of the van for an extended period of time there is a possibility that the battery will deplete

And you’ll actually run out of power to start the vehicle again so i just want to show you in this video a very very simple step to turn off the interior lighting and the back of this ford transit custom without having to disconnect any wires or take out any fuses so just a very quick look at our ford transit really pleased with it it’s a 2017 wheel base dc

Iv which stands for double cab in van which means it’s got either five or six seats it’s got a second row of seats this being the m sport or msrt which they later became has a really nice body kit hosed racing wheels these are the 18-inch you can get 20-inch wheels for this particular van nice sticker kit and this sticker kit is all original this is also the rare

Tailgate model so most of these vans being work vans come with what’s called bomb doors the two doors at the back this is the tailgate which is ideal for our business doing detailing and paint correction ceramic coating that type of thing gives you a lot of weather protection at the back also ideal for mechanics which is why the aaa and the rac in the uk choose

Tailgate vans inside being the earlier m sport model full leather so three seats in the back two in the front actually chose to buy the single seat on the passenger side so in effect another captain seat just prefer that as a layout rather than um the option which you can have a a bench two seats on the passenger side in these vehicles just a fantastic van i’m

Really pleased with it so let’s get to the problem so just starting to fit out the back of the vehicle and we are going to have this tailgate open for quite some considerable time however we’ve got two although the low power lights they’re going to be on for a few hours so there’s a potential to run the vehicle battery down and there’s no way of turning those

Off that’s convenient the interior lighting within the back of the vehicle there’s a switch just above where the driver sits but nothing for the back so it’s actually surprisingly easy to turn off the lights in the back of a ford transit and it’s all to do with the locking mechanism for the door and it’s this part so on the tailgate it’ll be this part on the barn

Door it’ll obviously be the door where this part of the lock fits the sensor which tells the computer in the vehicle that this door is closed and then obviously the computer will then switch off the lights in the back is actually based in this lock so the way to turn the lights off for the back and keep the doors remaining open because if we just take the key

For the actual vehicle and just sitting at the top is part of the lock we push it once and we get this bar coming across we then push it a second time and it clicks into place a second time and the interior lights will then switch off after it’s roughly about a minute so there’s a timer on those lights and those lights will go out after about a minute and there

You go the lights have now switched off okay but that is not the most important thing the most important thing is this section of the lock and what we need to do is put something in there which will prevent the door from accidentally closing because now we’ve artificially closed the lock off to to turn the lights off if we then try and close that door whether

It’s a barn door or or it’s a tailgate what will happen is the lock being closed will smash against this part of the locking mechanism and you could potentially snap something within the lock so if ever you’re going to do this always make sure that you cover this static part of the lock to ensure you don’t accidentally close the door and that will protect the

Lock this will always be a reminder that when you finish doing whatever job you’re doing within the van you know to undo the lock before you actually close it again really really important part so i hope you can see this but the lock is now in the closed position even though the door is open which is what we’ve managed to do with the key so there’s a bar across

It here sorry there’s a bar across here and as i said if you accidentally close this you forget about it that the bar on the bottom part of the lock is going to smash into there the way to release the lock before you actually close it is just to operate the button which is just above the um the rear number plate and that will open the lock up now it’s safe to close the door

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Turn off Ford Transit cargo lights the EASY way !! By Ceramix detailing