TWIN ENGINE VW Golf returns with 2000HP

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Here comes my favorite feature we have ever filmed on 1320 video all-wheel drive volkswagen i can’t wait to see this thing run again and i’m sure you noticed he pulls in does the burn out with his front wheels then he turns the rear engine on does it burn out with his rear wheels bruce is warming up the volkswagen this morning we’re going to check in with

Him shortly and see what he’s changed on this car but i want to show you one of my favorite things about this car and it’s just the sound of it there’s four exhaust pipes two for each engine on each of the corners so you walk around the car you get the same sound as you’re walking around foreign me freaking fighting it i don’t think he did it 8-0 did he

Red light did he red light all right we got down time on the track so what does that mean vince time for a merch that’s right guys if you head over to right now you can get hats hoodies t-shirts keychains lanyards whatever you want head on over there and check that out new for this year we’ve added sun hats so it’s going to be a hot sunny summer if

You want to keep that sun off your face and off your ears head over and get you one of those but back to racing here we go guys first you get a slip on that one yeah oh they didn’t they didn’t they didn’t like the boards what’d you get eight four a4 yeah okay that’s terrible you see how i bumped the bulbs by any chance no i got up on the two-step before i hit

The first ball really like i wasn’t even power you were squirrely out there a little bit i saw that i think and i had to lift well it’s been a little while since we’re seeing the car what’s new what what’s new on the car this is the 10 million view volkswagen right here people want to know what’s new on this thing what do we got um it’s got an air shifter now

It’s where i don’t have to shift the rear engine triggers the front part of the ship so they both shift simultaneously okay often air solenoid so that takes a lot of guesswork out a lot of human error uh got a bigger turbo on the back which is oversized for texas but just by the right size dude two different size turbos yeah i got an 88 in the back and then 80

In front what’s the what’s the reason behind that uh well there’s more traction available on the rear engines okay i can put more power down it holds a lot more power front actually doesn’t see full boost until here for half a four and five oh there’s actually only the two full power for the last part of the track because you know when up front it’s basically

Just a front wheel drive car so it’s spinning like before i had traction like i have fuel tech now so i have traction control so the problem will spin are kept under control 10 faster than the front of the rears so that way i know how much boost i can hold before it would just go to redline i’m just you know spinning down the track trying to ride so now it’s a

Lot easier to drive i couldn’t tell by that pass remind us these are two are these 2.8 2.5 yeah they’re a 2.8 uh 12 valve six engines the rear one’s actually three meter in the front’s a 2.5 okay 12-valve motors they used to make identical power what do they make now it gets a little different i mean the rear one at my house like it’s probably 1200 that’s what

I can put down on my dyno that’s most of them so the rear alone is 12 12. and what’s the front and the front uh was 1060 i think so this thing’s making it combine over 2000 now no no no i know like the internet comments say no it doesn’t work like that whatever well i mean that and plus i can’t put that power down so i’m only at 15 pounds of boost on the front

So that’s like 400 horsepower until i get to gears for you know four and five so yeah and i can actually put in boost wherever the traction this thing’s got a lot you got a lot more tech in this thing that yeah it’s coming around i’m sure trying to figure out how to make two motors simultaneously do things together in sync is not not easy so what’s the goal it’s

Very challenging and uh it’s it’s been working it’s working good i made a good pass last night but i’m working on getting the clutches to launch a look a little bit harder than what i am and i’m trying you know because that was a one six sixty foot and the car usually does a one three six gotcha so i gotta i gotta crank you know we’re only getting two qualifying

Sessions now so yeah that’s it so now i gotta guess on where the clutch is gonna go so what’s the goal with the car this weekend so hopefully i mean i’m shooting for a seven mile an hour and the data that i have says it should go on what’s the fast dt in the car 8-0 at 185 really okay was that it was that that’s an altitude really okay that’s it all right yeah

So it’s got the power i mean it’s how much power can i put down what we’re excited to see is that every time we see this thing we’re like yes like it’s one of my favorite things last time you came to 2k i think you made one pass and you broke well i couldn’t get it to shift out of first gear last year what was happening was on the launches the the geometry like

The car the chassis flexes and the geometry on the front shift lever was thrown off so i didn’t have enough throw on the lever to pull it out of first gear and i couldn’t figure it out so it would work in the test parking lot but it wouldn’t work on the track and then finally after i looked at some video i figured that out so i changed the geometry on the shifter

And now it’s from shifting fine and now i added air cylinders so the fuel tank shifts it perfect for me every single time just all i do is like dump the clutch let go of the button and steer and you can see that pass i just have to steer the ship yeah yeah i have the left too so it’s really hot you know all right bracelet good luck yeah thank you we’ll see you

Tomorrow man thanks so all right so 8 33 you let up early what’d you decide to do with the tune on that one uh well i backed the clutch off a little bit so that was a one one four sixty foot so i gotta turn the turn the punch back up for next round yeah i had it set on kill for the clutch but then i backed it down because i didn’t wanna be the guy that

Broke his axle on a buy run gotcha so i’m gonna turn the clutch back up for next round gotcha so the big end was there i could have stayed in it but i didn’t you know but everything felt fine everything sounds okay felt okay i’ll look at the logs and then uh go from there gotcha so we’ve got some good data congrats on making it to the second round second round

Yeah yeah it’s better to be lucky than good sometimes yeah we’ll see you secretary thanks mmm oh the first twin engine anything he does actually but first twin engine volkswagen into the sevens new personal best for bruce first time in the sevens for him he’s gonna be so excited what a great place to do it here at tx2k so i got the dial right on the

Clutch so it didn’t one three turn the touchdown out two more turns what a perfect place to run your first seven yes i believe everybody round two that was amazing that was awesome oh yeah and you never know what this car is doing off the hill like some cars you you really know if it’s on a good path i can never feel this car out yeah well it’s working on the

Head right now with the clutch the clutch system so yeah it still was terrible on the on the reaction time so i’m trying to look at the logs look at that and see i got to turn them turn the dallas more on the clutch to get it off the line faster gotcha but it left pretty pretty good so did it feel like a 7 when you ran it do you know it was yeah i mean i kind of

I don’t know yeah i felt like it was a seven you know it went through all the gears it didn’t skip anything took off so i figured i mean that was the tune that i had killed so uh yeah i guess the tune would be a seven eight or seven nine what was that mile an hour 187 and i’m just i can’t wait to open the logs out and see what see what i did i got the clutch new

Data yeah i got some new data and i’ve been faster than i ever been before so i’m really happy about that i think this is the first golf ever in the sevens really yeah wow definitely the first twin engine well yeah oh yeah i don’t know yeah there’s like i mean there’s some seven second robot autos and stuff like that which are super fast but you’ve been fighting

Hard and i can uh take i got a seat that goes in there i can take my kids out for ice cream and stuff i love her so yeah i love driving in the car so yeah congratulations i get to look at it and do it again so we’ll see over and over and over it’s gonna be easy now hopefully yeah we’re gonna see just know you’re gonna they’re gonna tighten up in between rounds

Yeah so again oh yeah all right all right nice work man hey thanks congrats thank you cooper got him 797 810 for the volkswagen congratulations on a good week at tx2k thank you a lot more fun than last year yeah i mean it was great you’re nuts i know oh my goodness man congrats on the first seven no that was and yeah it was awesome um super happy with the car

And the way it performed and everything inconsistent too yeah no no it did well it did awesome and uh you know i was working with a new clutch system to work on the 60 foot so i got the 60s and the last two passes down to one three which is where i want them they don’t break so that’s working good i just got to work on my tree game a little bit and uh yeah i

Mean it looked great the last pass there my catch can fills at the last eighth of a mile like it fills up for some reason i think i’m pumping too much water to the head because i have a completely modified wheel system in there so i think the heads might be filling up or something on me so anyways i’ll get that figured out and um i’ll be back at it but yeah i

Could be happy with the way the car worked i mean every time i went down the track it worked did the car did what it was supposed to do you know i messed up here and there but you know it was awesome i had a chance with the uh the 2jz camaro it’s that’s a badass car right there that’s awesome yeah cooper is a great guy yeah yeah it’s super cool i hated to see

You guys line up in the semifinals that would have been a great final oh yeah that would have been cool so i had i mean if the car would have been on a good pass i had i had something to run him down but he treated me by two tenths so you know that’s hard to make pretty much over from there when you guys are so close i think he’s been a best of a seven eight

Something yeah even a seven nine that’s what i’m talking about that’s the purpose of the car to be race against these guys and have an equally matched car and the vw did that i love it they’re all street cars i mean they’re pretty much all straightforward second gtr oh yeah well thanks again for bringing the car out it’s always a treat to see it run it was

Great such a such relief my buddies come in from florida to meet me for the weekend last few times i broke so this time it worked out all paid off so yeah yeah those guys are a big help where are we going to see you next uh colorado somewhere so i don’t know uh next big thing will probably be a streetcar takeover this summer perfect so yeah i’ll be probably be

There for that awesome we’ll catch you next time all right man thanks thank you oh my god this is so ridiculous

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TWIN ENGINE VW Golf returns with 2000HP!! By 1320video